Best Bilge Pumps

Best Bilge Pumps? 10 High Flow-Rate Pumps Compared

Before you head out on a boating or kayaking mission, it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. What if it rains and water starts collecting inside your vessel? What if you encounter rough seas, leaks or spills?

Only the best bilge pumps can help you to safely manage such situations. Simply put, these pumps come in handy when you need to send water back out – quickly.

Unfortunately, not all pumps available out there can be trusted with such crucial tasks. And that’s why we created this article to educate our readers on the dos and don’ts of choosing a bilge pump as well as offer our 7 top picks.

How to Choose a Bilge Pumps [Buyer’s Guide]

Bilge PumpsThese pumps are made for the sole purpose of draining water from a specified place or shipping vessel. However, their features and mode of performance may vary.

The following factors explain in details on how to gauge the ideal bilge pump for your needs.

  • Type of Boat/Kayak

The type of boat determines where the boat can be sailed on. Sailing through rougher seas means you will be dealing with more bilge water while navigating through calm water bodies leads to the collection of less bilge water.

Luckily bilge pumps are available in different categories to suit all these mentioned needs.

  • Size of Boat/Kayak

A larger vessel would require a bigger pumping device than a smaller one. It’s that simple. And as we’ll see later, in some cases, you may need more than 1 pump depending on the surface area you intend to cover.

  • Number of Boat Compartments

How many compartments does your boat have? A boat with many compartments will need a more efficient pump and sometimes multiple pumps to remove the water out.

On the other side, a boat with fewer compartments may work with only one bilge pump hence easy to stabilize.

  • Whether Electric or Manual

Manual water pumps work great on kayaks, while larger boats require automatic bilge pumps to deal with the more amount of water.

This is because larger boats are usually motor powered and will have a place for a switch to power the bilge.

  • Pump Capacity

This goes hand in hand with the boat’s size. For example, you can’t buy a small-sized pump for a larger boat.

Powerboats measuring about 18 feet will do just well with pumps of a capacity of 300-500 GPH (Gallons Per Hour).

However, those above 23 feet will demand a pump output of (450-700) GPH.

The figures go upwards as the size of the boat increases.

Best Bilge Pumps: Our Honest Reviews

Our skilled team of editors has conducted detailed research on some of the top-rated bilge pumps to look for. This is to help you get an inner idea of what each product entails.

1. Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump

Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump


This pump from Shoreline Marine is made up to USCG requirements and features an On/Off internal float switch for smooth operation.

For installation, just clip the bilge pump to the boat’s mounting base or side for easy screwing, or the transom.

Luckily, removal of the pump for inspection or cleaning will take you only a few minutes.

What We Like About It

This ignition protected pump utilizes tinned lead marine grade wires that can work in either fresh or saltwater environments. Moreover, this 9.6 ounces pump works on a low current of only 3 amps.

The fully submersible pump has an output of 600 GPH through the 3/4 inches O.D hose outlet barb. Additionally, the hose is compatible with the standard I.D bilge outlet of similar measurements.

What Could Have Been Better?

This pump operates only with a manual on/off switch. However, a float switch is needed to prevent continuous running with or without water to help conserve the battery.


Marine Grade wiring
Rust-free stainless steel hardware
Has a mounting bracket
600 GPH output
Ignition protected


Doesn’t come with the float switch to allow automatic operation

2. SEAFLO Submersible Automatic Boat Bilge Pump

Seaflo Automatic Pump


This is yet another pump that’s ranked highly by boaters and anglers alike. The pump is equipped with a built-in magnetic float switch that doesn’t use power until when activated.

This SEAFLO pump gushes out water at the rate of 750 GPH, has a 3’ (1m) wire lead, and operates on 12 volts.

What We Like About It

The unit weighs 1.03 lbs, measures 6.5 by 3.27 by 4.13 inches, and is compact, thus able to fit in small places.

All the stainless steel hardware is rust-proof, while the casing is made from high-impact plastic for increased durability.

For maintenance purposes, just push the 2 tabs on the sides then lift the white casing for easy access to the interior parts.

Finally, the unit runs silently with no vibration and comes with detailed installation as well as usage instructions.

What Could Have Been Better?

Once the water level reaches a 2-inches height, the pump loses its suction as the air starts to get in hence unable to remove all the shallow water. This can be corrected by enhancing the pump’s suction power with a three-way switch.


Quick release strainer allows easy maintenance
Cool operation
Comprises a magnetic switch
Backed by a 4-year warranty


Doesn’t pump water below 2inches

3. Rule Marine Bilge Pump

Rule 1500 Bilge Pump


Get more exclusive features with this Rule Bilge pump that removes 1500 GPH of water from your water vessel through the 1 1/8 inches hose.

The pump operates on 12 volts (4.8 amp draw) quietly thanks to its long-lasting motor and is supported by a 3-year limited warranty.

On top of that, the pump weighs in at just 3.1lbs and is quite compact. So, it’s highly portable and convenient to have around at all times.

What We Like About It

Even though the pump is fully submersible, it comprises a stainless steel shaft to protect the inner parts from corrosion. This makes the pump a perfect choice for both fresh and saltwater use.

Despite the pump’s exclusive design and compact size, it’s still offered at a lower cost than that its competitors.

What Could Have Been Better?

The pump needs to be wired to a float switch to operate. Therefore, it could have been wiser if the manufacturer included the switch with the package.


Super-efficient motor
Large pumping capacity
Easy to use
Rust-free metallic hardware


No float switch

4. Rule 25D 500 Gallon Submersible Bilge Pump

Rule 25D Pump


Rule bilge pumps are a favorite of many fishermen and yachtsmen thanks to their efficiency plus innovativeness.

