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Best Fishing Kayak Under $600 in 2021 & Buyer’s Guide

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable ways to enjoy your day out in the sun. However, the extent to which your fishing trip is successful largely depends on the kayak that you will use.

The good thing is that you do not have to spend a fortune to get the ideal kayak for the occasion. For as few as 600 bucks, you can get the best vessel that would take your fishing experience to another level.

But how do you get the best fishing kayak under $600? Well, you could start by placing particular emphasis on several factors which include:

  • Load capacity
  • Comfort
  • Construction
  • Stability and so on

This article aims to make your search as easy as possible, and we shall start by giving you detailed reviews of ten samples of affordable fishing kayaks.

Have a look.

Affordable Kayaks Under $600 Reviewed

Here’s the latest list we’ve compiled just for you. We’ve also issued our unbiased verdict at the tail end of this write-up.

1. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

Best Kayak Under 1000 in 2020

buttonAre you an amateur looking for the ideal kayak that you would use for your fishing expeditions? Look no further as the Angler 100 fishing kayak is here for you.

It is designed for use on calm water bodies, and as you shall see in our analysis below, it possesses other handy features that would appeal to any fishing enthusiast.

What We Liked About It

First, the kayak s rugged and has a high-density polyethylene construction that makes it sturdy and UV-resistant. As a result, you would have a durable vessel that would withstand rocky terrains.

Are you worried about your comfort? Then you can relax as this is catered for too. There are multiple adjustable footrest positions to give you the ideal posture.

On top of that, the kayak has a padded seat with a backrest of convenient height.

You’d also appreciate the three rod holders that allow for hands-free fishing experience.

Moving the vessel from your pickup truck to the water body should be easier due to the T-handles on the hull.

Lastly, the vessel should be highly stable as a result of the flat hull bottom.

What Could Have Been Better

The manufacturer could make the vessel more complete by including paddles in the package.


Very stable
Sufficient storage onboard
Lightweight and portable


Paddles have to be bought separately

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2. Sun Dolphin Excursion 10ft Fishing Kayak

Under 600 Sun Dolphin Kayak

buttonFor those who enjoy fishing in calm water bodies, the Sun Dolphin Excursion kayak is here for you.

It offers the required stability in vast water bodies, plus it features other useful qualities designed to make your fishing experience comfortable and memorable.

What We Liked About It

For starter, the Excursion 10 has a high-density polyethylene construction that makes the vessel sturdy and hard to crack even in the face of bumps against rocks and other debris.

Then, its shape comprising of a wide hull at the center and narrow ends gives the vessel excellent stability as well as tracking.

There is also sufficient storage space, including a waterproof compartment that you can use for holding items that you wish to keep away from water, such as mobile phones and cameras.

What’s more, is the roomy cockpit that aims to enhance your comfort in the vessel. Further, it has a padded backrest to support your back all through the trip.

What Could Have Been Better

There are numerous complaints from the customers about poor packaging. Common incidences include missing parts and the boat arriving dented all over.


Very comfortable
Durably constructed
Excellent stability


Does not come with a paddle

3. Intex Explorer Inflatable K2 Kayak

Cheap inflatable kayak

buttonIf you want to spend a sunny day out on a calm water body with a friend, the Intex K2 kayak is the way to go.

Besides the useful features that it carries, the vessel comes with the convenience of an inflatable kayak, i.e., it is easy to transport.

What We Liked About It

The K2 kayak is made out of rugged vinyl material that is puncture-resistant and aids in increasing the kayak’s lifespan.

To ensure that you are always on the safe side, the package includes a repair patch kit that you can use in fixing minor damages.

Then, the load capacity of 400lbs means that the vessel can comfortably accommodate you and your friend as well as some useful accessories that you may need for your expedition.

Let’s not leave out the removable skeg that is vital for directional stability.

When it comes to comfort, the inflatable and adjustable seat that features a backrest should do the job. Further, the cockpit is highly spacious to add to the vessel’s comfort.

For added security, the K2 kayak is brightly colored to add to its visibility.

