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The 7 Best Malibu Kayaks Latest List [With Buying Guide]

For those who are keen on performance and stability, you may have realized that Malibu Kayaks tend to stand out in this regard.

They have been in the game for over 3 decades now and they must be doing something differently to stay in the game for that period of time.

What is it then that makes this brand to stand out?

We have compiled a detailed review together with a buyers’ guide to assist you as you make a choice on your preferred Malibu Vessel.

Top-Rated Kayaks from Malibu in Review: Comparison Table

They come in different sizes, suitable for different uses. Overall, they have been rated differently. Here is a comparison table of Malibu’s top-rated kayaks.

Malibu X-13 13 Feet KayakWinnerCheck Latest Price
Malibu Express Surfing1st Runners UpCheck Latest Price
Malibu X Factor 14 Feet2nd Runners UpCheck Latest Price

1. Malibu X-13 13-Feet Sit-On-Top Kayak

X-13 Kayakbutton

This 13 feet and 10-inch-long kayak has an extended waterline that provides speed and seamless gliding. Plus, it also tracks quite well. The front hatch has lots of room for storage that remains dry even when water comes over the bow.

What’s more, its build quality is excellent as the material used in its make is roto mold plastic, which is tough.

It is also quite stable with a high weight capacity making it easier to stand on.

The Malibu X13 does not disappoint and is great for recreational kayaking and perfect for fishing.


Handles well
Lots of storage space



2. Malibu Express Surfing Kayak

Malibu Express Kayakbutton

If your intention is kayaking and surfing, then this is the kayak for you.

The Express is lightweight and has a straight line design which is perfect for surfing and makes it easy to maneuver. In addition to that, it is quite stable and can also be outfitted for fishing.

It also comes with a foot track system that is adjustable and a cup holder. The express clearly gives you value for your money.


Sufficient storage space
Good speed
Well priced


No front rod holders

3. Malibu X Factor 14 Kayak

Malibu x-Factor Kayakbutton

The X Factor 14 is a tough and rough vehicle able to plow through choppy waves and also sail in calm waters. It makes riding rapids, rivers and lakes a lot more fun.

The yak can carry up to 600 pounds and has quite sufficient storage for all the gear you might need. Plus, it has a hatch on the front that can accommodate a child’s seat and comes with carry handles.

The X Factor is quite ideal for fishing and diving. What’s more, it has a trolling motor for whatever fishing adventures you may have in mind.


Large storage
Suitable for kayakers of any size
Tough build
Has self-draining trays



4. Malibu Pro 2 Tandem 13-Feet Sit-On-Top Kayak

Pro 2 Tandem Kayakbutton

This kayak is designed for all round water paddling and is suitable for people of all ages. It also works quite well for both one or two paddlers thanks to its lightweight design, and is perfect for diving, touring and fishing.

More to that, it is very comfortable and stable and has great maneuverability. It also comes with everything you will need for a day on the water including a drain plug and 6 rod holders.


Accommodates 2 people
Suitable for people of all ages
For paddlers of all skill levels


No trolling motor

5. Malibu Mini-X 9-Feet Recreational Kayak

Mini-X Recreational Malibu Kayakbutton

The Mini-X Recreational is a sit-on-top kayak suitable for any level of kayaking. It is quite stable and lightweight, making it one of the best kayaks for any water sport.

Besides that, it comes with a well-made seating area complete with adjustable foot rests plus a cup holder and two paddle holders. In addition to that, the rear has a spacious tank well area with a bait tank and much more.

The Mini-X Recreational is also very easy to use and is quite durable.


Ideal for all skill levels
Very stable



6. Malibu Stealth-14 Kayak

Stealth-14 by Malibubutton

This is one of the best kayaks for any angler. It offers plenty of performance and stability in the water and has a built in center bait tank for live bait that can also be used as a cooler.

Also, it’s very comfortable and has adjustable footing. It also comes with 2 rod holders and a hatch with a bag in the rear.


Very stable
Has a bait tank at the center
Sufficient storage


Not as fast

7. Malibu 3.4 11-Feet Recreation Kayak

Malibu 3.4 Top Kayakbutton

This is a sleek and lightweight sit-on-top kayak with great maneuverability. It is great different kinds of excursions especially recreational paddling and surfing.

This 11-foot yak has unique foil rails that make it surf easily without tipping over and also has a storage hatch that is water resistant.

Finally, it weighs only 37 pounds which makes it quite easy to transport and is fit for smaller paddlers and fitness geeks.


Easy to transport
Great maneuverability
Adjustable footing
Has storage space


Not suitable for large users

Buyers Guide for Malibu Kayaks

There are certain factors that should inform your Malibu Kayak of choice. You can keep them in mind as you purchase one.


Different kayaks come with different features. Some come with a trolling motor while others do not, some come with several rod holders while others come with fewer and the list goes on. Settle on the features you want and then choose the kayak that comes with the features you desire.


What do you desire to use your kayak for? If you only desire to use your kayak for fishing or simply enjoying recreational paddling on the water, you may need to choose a kayak that is more suitable for what you intend to use it for.


How much gear do you intend to bring along? Does the kayak have enough room for it? It is important to keep this in mind.


The money you have eventually dictates which kayak you can buy. Go for a kayak that fits within your budget.

Number of Users

If you intend on bringing company along with you when kayaking, you may need to choose a tandem kayak that has room for two instead of a single-person kayak.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are common questions that come up when it comes to Kayaks. We shall attempt to answer a few.

Are Cheap Kayaks Any Good?

If you spend a little more on a kayak, you may get more features that will come in handy in your kayaking. If you are working on a budget, you can buy a used kayak from a quality brand. Good quality kayaks are quite durable and tend to serve you longer.

What Length of Kayak Do I Need?

This depends. For a recreational kayak, 8 to 13 feet is fine for small lakes, creeks, rivers and calm waters so as to navigate passageways efficiently. Touring kayaks however are longer, from 14 to 18 feet to handle bigger rivers or lakes and larger waves.

Our Choice – Verdict

Malibu X-13 KayakFrom all the options above, the kayak that stood out for us is the X-13 Fish and Dive Package Sit-On-Top Kayak.

This is because it is very stable and handles well in different waters. It is also quite fast, tracks well and comes with plenty of storage for camping trips

The X-13 also has a tough build and a high weight capacity which makes it perfect for fishing and camping.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about Malibu Kayaks is how they are built to give high performance, stability and durability, while still adding very important features to their kayaks. They are known for making their kayaks with the user in mind.

If you are keen on performance in a kayak, they have a wide range of options for you to choose from.

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