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Jon B Fishing (2024): Everything You Need to Know

For some, fishing is just a sport while for others, it’s more of a hobby. However, for Jon B, it is both a hobby and sport. 

But who exactly is Jon B? Also known as Jon Barzacchini, he is a successful American YouTuber and entrepreneur. However, he is popularly known for his love of fishing that he portrays in his videos plus his unique concept of fishing.

Now you probably are wondering, how old is he, and what is his estimated net worth? In this article, we are going to discuss everything there is to know about Jon B fishing.

Who is Jon Barzacchini & What Does He Do?

Like we have already mentioned, Jon B is a successful fishing YouTuber and entrepreneur. He was born in 1995 in Illinois. So, he is around 26 years. However, he currently lives in the US state of Maine.

As it turns out, he started his YouTube channel in the year 2009 when he was only 14 years of age. But over the years, his channel has garnered around 1.63 million subscribers. Basically, Jon B is known for teaching his subscribers bass fishing techniques and tips via his channel.

Also, it is worth mentioning that Jon Barzacchini is an Instagram celebrity. His Instagram account has around 646,000 followers where he documents all his fishing adventures.

Additionally, he has a Twitter account with over 56,000 followers. However, he is not very active on Twitter. So, if you want to keep up with his daily posts about fishing, we recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel. You can also follow him on Instagram for more updates.

How Did Jon B Fishing Start?

How Did Jon B Fishing Start?
Image/@jonbrollin Instagram

As a pioneer in the YouTube fishing world, he uploaded his very first video in June 2019. The video was entitled, “Fishing the Midwest: Catching Crappies on Cranks”.

In the video, you’ll see Jon B as a teenager fishing in Lake Sylvan Ohio with his dad. Besides showing his expertise in fishing, he also shares some fishing tricks and tips in the video.

And while the video was uploaded more than 10 years ago, most people still watch it. As a result, it has over 72,000 views.

However, before establishing his own YouTube channel, Jon B interned with Mystery Tack Box (MTB Hat) guy. As it turns out, the MTB Hat guy was one of the most popular fishing guys on YouTube by then.

But 5 years later, Jon B’s YouTube fishing channel has over 1.6M followers while MTB Hat Guy’s channel has only 248,000 subscribers. Amazing, right?

How Does Jon B Make Money & What is His Estimated Net Worth?

Jon B earns part of his income from his YouTube channel. With over 1.6M subscribers, most of the videos he posts usually get at least not less than 100,000 views. And as it turns out, a YouTuber can make between $3 and $5 per 1,000 video views. Therefore, we can say that he earns a lot per month just from YouTube views alone.

Additionally, he gets his income from affiliate marketing. Apparently, he has partnered with many fishing companies. As an affiliate marketer, he gets paid for featuring different fishing equipment, including rigged casting rods.

But that’s not all. You see, Jon B also earns from a wide range of merchandise that is sold on sites like Googan Squad.

So, what is his estimated net worth? Well, as of 2019, his net worth was estimated to be around $1Million to $5Million. However, his net worth as of 2021 seems to be around the same. His estimated annual income, on the other hand, ranges from $100,000 to $500,000.

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 Jon B Merchandise and The Googan Squad

Jon B Merchandise

About two years ago, Jon B formed the Googan Squad together with other four fishing YouTubers. Googan is basically an informal name given to shore fishermen who typically baitfish without a license.

The Squad comprises Michael Hsia, Alex Peric, Robert Terkla, and Andrew Flair. And like Jon B, these four have their own YouTube channels with millions of subscribers. 

Ideally, the Googan Squad sells fishing merchandise, including tackle, caps, and shirts. They also have their line of baits known as the Googan Baits.

Additionally, the Googan Squad has a YouTube channel, which currently has 876,000 subscribers. However, most of the content in this channel is more of ‘behind-the-scenes’ type.

Also, it is worth mentioning that Jon B has created his line of rigged fishing equipment and merchandise. The merchandise includes high-quality t-shirts, stickers, hoodies, and posters. Basically, the shirts and apparel are designed to inspire both beginners and avid anglers to never stop fishing.

Bottom Line

Jon B is considered to be one of the few influencers that hold authenticity and knowledge in fishing. Not only is he skilled in fishing, but also very passionate about this sport. It’s no wonder he is not an overnight sensation like some influencers out there.

Therefore, if you are looking for fishing advice from a trusted fishing YouTuber, you may want to follow Jon B fishing.  You can learn a lot about bass fishing and other fishing tips from this renowned celeb fisherman.

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