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Top 5 Florida Places You can Fish without a Boat

If you are a true fishing enthusiast, Florida has to be on your list. It has over 2300 miles of tidal shoreline and 660 miles of beaches, giving it the tag of the fishing capital of the world.

Even better is that you can do all the fishing you want even if you don’t own a boat.

With numerous docks and beaches, all you would need is a fishing license to get you started. And in some cases, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission allows people to fish for free without a license.

So, today we’d like to provide you with examples of places in Florida you can fish without a boat or kayak. But first, let’s talk about why this part of the world is popular with anglers.

Why is Florida a Top Fishing Destination in the World?

There are several reasons as to why Florida is referred to as the Fishing Capital of the world. To start with, it has fantastic weather all-year-round to ensure that you enjoy your fishing any time of the year.

The fishing spots also offer a wide range of sport fishes so that you have a greater pool to choose from. Their habitats too are available in plenty. Additionally, the fishing industry infrastructure is unrivaled.


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Safety Measures to be Keen On

There are several tips that you could follow to ensure that you come out of your fishing trip unscathed. For instance, since you know that Florida is mostly sunny all year round, some sunscreen should come in handy in protecting your skin from sunburn and damage.

Also, drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated always. A life jacket plus staying sober and alert should also play a big part in keeping you safe.

Lastly, avoid feeding the wildlife as you never know the kind of reaction your food will have on the animals.

5 Places You Can Fish Without a Boat in This State

Let us now focus on the top five areas in Florida that you can enjoy fishing without a watercraft. Enjoy the read.

Lover’s Key

Lovers Key Piers FishingAs the name suggests, Lover’s Key is quite popular for weddings and honeymoons. That aside, let us go to fishing as that is where our interest lies.

Here, you are likely to encounter Yellow Tail Snapper, Redfish, Flounder, Stingrays, Sheepshead, and sharks as well.

The Pier offers you peace and seclusion from the public, plus it offers you shelter from the sun and allows you to cool down. Live shrimp should be your favorite bait while you could always cast a net for a successful catch.

Naples Fishing Pier

Who would have thought that this Pier constructed back in 1888 to serve as a passenger and freight dock would be one of the most popular fishing destinations for enthusiasts in the field? It stretches about 980ft into the Gulf of Mexico plus is surrounded by hundreds of miles of attractive beaches.

Who would resist that?

The typical fish breeds in this area include Pompano, Spanish Mackerel, Sea Trout and Snook. To enhance your chances of success, ensure that you use live shrimp or light spinning gear as bait.

There is also the ‘Pink Lure’ which is highly recommended by locals to attract the biggest fish in the waters.

Apart from fishing, you should also enjoy sighting the Sharks, Dolphins, and Stingrays. The sunrise and sunsets over the Gulf should also let you enjoy your visit.

Causeway Park

Wade fishing in FloridaFound in the mid-Sanibel Causeway, this park is sandwiched between the Gulf, the Caloosahatchee River, and the Pine Island Sound. This location means that the species available will greatly depend on the current season.

The species available include Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Snook, Snappers, Sea Trout, Grouper and Redfish.

Besides fishing, you can also enjoy the scenic view offered by the island as well as the occasional sharks in the water.

The New Pass Bridge

This bridge separates Longboat Key from Lido Key and is one of the highest-rated fishing spots in the world. The species available include Redfish, Pompano, Redfish, Mackerel, Trout, Snook, and Flounder.

The base of the bridge offers concrete platforms on both sides and are a favorite spot for many anglers. There is also a small beach located nearby on the south end.

Ample parking is also available on both ends of the bridge.

Fort Myers Beach Pier

Penetrating 560ft into the Gulf of Mexico, this Pier has been a favorite spot for anglers for several decades. The beach features numerous bait shops, restaurants, restrooms, and bars. Ample parking is available and is closely located to the fishing spots.

Common species include Grouper, Silver Trout, Redfish, Whiting, Mackerel, and Snook.

Come with your camera as the sunrise and sunsets are worth capturing. Keep in mind that the Pelicans located towards the end of the Pier are smart enough to spot the clueless anglers who do not guard their lunch well.


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In Conclusion

We hope that this article will be of great help next time you think of taking a fishing trip to Florida. There are basic rules and principals that you should follow to ensure that apart from a successful catch, you will have also taken great care of the marine resources.

Now that you have known that you do not always to be in a boat for a fishing expedition, you can now grab all the necessary tools with your friends or family to the areas we have recommended for you. All the best!

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