Choosing fishing charter

Do you want to compliment your vacation with some fishing without having to tag your boat along? This is now where the services of fishing charters come in handy. It is mandatory that you choose a fishing charter that will suit your needs.

This article contains tips for picking the right charter for deep sea fishing. It’s meant to enlighten you on some of the basic requirements for picking the ideal service for your ventures.

What are Fishing Charters?

This might be a question you have been asking yourself, worry no more as the answer lies herein. Fishing charters are companies that rent out boats or ships for fishing and recreation purposes. It is also their duty to inform you about the costs, the accompanying tools, and insurance policies among any other included services.

Services Rendered by Fishing Charters

Employing fishing charter services aids your fishing activities in the following ways.

*Boat Operation

Many charter companies will give you a captain to offer expert assistance. This helps when you are new to fishing, although it is not a must.

*Providing different equipment

Some other companies go as far as providing fishing nets, rods, reels and lures. Apart from those, some boats may have more amenities than the others.

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Having a professional fisherman along is the sure way to go if you are a newbie. You will be guided on all the necessary procedures to make your fishing successful. Experienced captains will guide you on where to find specific fish species and the time to find them.

*Cleaning and packaging of fish

What more will you require than a company that assists in the cleaning and packaging of your caught fish? You will definitely agree that this is the hardest part of the whole fishing process.

*Photography services

It is quite thrilling if you fish as you are filmed. This helps for future reference in case you need to remember some procedures you did in the past. Alternatively, it might just be for fun!

Happy man after catching fish

Photo of man happy after catching fish. Image Courtesy: freepik

Factors to Consider When Picking a Fishing Charter

Choosing the right fishing charter for deep sea fishing is not a guesswork task.  It requires in-depth knowledge of what the charter company provides versus what you want. Interestingly, the captain and the vessel you choose will play a major role in the outcome of your fishing adventure.

The below prerequisites will guide you into making a sound decision.

1. Safety

The first priority should be your own safety and that of your fellow crew members. Some of the important safety factors to note are;

*Whether any crew-member or captain is trained in First Aid

Many marine accidents and deaths are caused by the failure of having a crew trained in dealing with unpredictable situations. Make sure that one or two of your boat occupants know how to administer first aid and CPR.

*Availability of a spare motor

What happens when you are gone far into the sea and your motor dies? Having an extra motor helps in such scenarios. To counter this, some boats are now being made with twin engines.

*Availability of lifesavers

The boat should be fully equipped with lifesaving equipment like proper fitting jackets, throw cushions and fire extinguishers. If Personal Floatation Devices aren’t available, you can inquire to bring along yours in case you have them.

*Is the weather friendly for fishing?

If the wind is blowing hard or its heavily raining and you aren’t used to very harsh weather, it’s important that you postpone your fishing until such a time when the weather is calmer. Don’t be deceived by some captains who will just brush it off and tell you that they are more experienced to handle such cases.

2. Price

Although not all highly-priced charters may deliver the best services, do not be fooled to pick those with extremely low prices to avoid disappointments. The overall prices for particular boats are arrived at based on some of these factors;

*Maintenance costs

The vessels need to be maintained by the captain regularly for them to perform properly. Maintenance includes; fixing any loose parts, oiling and general cleanliness of the boat. This avoids the vessels from malfunctioning.

*Operating costs

The boats have to be decked somewhere, the charter companies pay for the docking fees weekly or monthly. Besides, there are fuel expenses that vary depending on the boat’s size and engine. Not to forget the captain’s license that has to be regularly updated.

*Insurance cover

More and more insurance policies are coming up so that boat owners can cover their boats and occupants against any risks incurred while in the seas or oceans. Painstakingly, nobody will want to hire the services of a fishing charter with no insurance covers.

3. Boat Type

The size and speed of the boat matter a lot when it comes to deep-sea fishing. For more stability and comfortability, the vessel should range between 32 and 35 feet. A boat with high speed will take you to the fishing grounds faster. Furthermore, a heavier boat ensures smooth sailing.

4. Location

It may make no sense for you to travel over long distances looking for a boat when you can hire the services of the boats at the closest marina. You should bear in mind that these deep-sea fishing boats leave quite early. Won’t it also be awkward for you to travel very early in the morning to beat the morning traffic jam to reach the far place when you are on vacation?

5. Amenities

Even though some people may consider amenities as luxuries, they are quite important. Knowing what amenities you need in a boat like a kitchen, bathroom, or fridge will help you in the decision making the process. A comfortable and adjustable boat chair will aid in preventing fatigue.

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You must be able to identify what you really want from your planned fishing expedition so as to pick the right charter. Implementing the various factors explained above will put you on the safer side as well as help you minimize costs.

Remember, when picking the right charter for deep sea fishing, don’t base your decision on how well known and how professional a particular charter is. Always ask yourself that golden question of “Will it meet my needs?”