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8 Best Fishing Facebook Groups Reviewed : More Fishing Tips
Facebook Fishing Groups

8 Best Fishing Facebook Groups Reviewed

Are you an avid angler and looking for the best fishing Facebook groups? We are talking about one that you could trust to be free of non-related fishing posts and spam?

Well, there are literally hundreds of groups out there. Therefore, finding a group that meets your needs can be a hassle.

So, to help you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most trusted fishing Facebook groups that are worth joining. Check them out.

1. Ice Fishing Wisconsin

Ice Fishing Wisconsin Facebook GroupAs the name suggests, this is a top Facebook group for ice fishing enthusiasts with over 20K members. However, when you join this community, you can talk about anything that is fishing related.

The forum is public which means anyone can see who is in the group and what they post. The best part is that it is possible to put up sales posts once a week.

Overall, members of Ice Fishing Wisconsin are very active and tend to respond to most posts. So, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a response when you post.

2. The Fly Fishing Facebook Group

The Fly Fishing GroupHere is yet another trusted forum for fly fishing anglers that boasts over 30K members. The group is public so anyone can find it and see what others post.

On the flip side though, despite being a public group, you can only put up not more than 5 posts per day.

When it comes to the level of activity, the members of the community appear to be very active. So, if you put up a post, you can be sure to get people commenting on it.

3. The Fly Fishing Community

The Fly Fishing Facebook CommunityWith over 60K members, this community was created for all fly-fishing devotees. This free open forum allows you to post and share information that is relevant to the fly-fishing community.

Additionally, members can post promotions for fly-fishing related products, including charitable events, businesses, and services. The best part is that the forum’s level of activity seems to be good.

On the downside, you are required to restrict posts to one or two per day. This is to ensure that members are not bombarded with update notifications.

4. Brown Trout Nation

Brown Trout NationsBrown trout are one of the most sought-after species around the world. This group was, therefore, created to offer anglers a place to share their stories about encounters with this species.

Members can also share pictures of live fish and videos. More so, you can put up sales posts but only for products or services that are directly related to brown trout.

But here is the best part; the forum has over 15K members and the level of engagement is relatively good.

5. Make Fishing Memes Great Again

Make Fishing Memes Great AgainIf you’re interested in fishing memes at its best, you should consider joining this public group. The forum allows you to share other people’s memes or create yours as long as they are relevant.

And you know what the best part is? The community has around 16K members who are very active so you’ll never get bored. And since the group is public, anyone can get to see who is in the forum and what they post.

Unlike some groups that restrict the number of posts you share per day, here you can post as many memes as you want.

6. Fishing Unlimited!

Fishing UnlimitedThis group was primarily created to promote sport fishing. According to the group rules, members should post what fish they caught and what it was caught on. Also, you should state where it was caught in.

Additionally, the forum aims at supporting fishing among the youth as well as keeping the lakes and waterways clean.

Being a public group, the community has over 10K members and the level of activity is excellent. However, you are not allowed to post anything about carp or catfish.

7. Galveston Official Saltwater Fishing

Galveston Official Saltwater fishing Facebook GroupThis is a relatively young group as it was created last year. It’s no wonder it only has around 7K members. Generally, the forum allows you to share your boat works, charter biz, and fishing-related memes.

Similar to other groups in this review, the Galveston Official Saltwater Fishing community is also public.

However, while the level of activity is relatively good, members don’t seem to be very engaging. This means that you’re likely to share a post and no one will comment or even react to it.

8. Bass Fishing Michigan!

Bass fishing michigan! Facebook CommunityAt first glance, you might overlook this forum because it only has a little over 3K members. However, we think you’d be missing out on a lot.

You see, the group has very active members who are always ready to learn and share their love for fishing. More so, you can even post fishing gear for sale.

And you know what the best part is? The community allows you to connect with fellow anglers from the same city you are in and go out fishing together.


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Final Words

Overall, finding the best fishing Facebook groups in 2021 that are free of digital trash can be hard. However, the above forums are some of the most trusted ones for both beginners and seasoned anglers. You see, unlike some communities, these groups don’t tolerate ridicule, slander, slander, or putting down other anglers.

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