Lastly, the vessel features two Boston valves for easy inflation and deflation

What Could Have Been Better

The warranty service does not cover the air pump that comes with the boat. This contradicts the essence of having such a service in the first place as you would have to spend your money in case of damage to the pump.


Easy to assemble
Offers plenty of legroom
Excellent load capacity


Poor customer support

4. Sea Eagle 370 Pro Inflatable Sport Kayak

Sea Eagle Kayak

buttonAnother inflatable kayak that you should consider acquiring is the Sea Eagle 370, which is highly portable and is ideal for beginners and pros alike.

Further, this is a two-person vessel meaning that it was designed for you if you are an angler that enjoys some company for your fishing trip.

What We Liked About It

This is a lightweight kayak with a load capacity of 650lb, which is sufficient to accommodate up to three people.

Then, it has a sturdy PolyKrylar hull that is so robust that you can bring your dog for the trip without his claws piercing through the vessel.

The I-beam floor gives the vessel rigidity while the two skegs aim to improve the kayak’s speed and tracking.

Another benefit lies with the two deluxe seats that are inflatable and very comfortable. There is also the drain valve that helps in getting rid of excess water from the vessel.

With the Sea Eagle 370, you will get a cargo area for holding necessary gear for the trip as well as a storage bag for keeping your valuables safe.

Lastly, the 5-deluxe valves make the kayak easy to inflate/deflate.

What Could Have Been Better

The manufacturer could opt for sturdier material since this kayak punctures very easily when it faces sharp rocks and other objects in the water.


Easy to assemble
Roomy and comfortable
Versatile for use in different water bodies


Not durable

5. Sevylor Quikpak K1 Kayak

Inflatable Kayak

buttonSince the 1940s, the Sevylor brand has been producing high-quality inflatable water vessels, and the Quikpak K1 series does not deviate from the high standards associated with the brand.

The vessel is easy to set up so that within a few minutes, you can be in the calm lake nearby relaxing in the summer sun.

What We Liked About It

The K1 kayak is crafted from 21-gauge PVC fabric coupled with a reinforced tarpaulin bottom. This gives you a puncture-resistant product that should serve you for a decent duration into the future.

Then, the vessel is very easy to inflate and deflate courtesy of the double lock valves.

What’s more, is that the vessel is highly stable as a result of its broadness. On top of that, the vessel features multiple air chambers to ensure that you have time to get to the shore in case of a puncture.

There are also several features that should boost your comfort on this vessel. First is the seat with a backrest. Then, there are multiple footrest positions, so you can easily get your ideal posture.

Further, the kayak features a cup holder that would allow you to enjoy your drink as you fish with the vessel.

Finally, there is a secure storage area together with a bungee cord for holding your gear in place.

What Could Have Been Better

The paddles that come with the vessel are cheaply made, and if you rely too much on them, you may end up being stranded in the middle of the lake.


Comes with a 90-day warranty
Fairly stable
Easy to set up


Not for rough waters

6. Brooklyn Kayak Company UH-FK184

Affordable SoT Kayak

buttonThe UH-FK184 kayak is a Sit-on-top vessel that is designed for children and adults as well. We say this because when you look at its features, you can tell that the idea was for the vessel to be easy to use.

Let us check out the kayak in detail.

What We Liked About It

To kick us off, this is a very lightweight vessel at only 43lbs. On top of that, it features a molded side handle, meaning that it would be easy for you to transport the boat from your car to the water body.

Then, it is 9ft long, making it compact and easy to store.

Let’s also talk about the tri-form hull design that gives the vessel impressive stability, tracking plus it becomes easy to maneuver.

What’s more, is that your comfort in this vessel is also guaranteed. This is because it features a padded Comfort Plus seat with sufficient cushioning to keep you relaxed all day long.

Still, on the seat, it has four-way adjustability, giving it the ability to accommodate diverse body types.

Finally, there is ample storage onboard for keeping your gear and other personal items safe.

What Could Have Been Better

Additional scupper plugs would help in limiting how wet you get as you paddle the vessel.


