How to store fishing reels

How to Store Fishing Reels: Some Ideas

Have you been wondering what the best way to store fishing reels is? Worry no more as this article will guide you on how to properly keep them so they can perform optimally and last long. Since most reels are metallic, they should be kept in a dry place to prevent corrosion.

Compromise on this and you’re likely to start the next fishing season on a flat tire (NB: reels are to fishermen what good tires are to drivers). Before digging any further, assuming you have just returned from your fishing venture and your reels are still wet, do you just store them like that? Of course no!

Preparing Your Reels for Storage

Putting into practice the following steps will guarantee the durability of your reels.

*Unspool the reels

If you are going for a long offseason from fishing, it’s good to remove the fishing lines from the reels and store them separately. This is to prevent the lines from tangling or kinking.

*Dial down the drag

Many bait casting reels and spinning reels are made with less mechanical components. Dialing down the drag reduces the stress on these components thus preventing any failures in the future.

*Clean the reels

Detach any removable parts of the reels and clean them in warm soapy water. You may use an old toothbrush or whatever is perfect to remove any salts, grime, and sand from the reels. Rinse the parts of the reels and let them dry fully. Lastly, put the parts together as they were earlier. Here’s our detailed guide for cleaning reels.

*Lubricate any moving parts

At this stage, kindly replace any worn-out springs and gears. The next step is to oil and grease all the movable parts to avoid seize up and rusting. Congrats! Your reels are now ready for storage.

Store Fishing Reels Better With These Tips

There are many crazy ideas about storing fishing reels. Some people store them in shoe bags while others wrap in newspapers and stash them on the shelves. The most common methods include;

*Storing in bags

The bags the reels come in are good enough for safer keeping. You may also decide to purchase specific cases meant for this purpose. It is quite important that you leave a small gap when closing to give room for any remaining moisture to escape.

*Wall mount

Vertical or horizontal wall mounts can be used to store reels that are being used frequently. The mounts can be bought or hand made using PVC pipes and sponge noodles. The best part about wall mounts is that you are able to store your fishing rods together with the reels thus no need of dismantling them.

*Cabinet storage

Make a cabinet whose purpose will be to basically store the fishing reels only. Arrange the cleaned and dried reels perfectly in the cabinet while ensuring some space is left in between. Put silica desiccants or any other item that can absorb moisture inside the cabinet. Finally, lock your cabinet tightly.

Bottom line

Although there are various cases and bags for storing fishing reels available on the market. This doesn’t limit you to not improvising your own methods. For long term storage, keep the reels in an enclosed place where they are not exposed to moisture.

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