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Of Best Heated Gloves and How To Choose Right

Do you have chronically cold hands or are gearing up for the cold winter season and wondering how to keep your hands warm? Regular insulated gloves only retain the heat created by hands, meaning if it gets really cold, you wouldn’t really benefit from wearing such.

Freezing conditions call for a good pair of heated or thermic gloves. These gloves are equipped with special battery-powered heat generating elements that keep your hands warm and comfortable for long.

To save you the pain of looking for the best heated gloves, we’ve shared our reviews and explained in detail how to choose right one on your own.

High-Quality Heated Gloves: A Comprehensive Review

In this article, we’ve selected the top 6 heated gloves on the market and compared them by material construction, battery life, sizing modes, and heat levels.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Battery-Heated Mitts

Getting yourself a pair of heated gloves for use in winter is the best decision you can ever take. The following factors will help you to pinpoint gloves that meet your preferences.

  • Material Construction

Good heated gloves need to be made from high-quality materials for enhanced durability. Most of the gloves feature polyester interiors thanks to its fast heat transmission and comfortability. That said, there still are some that are made from cotton.

Nevertheless, the gloves should have a waterproof or weatherproof exterior as they are meant to be used in water activities (e.g. ice fishing).

Some units are made with a combination of PU leather, cotton, or carbon fiber for enhanced effectiveness.

  • Temperature Adjustability/Heat levels

Even during the coldest winter periods, you will experience temperature fluctuations as you move from one point to the other. That’s why having gloves with adjustable heat modes is recommended.

Some gloves are heated only in the palm while others warm the back of your hand. But more advanced gloves are designed even to warm your fingers.

  • Battery Life

Whether the gloves come with batteries or not, you need to evaluate the battery life before ordering. All the gloves highlighted below come with rechargeable batteries though their running time may differ.

Many batteries last for only 3 to 4 hours with the highest setting but will last longer when used on the medium or low modes.

A quick note; if you plan on using the highest setting for long, consider bringing along an extra set of batteries.

  • Sizing

Some people have large hands while others have small ones; this is an important factor in choosing heated gloves.

That’s is because buying extra-large gloves means less skin contact with the heating elements and, therefore less warmth in the hands contrary to the initial intention.

Likewise, too small gloves will not only prove difficult to put on or off but will also be uncomfortable to wear.

6 Best Heated Gloves: Our Detailed Reviews

The following reviews are a result of the hard work done by our honest editors who have strictly highlighted the features, as well as the pros and cons.

1. SAVIOR HEAT Men Women Heated Gloves

Savior Heated Glovesbutton

These Savior Heat gloves feature a high-quality breathable polyester and lambskin material construction on the outside.

What’s more, the soft pear cotton interior layer comprises heated elements to keep your skin warm while the carbon fiber back shell offers joint protection.

You will love the 3 heat settings; low, middle, and high that allow you to control the temperatures easily. The heating area constitutes the whole hand i.e. backside, palms, and fingers.

The included 2200mAh Lithium-ion battery set provides 4-5 hours service when used on the lowest heat settings and about 2 hours on the highest setting.

The downside is that the batteries can only be recharged when they are detached from the gloves.

Finally, the gloves are available in 7 multiple sizes from X-Small to XXX-Large to fit different hands for both men and women.


Durable construction
Excellent warmth provision
3 temperature settings


Can’t be recharged without removing the batteries

2. VELAZZIO Thermo 1 Men & Women Heated Gloves

Velazzio Thermo1button

These VELLAZIO gloves are equipped with waterproof and weatherproof polyester shells for enhanced durability.

What’s more, the toasty 3M Thinulate padding on the interior provides all-day warmth even without having to turn on the power.

There are 3 temperature settings; high, medium, and low for convenient adjustability in different weather situations.

However, the heating covers only the back of the hands and fingers but doesn’t include the palm area.

But as a bonus, the gloves’ fingertips are touch screen enabled for easy cell phone use.

On top of that, the Li-on battery system of 2400mAh positioned on the back of the gloves delivers a maximum power output of 7.4V. Each battery takes 2-3 hours to charge and delivers a heating time of up to 4 hours on the highest setting but 10 hours on low.

Summing up, these Thermo 1 gloves are available as Small, Medium, Large, and X Large. They also feature locking clips with a cuff drawstring closure for proper fitting.


Durable PU palms
Breathable and waterproof
Has 3 heat control levels
Touchscreen compatible
2 rechargeable batteries


Doesn’t heat hands in the low stipulated temperatures
Quite bulky

3. Autocastle Men Women Rechargeable Gloves

AutoCastle Battery-Heated Glovesbutton

These Autocastle gloves are made with high carbon breathable fiber for added comfort. That isn’t all, the waterproof outer fabric and the PU leather help in containing the heat inside.

