Pelican Bandit 100 NXT Kayak review

Pelican Bandit NXT 100 Kayak Review

Are you looking for the perfect recreational kayak? If you are, you should try out the Pelican Bandit NXT 100 vessel will meet all your needs. It may be a 1-person kayak, but any beginner looking to join this venture will highly appreciate the stability and safety that it offers.

And like many other recreational units in the market, this vessel is pretty affordable, and you won’t have to dig into your pockets to acquire it.

By now, your curiosity about this product must have greatly aroused. So, we won’t waste your time and head over to break down everything this product offers.

Specs of the Bandit NXT 100 Kayak

*Has a maximum load capacity of 300lbs

*A total weight of 40lbs

*Measures 10’ long by 30” wide

*A 1-Person SOT kayak (open cockpit design)

*Built of RAM-X polyethylene material

*Available in Fade deep blue/white and Fade apple/citrine colors

*Has adjustable Ergoform padded backrest

*Only for small lakes and slow rivers

Pelican Bandit NXT 100 Main Features

In this section, we shall analyze the vessel’s different aspects to help you determine whether or not it is suited for recreational purposes.

These aspects are as follows:

I) Build Quality

The RAM-X material used here is a tri-layer polyethylene material, and the unit is made through thermoforming technology. As a result, we have a pretty rigid shell that can withstand impacts from different elements in the water.

So, you can expect this vessel to remain functional for a long time to come.

II) Comfort

When you take a glance at this vessel, you can quickly tell that the manufacturers had your comfort at the back of their minds. This is evidenced by the padded backrest with the cushioned seat to ensure you don’t end up with a stiff back.

Further, you’ll find molded footrests meant to ensure you fit well regardless of your height.

III) Stability and Safety

As a beginner, you are most likely to be concerned with your safety. So, the manufacturer designed this vessel to have a twin-arched multi-chine hull to keep it stable and steady.

Then, the cockpit is pretty easy to enter and exit, which is a crucial feature in an emergency.

We also noted the convenient scupper holes within the sitting area that help in draining any water that may seep into your vessel. This reduces the chances of sinking as you paddle in the waters.

For these reasons, your worry about your safety shouldn’t ruin the entire expedition.

IV) Storage

Another area that has been addressed well is the vessel’s storage capacity. Here, you get two storage platforms, a large open one with bungee cords to secure your items and a smaller one on the bow without anything to secure your items.

The former would be useful for holding something like a cooler or large bag.

Let’s not forget the dual-position bottle holder that allows you to bring your favorite drink to the expedition.

V) Portability

At only 40lbs, this is one of the lightest kayaks you may ever come across. We attribute this aspect to the high-density polyethylene materials used in building it, whereby not much of it is needed to put the unit together.

When you combine this weight with the 10ft length, you get a vessel that won’t give you a lot of problems transporting or storing it. And that’s not all, as the unit features carry handles to facilitate moving it to and from your car.

VI) Warranty

Here, the hull is covered by the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty, while the pre-installed accessories have a one-year limited warranty. All these are meant to give you some peace of mind, and you can refer to the brand’s main website to know more.

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What Other Customers Have to Say About the Bandit NXT 100 Kayak

Let’s now hear some experiences from individuals who have tried out the vessel before:

*Many users liked the lightweight nature that makes it easy for one person to carry and perfect for beginners and kids

*Another user appreciated its durability and how easily it glides through the water

*The other standout feature, according to a customer, is the positioning of the bottle holder such that it does not get in your way

*Most customers were pleased with the cushioned seat that offered the ultimate comfort

*The major negative was that as a one-person kayak, the only way you can have some company is by acquiring an extra vessel

Pros and Cons of the Bandit NXT 100 Yak

At this point, we shall provide you with a summary of the advantages and disadvantages that we found in this product during our research.


*Very stable

*Durable build

*Lightweight and portable

*Excellent tracking



*Not for rough waters

*A one-person kayak

Is the Pelican Bandit NXT 100 Worth It?

If you are a beginner and want a yak that isn’t tippy, the Bandit NXT 100 is worth your time and money. This unit is well-built from high-quality material, and it will be a while before you have to go shopping for another unit.

In addition to that, the hull design makes it very stable, and you won’t have to worry about being thrown into the water. You’ll be surprised that this vessel allows you to access some very shallow areas that you can’t do with other kayaks.

This kayak is also pretty lightweight, and you won’t have a problem moving it to and from the shore.

Lastly, the product is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty to give you peace of mind as you purchase and use it.

Final Word

Recreational kayaking is a fun way of spending your free time, but you will need the perfect vessel for the activity. In this instance, the Bandit NXT 100 yak would serve you well, and we have highlighted some of the features that make it suitable for the job.

However, we thought it wise to alert you that this unit is not built for rough waters, and if this is the kind of environment you intend to kayak in, viable alternatives are available.

With that, we hope that once you acquire this vessel, it will live up to your expectations and give you the awesome time you were dreaming of.

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