Pelican Mission 100 Review

Pelican Mission 100 Kayak 2022 Review

How often do you find a kayak that is solid and lightweight at the same time? Not very often and the Pelican Mission 100 vessel falls in this rare category. It may not be the most customizable kayak around but it is packed with a lot of amazing features that you will find admirable.

For instance, the kind of stability it offers is hard to find anywhere else and will ensure you come back from the trip in one piece.

Is it worth it? We hope that by the end of this article, you will have an answer to this question.

Mission 100 Kayak Specs in Review

  • Can support a maximum of 300lbs
  • Dimensions of 305cm long by 37.7cm deep
  • Has a weight of 40lbs
  • Made of polyethylene material
  • Available in blue and green colors
  • One seat/one-person kayak

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Key Features of the Pelican Mission 100 Kayak

If you are wondering what this kayak will contribute to your fishing exploits, you have to analyze its key features. Luckily for you, we have done all the hard work and broken down the different aspects of this unit.

They are as follows:

I) Build-Quality

One thing that should not bother you about this kayak is its durability. This is because it is made of premium multi-layer polyethylene material to give it a sturdy unit that will not break apart easily.

Such a feature is crucial since the vessel may bump against hard surfaces e.g. rocks and other vessels, which may leave lasting damage.

II) Stability

Woman paddling on a Pelican Sport Mission 100 Vessel

Most of us are scared of kayak fishing due to the fear of the vessel tipping over and exposing us to the many unpredictable elements in the water. But with the Mission 100 kayak, stability is one of its key aspects, and we attribute this to the twin-arched multi-chine hull.

So, you can expect a safe and smooth ride which is crucial in giving you a memorable fishing experience.

III) Comfort

We can guess that you’ll be in the waters for long hours, so it is crucial that you are comfortable all through. Luckily, the manufacturer paid attention to this aspect and addressed it in several ways.

Let’s start with the Ergo foam cushioned seat with a padded backrest that will make your kayak feel at home. At the end of it all, you won’t have a cramped back as you would have without the cushioning of the seat.

You will also be pleased with the adjustable kneepads whose aim is to ensure your knees never graze against the vessel’s body during paddling. If you have ever experienced this before, then you know how painful it can be.

We cannot leave out the molded footrests that provide you with a comfortable place to place your feet and not leave you with blisters when you are done with the trip.

IV) Storage: Does The Mission 100 Provide Ample Storage?

A major concern for kayak anglers is whether the vessel they are eyeing has enough storage to hold their fishing gear. Well, with the Mission 100 unit, you get a storage container that you can remove if you feel won’t be necessary for your trip.

You also get a dash bag cover with bungee cords to tie down your luggage so that nothing gets tossed overboard.

V) Portability

Whereas a weight of 40lbs makes this unit one of the lightest around, the manufacturer went ahead and included convenient carry handles to make it easier for you to move the vessel from your truck to the water and back.

And if you find someone to help you out, good for you! NB: One handle is on the front, the other one is on the rear.

Mission 100 carrying handles

VI) Other Accessories

You will surely like how this kayak is built to allow you to carry other accessories that you may need for your trip. For instance, it features two rod holders where you can place your fishing rods so that you focus on other things such as paddling.

Speaking of paddling, on purchasing this unit, you will get a Poseidon paddle so that you don’t have to look anywhere else for the accessory.

The manufacturer knows the hassle that comes with paddling for long hours, and that is why they have included a bottle holder so that you can carry your favorite drink with you.

Who wouldn’t like the car top carrier that is meant to facilitate easy transportation of the vessel on your vehicle?

What Customers Have to Say About the Mission 100 Yak

We analyzed some Mission 100 reviews from users who have tried out the Pelican kayak so that we have an idea of what to expect from it. Here are some of their comments:

  • Many users liked how easy it was to get into and out of the vessel
  • While it may not be perfect for long trips in the water, one user appreciated how stable it was while the racking was also outstanding
  • Another user who acquired this product from Costco liked how easy it was to use the footpegs
  • Lastly, we have a customer who liked how easy it was to paddle the vessel on the water due to its low weight

Pros and Cons

After checking out everything that this product has to offer, we shall now note down a summary of the advantages and demerits that we found with the product. They are as follows:


  • Well-built
  • Very stable
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to enter and exit


  • Limited color variety
  • Gives out plastic pellets during cleaning

Is It Worth It?

Mission 100 side view

Yes, it is, and we have a few valid reasons for this conclusion. First, it has a sturdy build to serve you for a long time to come. After all, no one enjoys shopping all over again for a kayak within a short while of purchase.

Most of all, it is pretty stable, and you won’t have to worry about being at risk of drowning. It is also pleasant to look at, has ample storage options, and is very comfortable.

Closing Remarks

After that wholesome review, you must have picked up something useful about the Pelican Mission 100 vessel. And if you eventually decide to purchase it, you won’t have any surprises waiting for you.

All that is remaining is for you to ensure that your finances are in order so that you don’t end up buying something that will dent your pocket.

Last but not least, have a pleasant kayak fishing trip, won’t you?

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