How to store fishing rod

Fishing Rod Storage Ideas: Our Tried & Tested Insights

Have you been dumping your fishing rods in any corner of the house you may find? For increased performance and avoidance of breakages, it’s high time you implemented proper ways of keeping your rods when not in use.
From making fishing rod racks to mounting them on the walls and the doors, this article will shed more light on fishing rod storage.

Why Store Fishing Rods?

There are quite a few benefits to learning how to properly store your fishing rods. We have discussed some of those right below.

*To avoid exposure to the sun

When storing any fishing gear, keep them in a place where they are not exposed to direct light from the sun to make them last longer.

*To prevent rusting

Since the guide rings on the rods are metallic, the rod should be thoroughly rinsed after fishing. Furthermore, the rods must be dried well before storage. The place the rods are kept should not be moist so as to avoid rusting or natural decaying

*Avoid breakages

Placing fishing rods over each other may cause the ones at the bottom to break. To counter this, each rod should occupy a place of its own.

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How to Store Fishing Rods

Feel free to try out some of the following methods;

*Wired shelving rack

There’s no need of buying an expensive rack to store your rods, just look for some wires and work with them. Screw short parts of the wires to your workshop or room ceiling. While fixing the wires, leave some space where the fishing rod will pass through.

After fixing one side to the ceiling, leave a distance that equals the measurement of your rod and then begin fixing the other side. The grills you make should hang from the ceiling for about half a meter so as to accommodate as many rods as possible. There is no specific method of making the rack, it can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

*Storing the rods in cabinets

Cabinets may be handmade or purchased from the stores. The best reason why many people prefer cabinets is because they are portable, can be placed at the back of most SUVs, and are used to store other fishing gear as well. Also, cabinets can be customized with locks and designed to be pulled out when opened.

*PVC rod holder

Do you have that PVC pipe you do not use? Don’t throw it away just yet! Now is the time you will need to put it into use. You will also require a foam pool noodle that will hold the tail end of the rod. Firstly, take a power drill and make holes of 10 inches deep into the PVC pipe. The holes should be at least 4 inches apart.

Take the spool noodle and line it up on the wall while making sure that some of the slits overly the studs. Pull the slits apart as you put in a fender washer and then use 2-inch screws to fasten the noodle on the wall. Finally, take the PVC pipe and screw it below the noodle, kindly bear in mind the length of the rod. That simple! You now have your rod storage gear.

*Boat rod storage

Many boats are ergonomically designed with fishing rod strap down systems while others come with cabinets for storing the rods. In case the boat storage system has no locking mechanism, you can install your own locking device for security purposes.

Important Tip on Fishing Rod Storage

To prevent the line from pulling on the rod or breaking, always loosen the drag before storing the fishing rod. Alternatively, completely remove the fishing line from the reel and rod if you had been fishing in the salty waters then store them separately.

In conclusion, finding the best way to store your fishing rods may be tiresome. You should first sort out through the many available options and implement the one that suits you. Although many people prefer buying the ready-made rod storage cases, the idea of customizing your own is quite thrilling. You may end up saving a few bucks without realizing!

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