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Alex Peric The Fishing Guy – Networth, Social Media Buzz & Life Facts : More Fishing Tips

Alex Peric The Fishing Guy – Networth, Social Media Buzz & Life Facts

Alex Peric is a popular Youtuber star known for filming and posting fishing videos on his channel known as Apbassing. Peric developed an interest in fishing at the tender age of 5 as he followed his father on his fishing activities.

However, he started sharing his fishing tutorials and hunting experiences in 2012 and has amassed a huge following on social media sites such as Instagram and Tiktok. With over 850,000 subscribers and about 128,000,000 total views as of August 2021.

Age, School, and Networth

Alex, 24 years old, majorly gets income from Youtube and selling merchandise on various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Bassmaster shop. What’s more, Peric gets paid to endorse products and services as a brand ambassador.

As of 2020, Peric was worth an estimated 1 million dollars. Alex attended the University of Alabama in 2015.

Since he was born in June, his Zodiac sign is the Gemini which matches with how he is outgoing, adaptable, and intelligent as seen on the videos he produces.

However, he also picks some awkward traits such as impulsive and indecisive which explains why he hasn’t been seen on Youtube for some time.

He was studying civil engineering in college but has admitted that he didn’t like that career path.  After a while, he decided to drop out of college and become a full-time YouTuber as it’s what he loves doing the most.

Fishing Location and General Appearance

Alex Peric was born and lives in Chicago, Illinois state where he has lived until now. Peric is a British-Irish descendant who has a decent height and blue eyes. He has a charming personality and an oval-shaped face that makes him look friendly.

Awards and Competitions

 Alex likes to compete with other anglers which makes him eager to participate in bass fishing tournaments and competitions across the USA. He has competed in the Major League Fishing competition, Illinois Junior State Championship, and the Bassmaster Weekend Show.

Out of the 3 competitions, he has won the Illinois junior championship and Bassmaster tournament 2014.

Popular Videos

He has grown to become a household name in bass fishing. Some of his most popular videos include The Walmart Challenge, Surviving in the woods, and A big mistake in the woods which have gone viral and amassed over 2 million views each. 

Also, his Largemouth Bass Catch and Cook (Survival), Huge Hook in My Hand, and Testing Flex seal have been watched over a million times.

Main Content

While starting his channel, most of his videos involved unboxing fishing equipment and reviewing them. Most of his videos involve bass fishing experiences and boat rides. He provides his viewers with tips and tricks to become a successful angler.

Also, Peric keeps his fans updated about his personal life and current events. Sometimes, he takes challenges from his fans and trending activities.

More to that, he likes making survival videos by using primitive technologies to cook and stay safe in the woods. In these videos, he shows the whole process of catching a bass fish, scaling it, lighting up the fire, cooking, and eating it.

Additionally, he shares travel videos on his trips to other countries such as China and Indonesia. He likes taking on challenges such as surfing and skydiving for the thrill.

Relationships and Family

Alex Peric isn’t married. However, he is currently dating his girlfriend, Sydney who he sometimes features in his videos.  In the past, he has dated Rebecca Redington with whom they shared the passion to make fishing videos.

More to that, he doesn’t have children at the moment. Alex has not put out information publicly about his parents. He has two sisters namely Emily and Madison who are very supportive of his fishing interest.

Alex Peric Merchandise for Anglers

Alex has a company known as Frostbite where he manufactures and assembles his fishing equipment and fan merch which are later added into various online selling websites for sale.

Through e-commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay, and the Bassmaster shop Alex Peric sells various items such as hoodies, caps, gloves, jackets, gaiters, and shirts. He jointly owns this business with his partner Aaron Wiebe.

Additionally, He sells other items that are from brands such as Vapor, Mossy Oak, Richardson, and Carhartt.

 More to that, Peric earns commission from a subscription service by Bassmaster Magazine annually that includes free merch worth $50.

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As part of the Googan squad, Peric has featured in multiple videos together with other popular anglers such as Jon B, Lunkers Tv, and 1rod1reelfishing.

Even though the group stays in different states in the USA, Alex moves from time to time to partner with his friends to do fishing videos.

For instance, on his channel, he has featured YouTuber 1rod1reel on the multi-species fishing video challenge. 


Even though Alex has a calm personality, he has been involved in situations that have made him confused and dissatisfied. For instance, when traveling through America Airlines, he has been stopped from boarding a plane because of filming.

Another moment where he has been kicked out of Best Western Hotel by the police for plugging an extension cord hence flaunting the rules set by the establishment.

In Conclusion

Alex Peric has had an impressive bass fishing career at a young age and keeps entertaining his fanbase with good videos that are interesting to watch. He is a talkative person who doesn’t shy away from embracing his personality that people find fun and weird at the same time.

His videos are thoughtfully made and engaging enough to keep you interested till the end.

Peric’s last video on Youtube shows him struggling to reach his camera setting after getting a leg injury during a Googan video shooting week. He goes on to explain how he feels about dropping his studies to follow his passion.

 There’s concern about Alex’s state of health and mind as he has not posted a video for the past 11 months with no explanation on his whereabouts. We hope that he is okay and hoping he’ll be back at making great videos.

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