Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak Review

Our Detailed Sea Eagle SE370 Review [Unbiased]

Looking for the best inflatable kayak that can be great for both sole exploration and family tours? If so, look no further.

Sea Eagle SE370 is a multifunctional kayak with an open cockpit design that makes it one of the best sit-on-top kayaks available currently.

Not to mention, it’s also one of the most budget-friendly watercraft of its caliber. And even more interestingly, it comes with all the necessary accessories that you’d need to go for for a ride.

Whether you’re just an armature or professional kayaker, chances are that you’d like to know if this is, indeed, the watercraft you need for your escapades. Read on.


  • Exterior dimension when inflated: 12feet 6inch long X 2 feet 10 inch wide.
  • Interior dimension when raised: 19feet and 8inch long X 1 foot and 3 inch wide.
  • Dimension when inflated: 2feet 6 inch X 1 foot 6inches X 8 inches.
  • Inflated weight: 32lbs
  • Maximum load capacity: 650lbs or three people
  • Kayak Material: K80 PVC
  • Assembly Time: 8 Minutes (typical)
  • Warranty: 3 Years

The Sea Eagle SE370 Key Features

This Sea Eagle SE370 review would not be complete without us taking a detailed look at some of this kayak’s key features. So, let’s now go ahead and break them down for you.

Sea Eagle 370 Kayak


Material Quality and Build

When looking for the ideal kayak for your touring, fishing expedition, or exploration, durability is one of the singled-out features that can have a profound effect on the quality of your ride.

And that’s why, this kayak is made up of highly durable PolyKrylar material, which is mostly found on military equipment to guarantee longevity and safety when onboard.

With this military-grade material construction, this kayak not only lasts long but is also resistant to damage from sharp objects underneath, saltwater and UV rays.


When it comes to its design, this kayak is constructed to offer a memorable touring experience to both the pros and beginners.

Its design offers a high level of comfort and requires little effort to paddle through long cruises or tours.

Better yet, this kayak has an awesome cockpit area featuring high quality and comfortable seats with extended legroom. As such, it guarantees comfort to all the occupants even during longer cruises.

Also, it has two blow up-skirts: one on the front side and the one on the rear side. With these two blow-up skirts, you can rest assured that no splash would wet your clothes and cargo.

And on top of that, the PolyKrylar k80 PVC construction is welded to give a robust design that’s also tear-resistant.

Therefore, you can cruise over anything with very little to worry about.


Unlike its earlier version that had seven tubes, this revolutionary kayak features a five-tube I-beam floor design that makes it even more stable.

The improved floor design makes it rugged than most of the kayaks of its caliber. With the weight centered at the floor rather than on the side chambers, this kayak moves steadily on the water with minimal paddling effort.

This improvement in the floor stability has contributed enormously to the increased speed and tracking of the watercraft, resulting in an improved overall paddling experience.

Great Load Capacity

Having the ability to handle up to 650lbs is one of the features that make this kayak the darling among other kayaks of its caliber.

This does not only make it great for family tours but also great for carrying lots of camping and fishing gear just in a single trip.

Even though it has a design featuring only two seats, it can be manned by three people without a problem, as long as their overall weight doesn’t exceed the maximum recommended.

In addition to that, the seats are inflatable and provide adequate back support. Lastly, the seats also have supportive and adjustable straps that make your trip even more worthwhile.

Sea Eage 370 Kayak Cargo Space



If you’re looking for a highly portable kayak, this SE370 model might impress you. First off, it weighs a paltry 32lbs. That’s 3lbs lighter than its arch-rival, the Intex Explorer K2.

Also, thanks to its unique design, we’ve found it quite easy to pack up and fit in the storage bag.

Besides that, it can be transported effortlessly and used by one adult. So, you wouldn’t need a troop to transport it from one place to another.

And most interestingly, it only takes about 8 to 10 minutes to assemble, inflate and use.


The Sea Eagle SE 370 is one of the kayaks designed with safety at the center of everything.

With that in mind, the kayak distributes its weight to the bottom for increased stability and safety (lower CoG).

Also, it has a 38 mm thick PolyKrylar hull, which makes it resistant to tearing and dog claws.

Moreover, it has two molded kegs for speed and tracking (those help it to track smoothly across water bodies).

Also, the kegs help to track in a straight line without much paddling, thereby enhancing stability and maneuverability even with side winds.

And not mention, it comes with two inflatable spray skits that keep you and your cargo as dry as possible.

Storage Capacity

If you’re looking for adequate and convenient storage for your cargo or fishing equipment, this should be your go-to kayak.

It has a generous storage compartment conveniently located at the rear-end of the kayak to help you carry your belongings with ease.

Is Sea Eagle Great For Beginners? You May Ask

Sea Eagle is an entry-level kayak with a basic design that makes it great for both beginners and professionals looking for fun. It doesn’t require advanced skills to operate plus it’s quite stable.

On top of that, it’s very rugged and versatile. As such you can use it on different water surfaces such as lakes and ponds or rapid rivers. Also, it has welded kegs that help it to track straight without much paddling.

So, yes it’s a sure bet for beginners.


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•Highly durable
•Lightweight and highly portable
•Compact design
•Stable with great maneuverability
•Dual skegs for perfect tracking and speed
•Easy to set up and use


•The floor doesn’t have pressure gauge monitors
•The paddles are not as sturdy as they seem to be
•The tracking might not be overly excellent in windy conditions

Sea Eagle SE370 Review: Summary

The Sea Eagle SE370 is one of its kind among other kayaks of its category. It is designed to make your fishing, sporting, or exploration unmatchable.

Being an entry-level kayak, it has an open cockpit design that makes it easy to get in and out, and very stable when on cruise.

Also, it tracks straight at a great speed with minimal paddling. Not to mention, it has a durable construction featuring military-grade PolyKrylar, which makes it resistant to tear, puncture, and even your dog’s claws.

On top of that, it has an excellent load capacity along with convenient storage compartments for storing your cargo.

If you’re looking for high-quality inflatable kayak offering the best experience but at a lower price, we think this would be a good, low-budget option to settle for.

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