Ideal for kids and adults
Stable and easy to maneuver
Very comfortable


Scratches too easily

7. SunDolphin Boss Sit/Stand-On-Top Angler Kayak

Quality Yak

buttonWhen you set your eyes on this vessel, you could easily mistake it for a high-end kayak, but in truth, it is a very affordable angler kayak. This is one of the reasons why you could easily conclude that it is a really good kayak.

We’d, however, like to say that you can only find it at under 600 bucks if it’s a slightly used one. Otherwise, the price of a new one is above 600 bucks by 50 dollars or so. And trust us, we believe it’s worth those extra 50 bucks for sure.

But just how good is it? Here are the facts.

What We Liked About It

The first thing that you should appreciate about this kayak is its versatility that allows you to either sit or stand as you use it.

Then, it is well-built with a high-density polyethylene construction. This gives you a durable product that would serve you for a long time to come.

When it comes to comfort, there are several features to attain this goal. First, the kayak features a dual-position seating system that allows you to adjust the seat to a high or low position as you prefer.

There are also multiple footrest positions to allow you to attain your ideal paddling posture.

Another benefit is that you can comfortably walk on the kayak courtesy of the catamaran hull. The anti-slip decking keeps you safe from slips, plus there is a stand assist strap to boost your stability on the vessel.

You should appreciate the ample storage onboard, in addition to the waterproof hatches.

What Could Have Been Better

The oar could be coated to make it less slippery.


Sufficient storage onboard


The seat is not that stable

8. Pelican Maxim 100X Recreational Sit-in Kayak

Pelican Maxim 100x

buttonThe Maxim 100X kayak is ideal for both beginners and pros plus is designed to be comfortable and to deliver an outstanding performance.

Once you go through our detailed analysis, you should understand why this is one of the highest-rated recreational kayaks.

What We Liked About It

To kick us off, the vessel is well-built, comprising of three layers of Ram-X polyethylene material. This gives it the ability to withstand constant bumps and knocks, thereby enhancing its durability.

Even with its durability, the Maxim 100X still remains lightweight at 39lbs, making it easy for a solo person to transport it from one point to another.

We should also mention its load capacity of 275lbs that means it can comfortably accommodate you as well as all the gear and accessories that you may need for your fishing trip.

Another feature is the shallow V chine that gives the kayak excellent maneuverability.

Lastly, your comfort would be guaranteed by the Ergoform cushioned seat that contours to the shape of your body.

What Could Have Been Better

The footrest should be made easier to adjust as you paddle since this interferes with the comfort that it was meant for.


Comfortable seat
Sturdy construction


Not very stable

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9. Perception Sound 9.5 Sit-In Kayak

Cheap large storage kayak

buttonThis is a versatile kayak that you can use for fishing as well as recreational purposes. It is ideal for calm and slow-moving waters and would be the perfect vessel to introduce you to kayaking.

What We Liked About It

For starters, this is a Sit-in design with a Tri-keel hull that gives the vessel stability and also makes it easy to steer.

Then, it is highly comfortable, first, due to then ergonomic zone seat with an adjustable backrest for ultimate body support.

Further, the kayak features easily adjustable footrests to ensure that it can accommodate different-sized paddlers.

You should also appreciate the leg padding along the cockpit to add to the vessel’s comfort.

When it comes to storage, there is a large rear storage area that offers easy access to the gear that you may need for your trip.

There is also a gear tray in the front seat for holding smaller items while the drink holder allows you to enjoy your beverage as you paddle.

The two molded-in fishing rod holders allow for hands-free fishing experience while the molded-in handles allow for easy transportation and security as well.

What Could Have Been Better

The Perception Sound is too flat, and this makes it relatively hard to paddle.


Ample storage with easy access to your gear
Very stable


Only for adults

10. Emotion Guster Sit-in kayak

Kayak under 600

buttonThe Emotion Guster Kayak is made in three countries, China, the USA, and Mexico. It is designed to offer you maximum comfort as during your kayak fishing trip.

There are many other features that make us believe this vessel would be a worthy investment.

What We Liked About It

The first benefit of this vessel is its polyurethane construction that makes it sturdy and durable to give you decent service for years to come.