Furthermore, the gloves 3 heat settings; High, Middle, and medium shown by the red, green, or blue lights help you to navigate between varying temperatures.

On top of that, the gloves heat your hands in the following areas; the palm, back of hands, and just a small part of the fingers. This can be a huge disadvantage for arthritic people.

The include 2200mAh Li-Po batteries offer for about 6 hours with the lowest heat setting and about 3 hours when used on the high mode.

Lastly, people with small hands don’t have their way with these gloves as they are only available in Large and X Large sizes.

A piece of advice, if you are a man with a medium-sized hand, go for the large option as the gloves tend to run small.


Multiple heated areas
Breathable material
Easy temperature adjustability


Doesn’t heat the fingers fully
Not available in smaller sizes

4. Snow Deer Womens Mens Rechargeable Heated Gloves

Snow Deer Heated Glovesbutton

Do you have poor blood circulation, Arthritis, Raynaud’s, and don’t know how to tackle the cold winters?

Though not completely waterproof, these well-insulated Snow Deer gloves that feature polyester backs and gentle sheep leather palms will sort you out.

Also, the gloves are fitted on the inside with soft, breathable cotton for added comfort while the Velcro design allows for easy adjustability on the wrist area.

These gloves are upgraded to utilize infrared fiber heating to ensure total warmth distribution through the fingers and back of the hand. Most importantly, the heat in the mentioned areas can be regulated easily through the 3 incorporated temperature settings.

The 2200mAh Li-ion rechargeable batteries have an output of 7.4V and heat the gloves for 2.5 to 6 hours. That’s after a full charge of about 3-4 hours.

By measuring your hand circumference and length of the middle finger, you will be able to get the perfect size for your hand from the 7 options.


Offered in multiple sizes
Short charging time
3 heat settings
Great professional design


Not fully waterproof
Very expensive

5. Sun Will Heated Men Women Glove Liners


While these Sun Will gloves are ideally made to serve as liners, they can also be used on their own. The gloves feature soft cotton material on the outside and comfortable Lycra on the other areas.

Unfortunately, you can’t expect these liners to be waterproof since they are meant to be kept inside other gloves.

The infrared heating elements warm up fingers, fingertips for convenient touch screen operation, and back of the hands.

However, the heat doesn’t reach to the palms. Also, the included LED switch allows easy heat adjustability between the 3 temperature levels.

Moving on, the 2 Lithium-Ion batteries offer 7 full warming hours when used in low gear after a full charge.

The multiple size options from XS-S to XXL allow you to pick the one that corresponds to the measurements of your hands.


Breathable material
Comfortable to wear
Delivers excellent warmth
Touch screen enabled
Adjustable temperature levels


The battery gets depleted quickly

6. GLOBAL VASION Touchscreen Electric Heated Gloves

Global Vasion Heated Glovesbutton

Global Vasion believes that sub-zero temperatures shouldn’t hinder you from driving or going to your hiking, skiing, or walking ventures.

This is why they have made these heated gloves with waterproof TPU material to give your hands ultimate warmth.

The interior is made from sponge and cotton, which are breathable for added warmth plus comfortable wearing.

Additionally, the soft cotton fabric enables the simultaneous distribution of infrared heat.

You can easily change the gloves’ heat anytime through the 3 button controlled heat levels and also still use your smart device via the touch-permitted fingertips.

The two 7.4V batteries charge quickly, though can’t last for around 4 hours when used on the lowest setting.

To conclude, you might want to think twice if your hands are small or medium since the gloves are only available in X-Large and Large sizes.


Easy temperature control
Touchscreen fingertips


Fails to heat up to the fingers on the lowest setting
Doesn’t hold a charge for long


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some simple answers to some questions that may be disturbing you.

How long will my gloves’ batteries last?

Good batteries should run from at least 3 -10 hours, buts how long the charge lasts majorly depends on how long you leave the gloves on.

Why battery heated gloves?

These gloves keep your hands warm in freezing temperatures, a feature the regular gloves can’t do.

Are heated gloves completely safe?

Heated gloves are safe when used properly. However, they should be discarded if worn out or the hidden wires are exposed. This is to help prevent the danger of an electric shock.

Which One Is The Best

The Savior Heat Men Women Heated Gloves are our best pick. This is thanks to their polyester/lambskin construction, comfortable heat retaining cotton interior, larger heating area, and the easily adjustable temperature settings.


We have picked all the above hand heated gloves from the best brands to ensure you get a perfect one for your needs.

The gloves, apart from warming your hands in cold temperatures, also help you perform multiple functions like fishing, hiking, or cycling. Beyond that, most of the gloves are designed for use by both men and women.

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