This Rule 25D model delivers up to 500 gallons of water per hour and is equipped with long-life motors to allow silent operation.

What We Like About It

The pump is completely submersible and features stainless steel shafts for protection from corrosion.

What’s more, the impeller cavity with the snap-lock strainer base can be cleaned easily by removal of the motor. This can be done easily by pushing on the side tabs.

This pump is operated traditionally on 12 volts and may require a float switch (not included) for more automatic operation.

The pump weighs 4.6 ounces, is available as red, white, or blue and is covered by a 3-year limited warranty.

What Could Have Been Better?

Since the pump is manually operated, it can be tiresome to put it on/off every time. This might prompt you to purchase a float switch to make it automatic.


Includes a ¾ inches water outlet hose
Cool and silent operation
Rust-free hardware
Easy to maintain
Features marine standard blocked-wiring


Manual operation

5. AURELIO TECH Marine Electric 12V 1100Gph Bilge Pump

Aurelio Tech 1100GPH


What if you have a larger boat and are wondering what bilge pump to use? Worry not as this highly versatile pump will not only get rid of water from your boat but also in aquariums, fountains, swimming pools, and so on.

The 1100 GPH capacity allows you to pump out more water in minutes. You will also be fascinated by the fully waterproof nature of the pump as it’s made from durable ABS plastic.

What We Like About It

All the wire terminals of the pump are secured with heavy-duty marine sealants and are positioned beyond the highest water level.

The pump’s sturdy motor is made with premium-quality materials to ensure long-term efficiency while the base holes allow for quick installation.

To conclude, the pump’s strainer detaches easily from the motor plus the base to give way for easy cleaning and maintenance.

What Could Have Been Better?

A mounting bracket instead of the holes will be quite handy for easy installation on your boat’s hull. This can save you the pain of figuring it out on your own.

Also, the pump could feature a float switch to allow for both manual and automatic operation.


Heat-resistant and waterproof ABS casing
Durable motor
Wide application
Easy to clean


Has no mounting bracket
Not automatic

6. Best Marine and Outdoors Reversible Hose Hand Water Bilge Pump

Best Marine and Outdoors Manual Hand Pump


Maybe all you want for your small boats, canoe, or kayak is a handheld water pump, then this Best Marine and Outdoors pump is here for you.

This pump does floats and gives you the quickest way of driving out water from your vessels during those awkward moments.

The pump weighs only a pound, measures 18 by 2.5 inches, and occupies little space to leave room for other boating equipment.

What We Like About It

To use, just connect the included reversible 2-feet hose to the pump’s end then insert the other side into the water. After that, work with the handle using your hand to siphon the water.

The pump disperses the siphoned water once you pull the handle out. Simple right! Indeed you won’t have to deal with motor and switch-related complications.

What Could Have Been Better?

The pump part once damaged, can’t be easily repaired. However, we feel it could be enhanced to be serviceable to enable long-term operation.


Simple hand operation
Has a reversible hose
Takes up less storage space
Great for both novices and pro users


Difficult to repair

7. MAXZONE Submersible Automatic Bilge Water Pump

MaxZone Automatic Submersible Bilge Pump


This MAXZONE bilge pump is excellent for use on your water vessels as it is submersible and features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel shaft.

Good news is that the outer cover is made with durable and waterproof hard plastic to improve the pump’s durability.

Also, this 1.21 pounds pump uses a highly efficient motor that won’t burn out in case it runs dry.

What We Like About It

Most importantly, the pump doesn’t consume power until when it’s activated by the in-built float switch that self-starts when there’s a rise in the water level.

The included reed sensor is the one that allows for automatic operation or the manual override.

Moreover, all the seals of this pump are moisture-tightened to offer total anti-airlock protection.

In conclusion, the pump has a high flow rate of 1100GPH, has a head of 3.0M, operates on a low current of 12V and 3.8 Amp draw.

What Could Have Been Better?

It proves to be a nuisance sometimes when the included float switch doesn’t start-up the motor and needs to be manipulated manually. This can be countered easily by incorporating a more efficient float switch.


Automatic operation
Compact size
Durable construction
High water capacity output


Sometimes the float switch fails to ignite the motor


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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions will help you get an in-depth understanding of bilge pumps.

Why do I need a bilge pump?

A bilge pump is essential in the removal of water that collects in your water vessel as a result of rain or leaks in the hull.

Will my bilge pump start automatically?

Most bilge pumps nowadays operate automatically once the water rises to a specified level. Conversely, manually-operated pumps still exist.

Where do I place a bilge pump on my boat?

For a bilge pump to work correctly, it ought to be mounted on the lowest point of the boat’s hull.

Which One Is The Best?

Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump

After our in-depth analysis of the above 7 marine bilge pumps, we’ve chosen the Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump to be our best pick. This is regardless of the pump having a lower water capacity of only 600 GPH. This is because it is simple to operate, is fully submersible, and works on a lower current of 3 amps.

Furthermore, the pump is built to last and comes with a mounting bracket for easy installation.

Final Thoughts

Bilge pumps make your stay on the waters safe despite the lurking calamities of your vessels getting filled with water. This is a fact that is usually overlooked by many people but is a major cause of why water vessels sink.

Manual bilge pumps are ideal for smaller vessels like boats, kayaks, or canoes and those that don’t have a motor. On the contrary, bigger watercraft like ships and sailboats require the automatic bilge pumps with a bigger GPH for faster clearance of water.

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