Best Fish Lip Gripper Reviews

Best Fish Lip Gripper: 10 Reviews + Buying Guide

If you have been wondering whether fish lip grippers are an essential part of your fishing arsenal, you have come to the right place.

A fish gripper is a tool that gives you better control as you pull your fish out of the water. It ensures that the slimy catch does not slide its way out of your hands and back into the water.

Additionally, the gripper helps in keeping your fingers safe from the fish’s spiky teeth.

So which is the best fish lip gripper? We have reviewed some of the top brands of fish grippers, and you this should make it easier for you to make an informed choice.

Also, we have provided you with a simple criterion which you may use to boost your chances of landing the best product.

High-Quality Fish Gripper Ratings: The Best Picks

They come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. One thing is for sure, though…no two lip grabbers are equal. See for yourself.

1. Entsport Professional Fish Lip Gripper with Weight Scale

Best Fish Lip Gripperbutton

Purchasing a fish lip gripper is just one thing, but knowing how to use it is quite important so you don’t hurt the fish in the process.

This pocket-friendly Entsport gripper allows you to efficiently catch or release fish, be it in saltwater or freshwater environments. All this is possible thanks to the gripper’s rust-free stainless steel construction.

What We Like About It

This one hand-operated tool is equipped with a retractable tape measure and a weighing scale that can carry a weight of up to 33lbs.

What’s more, this professional gripper has some well-made jaws for easy grabbing of the fish’s lip through the jaw slider. Plus, there’s an easy-to-use lever for safe release.

For those who will be handling a lot of fish, this device caters to your comfort because it features an EVA padded handle with a non-slip surface. Additionally, the included lanyard allows for easy carrying.

What Could Have Been Better

Much as the manufacturer has tried to make this lip gripper’s jaws wide, we feel that they could be better if they opened wider. This might be an issue when dealing with extremely large saltwater monsters.


Comfortable EVA handle
Reasonably wide opening
Efficient quick-release lever


Jaws could be better wider

2. Piscifun Professional Fish Lip Gripper

Best Fish Lip Gripper #2button

Piscifun is a leading manufacturer of quality fish lip grippers used by pros and beginners alike.

Indeed, this gripper from them is quite well-made and user-friendly. Its durable, stainless steel components make it ideal for use even in rugged environments.

What We Like About It

It doesn’t matter if you’d like to fish in the fresh waters or salty ones, this Piscifun gripper is up to the task.

We absolutely love the fact that the gear has all the components anyone would need. We’re talking about a retractable measuring tape (1M/3ft long), weighing scale, and the extra lanyard strap for convenient carrying.

On top of that, the weighing scale holds up to 33lbs and has a clear view for precise reading.

Finally, the 108mm handle is fully padded for comfortable use while the grips open widely for easy holding of the fish’s lip.

What Could Have Been Better

The tape measure should be made to retract smoothly and the gripper more rust resistant. Otherwise the gripper might not be effective if used in saltwater environment for long.


Durable construction
Padded handle
Grips open up widely
Lanyard strap allows easy carrying


Metallic parts could be made completely rust-free
Tape measure should retract more smoothly

3. SUAOKI Stainless Steel Two-Sided Fish Lip Gripper

Best Fish Lip Gripper #3button

Yet another handy gripper to make it to our list is this cool kid from Suaoki. The manufacturer advertises it as a corrosion-resistant equipment.

But just how effective is it when put to the test?

What We Like About It

This 2-sided grip quickly opens and locks for fast hooking or release of the fish with the mere use of only one or two fingers.

What’s more, the stainless steel construction withstands both salt and freshwater use and enhances the tool’s durability.

The scale can hold a weight not exceeding 33lbs to help you determine how heavy your catch is.

To ensure you have a comfortable grip, this device is ergonomically designed with an EVA foam handle and an additional wrist strap.

What Could Have Been Better

There’s need for a length scale. Otherwise, without it, you really can’t measure the length of the fish, which is a quite important aspect to most fishermen.


Easy to use
EVA padded handle
Equipped with a wrist strap
Rust-free stainless steel construction


Lacks a length scale

4. Rapala Floating 9″ Fish Gripper

Catch and Release Gripperbutton

True to its name, this gripper does float on water so you won’t have to worry about it sinking and getting lost.

The gripper effectively catches and releases the fish, thereby protecting you or the fish from unwanted injuries.

That’s all thanks to its quick-release and locking mechanism.

What We Like About It

The heavy duty plastic construction is great for use on all water bodies since it is corrosion-resistant.

Additionally, the device has a 9-inch wrist lanyard that prevents it from falling off should your hand lose its hold.

Amazingly, the gripper features 2 well-contoured finger holding points for simple one-hand operation.

