It started as a blog where people could learn the basics of fishing. But over time, we have seen grow from strength to strength. Today, we boast of a one-stop platform with the tools and support you need to get the motivation to hit the water.

We talk about anything from fishing rods to kayaks, knives, spinning reels and so forth.

More Fishing Tips – This Is Who We Are

We are an Iowa-based team of fishing enthusiasts (yup, we’re from the Hawk-Eye State). We created this website to share our passion with the world. Our key objective is to educate you so you can own the best fishing gear, cast better and most importantly, capture more fish.

LogoAt, we go beyond ordinary fishing gear reviews and talk about fishing as an art. There’s a lot more to this age-old art than just owning the latest kayaks, coolers, and waders. It’s a tradition that we cherish and are committed to keeping as authentic as our forefathers wanted it to be.

How We Conduct Our Research

When creating our articles, we rely on our own experiences and also the latest sources of research information. For instance, we frequently check the latest laws in different jurisdictions within and outside the US – in particular, Mexico, France, etc. This ensures that we can advise you accordingly even if you’re considering taking a deep-sea fishing charter as a beginner.

While at it, we are keen on avoiding the use of fancy jargon and technical mumbo jumbo. We keep everything simple and straight-to-the-point. Most importantly, we only publish fact-checked articles.

This is in line with our core mission of ensuring that the information we provide on this platform is:




Sustainable Fishing – Our Commitment

We are committed to supporting sustainable fishing practices. Every now and then, we do share information regarding sustainable practices and environmental conversation. We also educate our readers on the rules and regulations of fishing within different states of the US and also across the world.

Our detailed information ensures that you never have to make wild guesses when you head out to fish.

Your Suggestions

This website is all about you. So, should you feel that there’s a way we can improve your user experience or the quality of information shared here, feel free to drop us a comment or contact us.