Let’s also talk about the hull design that gives the Guster kayak impressive stability and tracking as well.

The padded seat is adjustable so you can get the ideal position to keep you comfortable throughout your journey.

At 48lbs, this is a lightweight vessel that is easy for one person to transport. On top of that, it features two front and rear handles to facilitate its portability.

Do not worry about the storage as you have the oval hatch as well as the rear storage for the bigger kits and gear.

There is also an additional waterproof hatch that you can use for holding items that you wish to keep away from water, such as car keys and mobile phones.

What Could Have Been Better

The manufacturer could always increase its load capacity since there are competitors in the market with similar products but greater storage.


Comes with a 5-year warranty
Lightweight and portable
Comes with cord straps for holding your luggage in place


You cannot tag along with a friend for the trip

The Buying Guide

As we stated earlier, if you want to boost your chances of landing the best fishing kayak under $600, there are a number of factors you need to consider.

This would help you narrow down your search to save you time and energy, both of which are crucial resources.

Let’s check out these factors.

The Load Capacity

When it comes to the weight on the vessel, you have to consider your weight as well as that of the gear that you would be carrying for the trip.

An ideal vessel should withstand the total weight so that your fishing experience would be as peaceful as possible.

We advise that you always check the weight capacity before purchasing a kayak.


This is another crucial feature that you should consider in a fishing kayak. The cockpit should be roomy for an easy fit for your body. Ideally, it should have a padded lining to protect your thighs.

An adjustable padded seat is also essential, while multiple foot braces would help you achieve your perfect and comfortable position.


Always ensure that you go for a vessel designed to last for the most extended duration. This is determined by the material used in the construction, the common one being high-density polyethylene.

You should also go for a UV-protected kayak that would not fade or peel easily.


An ideal kayak should be lightweight enough for you to carry from your vehicle to the water body without much hassle.

Carrying handles would be of great help in this aspect.

Inflatable vs. Hardshell Kayaks

The main advantage of an inflatable kayak is that it is easy to transport. All you need to do is deflate it and throw it in your boot or backseat.

However, they are not that durable and could be rendered useless by a sharp rock.

Hardshell kayaks on their part are more durable but tend to be bulkier and pricier.

The Storage Space

The best kayak should have sufficient storage for holding all that you may need for your trip. There should be bonus storage features such as cup holders and waterproof hatches for holding sensitive items.

On top of that, you should also check out for bungee straps and shock cord deck rigging for holding your items securely in place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We thought it wise to include some common queries posed by kayak anglers, and they should help you in making an informed choice next time you go shopping for a suitable fishing kayak.

Q: Which Color would be the best for my fishing kayak?

A: When it comes to color, you should have safety in mind. Bright colors would be of great help in case of an emergency in the water.

Do not worry about spooking off the fish as they cannot see most colors.

Q: Between a Sit-On-Top and a Sit-In Kayak, which one is most ideal?

A: A Sit-On-Top vessel tends to possess more advantages than a Sit-In design. Most of them tend to be wider and, therefore, more stable in the water.

You also get better vision while you can stand on the seat without tipping over the vessel.

Q: Which is the best way to transport my fishing kayak?

A: When it comes to transporting your kayak, you have to think about the mode that would cause minimal damage to the vessel as well as your vehicle.

A roof rack would help, although lifting the kayak to the top may be challenging. You could also go for a rear trailer, which is most suitable for bulkier fishing kayaks.

And the Best Overall Under $600 Kayak Is…

In the end, we have settled on the Intex Explorer Inflatable K2 Kayak as the best fishing kayak under $600.

It is an inflatable kayak with a sturdy construction plus has removable skegs to give it directional stability.

What’s more is that it is brightly colored so that in case you get lost in the lake, the rescue team would spot you easily (in case of anything).

Cheap inflatable kayak

buttonFinal Word

As you can see, there are affordable fishing kayaks out there. At under $600, you can get a vessel that would deliver you an outstanding performance such that your fishing experience would be enjoyable and memorable.

So, check out our list of cheap kayaks, plus you can go through our buying guide so that in the end, you could go home with the best fishing vessel in the market.

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