Although you can’t determine the fish’s weight or length with this tool, it does just great for the small to medium-sized fish.

What Could Have Been Better

Could have had a length measuring or weighing scale. Without those two you’d have to rely on guesswork …unless you’re catching and releasing just for fun, you’d definitely need those scales to refer to.


Highly buoyant
Properly contoured handle
Great for catching and releasing fish


Has no weighing or length scale

5. Eastaboga Tackle BogaGrip Scale Fishing Tool

Best fish lip grippers with weighing scalebutton

This US-made fishing tool is great for all your fish handling, landing, or weighing. The tool works by getting hold of the jawbone of the fish with its hooks.

This tube-shaped tool has a pair of jaws at the opening, a weighing scale in the middle followed by the non-slip handle, and finally the strap.

What We Like About It

Get this, the device requires a one-hand operation which is made easy by the well-padded handle. Similarly, the strap can be fastened to the boat or some other fishing apparel for more control.

This saltwater resistant BogaGrip tool is available in 3 versions; 315, 130, and 260 to satisfy different needs.

The Model 315 handles a weight of 15 pounds. If that’s not enough for you, you might want to go for the Model 130 which is designed for up to 30 pounds.

Plus, the Model 260 exists for anyone who’d like to deal with fish weighing as much as 60 pounds.

What’s the bottom line? This gripper is quite well-made and easy to assemble. Its stainless steel construction and ball detent pins make it highly user-friendly.

What Could Have Been Better

Unfortunately, the Eastboga gripper doesn’t come cheap. Compared to Rapala and Booms Fishing grippers, it goes for costs almost 100 dollars more. Plus, this tool lacks a length measuring tape.


Corrosion resistant
Available in 3 different versions
Easy to assemble and disassemble


Very expensive
No length measuring tape

6. Z ZANMAX Fish Grip Stainless Steel Tools Set

Affordable Fish Lip Gripperbutton

This 2-in-1 set comprises a fish grabber and Zanmax fishing pliers for increased versatility.

The sharp cutting pliers add up as ring openers, scissors for cutting of fishing lines or wires, while the grabber is for holding or releasing the fish.

Also, the cutter’s blade is serrated for tight gripping and has a safety lock to prevent it from biting into your hand accidentally.

What We Like About It

The gripper’s scale gives accurate results and accommodates fish weighing up to 40lbs (so it’s probably the best fish gripper for pike). This also enables you to discern the length of the fish through the 1m long measuring tape.

On the other hand, the 2-sided trigger jaws allow easy clip-up of the fish’s lip while the built-in string paves the way for single-handed operation.

To wrap up, the easy-grip EVA padded handle provides good strength even for demanding situations.

What Could Have Been Better

The gripper’s scale is set to read in pounds only though many customers have expressed the need for further calibration to capture additional ounces. If implemented, these changes would help you to get the exact weight of the fish.


Includes a plier
Easy-to-clip 2-sided trigger jaws
Comes with a safety lock
EVA padded handle


The weighing scale reads in pounds only with no ounce option

7. Piscifun Water Resistant Digital Scale Fish Lip Gripper

Gripper for Fish Quality Fish Gripperbutton

What if you have eyesight problems and can’t read the manually calibrated scales properly? Hey, you can still get your catch’s weight with this digitalized 2 AAA battery-powered fish lip gripper.

The gripper is made from premium-quality highly durable rugged steel and features a handle that swivels through 360 degrees for better control or viewing.

What We Like About It

There’s an anti-slip strip fastened around the handle to allow comfortable holding. You will also love the adjustable dangling strip that attaches to the wrist to safeguard your gripper.

The large digital scale has a built-in LCD indicator for easy reading. Plus, it’s entirely waterproof, and loads to 60lbs.

Quality is assured since a 1-year peace of mind warranty backs up the device.

What Could Have Been Better

The batteries get depleted quickly and require regular replacements. We wish a rechargeable version of it was available to help cut down on the need for regular battery replacements.


Digitalized weight scale
Rotatable handle
Includes a wrist strap
1-year warranty
Anti-slip handle


Batteries don’t last for long

8. YakGear The Fish Grip

Quality Fishing Gearbutton

If all you need is a fish landing tool, then this YakGear device is among the few that never disappoint. It also performs in both salt and freshwater environments without rusting off.

When gripped, the device locks itself for perfect fish lip holding with its jaws and is flipped to open or release the fish.

What We Like About It

This gripper is available in 7 different colors to match your preferences and is uniquely designed with a wrist lanyard for a perfect hold.

The plastic and stainless steel construction solidifies its durability. Yet somehow, this device is light in weight and capable of remaining afloat even if it accidentally falls into the water.

What Could Have Been Better

Some modification in the clamping locks is imminent to prevent loosening up. Fortunately, such issues don’t render the gripper worthless as they can be solved by the mere use of pliers.


