Crankbaits for Largemouth Bass Fishing

5 Must-Have Lures for Largemouth Bass Fishing

If Largemouth bass readily eat a wide variety of baits, have you ever wondered what would be the most attractive lure for them? Here’s a comparison of some of the leading baits; particularly ones we think are best-suited for this specific species of fish.

1. Bass Jigs

From this bait you will experience the finesse of fishing but to make the most of it, you need to be attentive and gentle in your approach.

The bass jig is the top-recommended choice for trolling motor use especially around the shoreline.

What’s more, this type of bait is loved by many owing to the fact that it’s highly versatile. And there’s also general consensus that if you want to reel in a big one, this is the bait you need to use.

The icing on the cake is that bass jigs are quite easy to learn and can be used all year round.

2. Plastic Worms

We all know these are the largest category of bass lures in the market today. From them we get unlimited brands with a wide variety of style, size as well as color. Due to this they are ideal for anyone on a budget looking to enjoy sea or lake fishing.

On top of that, plastic worms are highly attractive to bass due to their lifelike appearance. For example, once a worm strikes, their texture feels like natural food. As a result once a bass has it in the mouth, they usual hold on for a while.

This gives you the opportunity to set the hook.

Another thing, they are ideal and light for use over a simple rods with a worm on the end of the hook. Just like the bass jig, this worms are quite versatile.

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3. Spinnerbaits

Are you looking for deeper water fishing experience? You can hardly go wrong with spinner baits.

They come with tandem blades which often work very well in murky waters or during fishing in grass or in thick cover.

Moreover, their great vibration sets them apart which truly makes the dream deep water fishing experience.

Sample this, have you ever thought of fishing at night or fishing in murky water? These baits will give something to keep you awake. However, when targeting a giant bass, it is advisable to add an 8 inch lizard as a trailer.

4. Crankbaits

Are you looking for longevity from you bait? Crankbaits have the ability to hold on to their crown for the better part of the year.

Their appearance mimics genuine minnows. Plus, some of them boast life-like swimming action. As such, this helps create a steady wiggle especially when one is moving in water at high speeds.

In our view, these baits can be quite consistent especially owing to their ability to dive consistently between 3 and 6 feet deep.

5. Topwater Lures

For those of looking for the ideal fishing experience in shallow shorelines, this is the bait-type for you. One unique aspect of topwater lures is that they are meant to attract fish from a distance. As such, they are known to be quite effective.

The bait-type also has the additional capacity to produce rhythmic surface commotion.

This gives your entire fishing expedition a touch of loud call and intense vibration to trigger literal lane and hearing of nighttime bass on the prowl. Talk of bait that calls the fish to you! What a plus.


Now if a fishing expedition is as good as the end result, pick the right bait to make the most of your Largemouth Bass Fishing expedition. We hope you’ll find the guidelines above useful to your decision-making process.

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