The Lake Fork Guy Fishing

The Lake Fork Guy Fishing – What You Need To Know

If you are an avid angler, you probably know Justin Rackley or have heard about him. But if not, Justin also known as the Lake Fork Guy fishing on YouTube is a video content creator.

However, he seems to have gained his large fan base from creating bass fishing content on his social media channels. But besides YouTube, he is also popular and active on Instagram.

As it turns out, his main YouTube account has over one million subscribers with a total of over 160 million total views as of July 2021.

On Instagram, he has over 500,000 followers who follow his posts on fishing and hunting tips and family life. But what makes him popular is the positive attitude and enthusiasm that he projects on all his videos.

Therefore, we can say that he is a household name in the world of fishing.

However, he spends much of his time giving fishing tips, tutorials, and guides while on a boat or kayak.

So, what are his background and net worth? Well, keep reading to know more about the Lake Fork Guy.

What is the Background of the Lake Fork Guy Fishing?

The Lake Fork Guy is from the state of Texas. This is where he spends most of his time bass fishing both in freshwater and soft water fishing areas.

Since he was a kid, Rackley has always been interested and passionate about fishing. He holds a degree in conservation and aquatic ecology. This is what has helped him to perfect his bass fishing skills.

In college, Justin won many individual and team awards at the Texas A&M College from bass fishing championships. Thanks to the awards, he got his first sponsorship from the school.

As a result, he was able to practice and perfect his bass fishing skills. Consequently, this enabled him to turn fishing into a full-time career.

Relationship and Family Status

Rackley is a happy family man who’s not shy to share his personal life with his audience. Justin is married to Stephanie with whom they have a young daughter known as Emery.

He has nicknamed his wife the Ocean Spoon Girl, who’s passionate about healthy foods and a dietician professionally. She prepares the bass fish for the family when Justin brings a catch home.

His family usually goes for the bass fishing escapades once in a while.

On Youtube, they have another channel known as the Lake Life Family. This channel has over 10 million total views with over 130,000 subscribers as of July 2021.

On the channel, he shares how he lives in a treehouse cabin together with his family and their dog, Winston.

Additionally, they usually post content on food recipes, specific home DIY projects, chicken rearing, and personal experiences on the same channel.

What About His Net worth?

The Lake Fork Guy lives a modest life which he seems to enjoy much based on his videos. This means that he gets enough revenues for his personal and family living costs without much hassle.

However, there’s debate on his actual income from all the social media channels he is actively involved in. But overall, he is estimated to be worth around $250,000 and $350,000.

This figure varies widely due to the irregular earnings he gets from corporate sponsorships, merchandise sales, and YouTube Adsense revenues.

Lake Fork Guy Merchandise

Together with his friends who love fishing in equal measure, the Lake Fork Guy fishing sells his merchandise under the Googan Squad brand.

The squad consists of 5 anglers and sells products such as shirts, goggles, hats, hoodies, Camo windbreakers, and Googan Squad stickers. Apart from apparel, Justin and his friends also sell baits and other fishing equipment.

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Conclusion About Justin Rackley (Lake Fork Guy)

The Lake Fork Guy was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2017 and underwent surgery to treat it. His most-watched video on YouTube is when he reveals his new face after undergoing successful brain surgery.

Justin Rackley bounced back and overcame the condition and is still producing fishing, cooking, and camping videos for his fans. His professionalism coupled with a sense of humor has helped him maintain and increase his fan base over the years.

So, if you’re a fishing enthusiast and looking to learn additional bass fishing skills, you should definitely follow Justin Rackley. There is so much to learn from the content he posts both on his YouTube and Instagram channels.

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