Multiple colors to choose from
Long-lasting construction
Grips fish easily


The clamping locks could be better made

9. Fiblink Fish Lip Portable Gripper Tool

Quality Fishing Gripsbutton

This eye-catching tool seems all set for whatever the world of catch and releasing might bring its way, but just how effective is it?

One thing we adore about this tool from Fiblink is that it comes with a rotatable handle. That might not seem like a big deal but it really does help when you want to weigh the fish and capture the details without harming the fish in any way.

Another plus is that this gripper displays the readings quite clearly. And you can capture readings of up to 40lbs.

What We Like About It

It has a built-in spring for easy one-hand use and a bonus coiled steel lanyard for efficient control.

Also, this tool boasts a bonus loop clasp that attaches to your belt for easy carrying. This is an extra safety measure to prevent the tool from getting misplaced or something.

As if that isn’t enough, this gripper is supported by a 1-year warranty, which protects you from the risks associated with manufacturer defects.

What Could Have Been Better

We feel that this gripper could be more efficient by having a length measuring scale. The gripper should also be made floatable for convenient water use with no worries of losing it due to sinking.


1-year guarantee
Has a belt strap
Non-slip rubber handle
Easy to use


Lacks a length scale
Not buoyant

10. Booms Fishing G01 Fish Grip

Booms G01 Gripper Grip Best Fish Gripperbutton

Don’t have enough cash and still want nice but efficient fishing gear? Then this cheap fish lip gripper might be worth checking out.

The tool features an EVA or tough ABS handle with an adjustable wrist lanyard for ultimate control and to prevent it from dropping into the water.

What We Like About It

Though not really noticeable, the gripper has a 1m retractable tape fixed on its body for measuring the length of the fish

The built-in spring scale allows you to get the actual weight of the fish while the trigger grip allows the convenient holding of the lip.

You will be spoilt for choice since the gripper is available in 2 scale options; with spring scale or with a digital scale.

To conclude, this gripper seems quite durable since its body is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

What Could Have Been Better

The handle is permanently fixed. It could have been better to have it rotatable to make it easier to capture data without harming the fish in any way.


Well-padded handle
Easily affordable
Retractable tape
Corrosion resistant


The handle doesn’t swivel for harmless use

How To Choose The Best Fish Lip Gripper

In this section, we are going to provide you with a simple buying guide which, if you follow keenly, nothing would stop you from getting your ideal item.

Let’s check out these factors.

  • Durability

You wouldn’t want to be rushing back to the stores so soon after buying a fish gripper, would you? Therefore, go for something that is built to last.

We suggest you look for a gripper that is made from corrosion-resistant material, which would make the tool perfect for use in salty water. Further, the product should be easy to maintain.

  • Safety

One of the primary uses of the gripper is to ensure that both you and your catch come out of the fishing ordeal safely. Therefore, look out for features that protect the hard-fighting fish, plus the tool should be comfortable enough for you to handle.

  • The Price

Always have a limit on the amount you are willing to spend on a fish lip gripper. There are always budget-friendly models that are high-quality enough to deliver decent performance.

  • The Handle

We all know how slimy the fish are. On top of that, constant contact with water also renders your hands slippery.

Therefore, the handle should be made of a material that gives it an excellent grip such as rubber.

Additionally, the handle may come with a waist lanyard to ensure the tool does not get lost just in case it ends up sliding out of your hands.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section contains some common questions regarding fish lip grippers, and their answers should boost your knowledge on this topic.

Q: Which styles of fish lip grippers are there?

A: The different types of grippers that are available include pistol grips, floating plastic grips, and T-style grips.

Q: Would a lip gripper cause damage to the fish’s mouth?

A: No, it won’t. We can attribute this to the fact that the gripper is designed to have smooth jaws, which only clamp both sides of the fish’s lip without harming it.

Q: Do grippers come in different sizes?

A: Yes, they do. There are lip grippers which are designed to handle tiny fish while there are those specifically for the large fish species.

Fish Lip Gripper Best Overall Choice

Best Fishing Lip Gripper OverallAfter conducting a detailed analysis of all these tools, we can highly recommend Entsport Professional lip gripper as the best overall choice. Why? This is because it’s cost-effective and has a rust-free stainless steel body.

It also just feels better made than any other gripper we came across. So, we feel that it has the potential to provide better value for money.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have understood the importance of having a fish lip gripper, whether you are a novice or a professional angler. The tool would make your fishing experience easier, plus the chances of ending up with bloody thumbs would be severely reduced.

There are many brands of fish lip grippers available, and this may complicate your search for the perfect tool for the job.

Therefore, we have done the hard work for you and researched the best grippers available.
We can only wish you the best of luck in your search.

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