Intex Explorer K2 Review

Intex Explorer 2-Person K2 Kayak Inflatable Kayak Set Review

If you are a fishing kayak enthusiast who enjoys adventure and fun, the Intex Explorer 2-Person K2 Kayak Inflatable Kayak Set is a great option. It is designed to offer you amazing summer days on the water with friends and family.

The kayak is one of the most affordable options out there. Although it comes at a low price, it functions better than most high-end boats in choppy waters and strong winds.

Let’s jump into the Intex Kayak set review to give you all the information you need.

Intex Explorer K2 Review: An Overview

While most inflatable kayaks are not ideal for use on rapids and choppy waters, this kayak performs incredibly in unstable conditions. This is all thanks to its high-quality and durable construction.

What’s more, it can fit two adults that weight four-hundred pounds or less. It can also accommodate kids and dogs.

K2 is also an excellent option for teens to peddle since it has a lively yellow color, which makes easily visible and distinguishes it from the rest.

This is quite helpful as parents can also easily monitor their broods.

Lastly, the Intex Explorer K2 has a surprisingly tough fabric that can take grazes and cuts without compromising on safety.

Key Features and Specifications

Intex Explorer 2-Person K2 Kayak, Inflatable Kayak Set has impressive specs which include:

  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Width: 3 feet
  • Length: 10.3 inches
  • Carrying Capacity: 400 Pounds

Other important features in this budget-friendly and high-quality inflatable kayak set include:

  • High output pump and two aluminum oars which make inflation and deflation super easy.
  • Two inflatable seats and backrest for optimum comfort.
  • Accessories such as a carrier bag, air pump, grab lines, and air valves.
  • A sporty yellow color that makes it easy to spot the kayak from a distance.
  • Attached removable skeg, which helps to maintain stability because of its length. It further guides you when navigating in shallow waters.
  • Heavy-duty vinyl and anti-puncture tough gauges that offer durability and stability.


The Explorer K2 is one of the most durable inflatable kayaks in the market today. It is built from material that is super tough, which makes it last longer as other expensive options would.

Much as it is a tough-built kayak, it’s still recommended to avoid direct impact with rocks and sharp sticks if you want to keep it running for long.

However, in case it gets stabbed, it is quite easy to patch up, which is one of the best things about its construction. Unlike most inflatable kayaks, this yak has 3 separate air chambers which ensure you can keep going strong even if one of the chambers gets accidentally pierced.


When it comes to stability, this K2 has great stability on the water, just like many inflatable kayaks. The paddler is positioned close to the water. This gives it a pretty low profile and a low center of gravity (CoG).

It is an improvement from the previous K1 model as it had a higher center of gravity.

Intex K2 Kayak Seats

Inflated seats of the K2 Kayak. Image Courtesy.

buttonOne thing we did not like about the K2 Kayak, though, is that its hull isn’t as wide. While that might make it less stable than kayaks with wider hulls, it also means that it can cut through water faster.

As such, it combines just enough stability with speed. And unless you have really big concerns about stability, chances are that you’ll find this yak quite comfortable.

Plus, you can always lower the seat further by deflating the inflatable chair a little when you want to make it even more stable.


In most cases, traditional inflatable kayaks and hard-shell kayaks cannot compete when it comes to performance.

However, the Intex K2 does an excellent job, all thanks to its relatively narrow hull. As we have mentioned, a narrow hull can play a big role in helping the kayak cut through water with ease.

This, therefore, gives the K2 an edge as far as performance is concerned (although, of course, it’s too basic to be used for professional performance sports).

In our view, this unit is designed for maneuverability. In other words, it gives you the freedom to make quick turns when you need to.


The carrying capacity of the Intex K2 is another great thing about it. Its carrying capacity is 400 pounds and can carry two grown-ups and a small kid or medium-sized dog.

On the flip side, though, it lacks unique storage compartments. So you might need to keep some of your items in the cockpit which can make it quite crowded.

Is It Easy To Transport?

Transporting this unit is super easy, all thanks to its compact size. When deflated, the inflatable kayak becomes compact and you can conveniently store it in a shoulder bag. The bag can be carried anywhere you take a kayak.

Intex Explorer K2 Portability Folded and Kept In Bag

The K2 Kayak Folded and Kept In Bag. Images Courtesy: Paddle Venture

Besides that, if you are traveling to another city, you will not need to spend money on renting a kayak there. You can store this fishing kayak at the backseat or in the trunk of your car.

The best thing is that it occupies minimal space making it easy to store.

What further makes it easily portable is the high-duty handles located on all sides of the kayak. The handles make it easy for you to move it from the shore to the water.

  • Good value for money
  • Strong and durable enough for rough waters
  • Easy to transport
  • Great weight capacity
  • Ideal for two people
  • Some users find its seats to be too low for their liking


The Intex Explorer K2 is arguably one of the best inflatable kayaks in the market today. Being a sit-on-top (SOT) kayak, it is super easy to enter and get out.

The best part is that it is impressively stable, durable, and affordable. More importantly, its comfortable and unique design makes it ideal for the whole family.

All things considered, we can confidently say that this product offers great value for money. In our view, it has everything a high-quality and top-rated fishing kayak can offer.

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