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Everyone deserves to have a good time especially after investing heavily in the latest outdoorsy gear. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find reliable information these days especially when you need to make the right choices.

One thing that makes us stand out is that we are E.A.T:

E – Experts
A – Authoritative
T – Trustworthy

In a world full of marketing gimmicks and shill reviews, we seek to stand out as a beacon of hope for anyone looking for honesty and transparency.

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Since we’re an independent team, we are able to tell you everything that no sales-copy or sales-team would let you know.

We call out subar products and name/shame fishing gear companies that don’t take quality seriously.

Above all, we help our readers to easily find gear and accessories that make outdoor life a lot more fun.

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We do provide important how-to guides as well as product reviews.

Whether you’re looking for fishing reels, rods, lines, shoes or even filleting knives, we’ve got you covered.

Likewise, kayaking is only fun when done safely.

Here, we talk about everything this age-old water sport has to offer from issues related to stability to ones linked to dimensions and personal fitness. We also provide important buying guidelines for hardshell, inflatable, and even foldable kayaks.

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Whether you’re planning for a single-day trip or a camping mission we do provide you with important hands-on skills through out tips & tidbits articles.

We also review outdoor gear in general, ranging from tents, waterproof sprays, tanning lotions to hiking and survival gear.