Best Polarized Sunglasses Shades Review

The 10 Best Polarized Sunglasses [with Buying Guide]

If you frequently spend your time in bright or sunny environments, you may want to consider investing in the best polarized sunglasses available.

Why? You may ask. Well, these shades are specially designed to obstruct intense light thereby preventing eye-strain and enabling you to enjoy a clearer view.

Owing to their impressive safeguarding abilities, these sunglasses are a favorite for hikers and anglers who spend most of their time out in the sun.

Simply put, polarized sunglasses reduce glare without hindering your vision too much and this is why they are so popular.

If you are on the market for these glasses, keep it here to find out how you can get your hands on the perfect pair.

The Buying Guide for Quality Polarized Sunglasses

As you search for the perfect pair of polarized sunglasses, you want to consider several factors including:

  • Sunglasses Functionality

For most people, sunglasses are more of a fashion piece than a functional item. However, that should not be the case with polarized sunglasses.

You should focus more on what these glasses will do for your eyes rather than how you look when wearing them.

Your aim is to protect your eyes from glare and that is what you should focus on when purchasing sunglasses.

  • Frame Quality

When choosing a pair of polarized sunglasses, it is also important to look at the frame. Not just for visual reasons, but for functionality as well.

There are square, aviator, and browline frames to pick from, each with their own features. Browline frames come with bigger lenses that reduce the overall fit.

On the other hand, aviator frames offer a wider field of vision but come with an unusual frame design. Square frames are not as fashionable when compared to thinner glasses but they make up for this with their vision width.

  • Tint Color

Polarized sunglasses come in several tint colors and it is important to consider this when buying. The variety in these tint colors is for purposes of delivering different degrees of polarization.

You can choose from red, black, blue, yellow, brown, and green tint.

High-Quality & Affordable Polarized Sunglasses

They come in different makes, colors, and sizes. Some are awesome while others are well…not so perfect. Here’s our unbiased reviews and rankings of 10 of them.

1. Duduma Polarized Sunglasses for Sports and Fishing

Duduma Polarized Sports


Our top pick is the Duduma Polarized Sunglasses for Sports and Fishing. This budget-friendly option is not only durable but also stylish. Plus, these shades are meant for a rugged, outdoor lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look at them.

What We Liked About It

To start with, the sunglasses provide all the protection and features you need in your fishing expedition or when enjoying the sun outdoors.

Its lenses and frame are built from a sturdy polycarbonate material that makes them not only durable but also impact-resistant.

Moving on swiftly, the Duduma Polarized Sunglasses are light weight meaning they’re highly convenient for wearing all day long.

Plus, since they’re polarized, they do an incredible job of protecting you from the glare of sun-light.

What Could Have Been Better

One downside associated with this pair is that their frame feels cheap. But for the price, this wasn’t unexpected.


*Affordably priced
*Ideal for men and women
*Multiple colors to choose from


*Frame feels cheap though sturdy

2. SUNGAIT Lightweight Ultra Rectangular Polarized Sunglasses


The SUNGAIT Lightweight Ultra Rectangular Polarized Sunglasses is another great option and is specially designed for men. The shades have a nice-looking metallic frame and yet cost quite cheap. Is there more than meets the eye? Let’s find out.

What We Liked About It

One of the main reasons why we’d pick this pair over any other is that it has what seems like a solid and durable metallic frame.

What’s more, these fishing shades are available in a wide range of colors. You can choose from gun-metal, brown, gray, red, brown, green, blue and silver color varieties.

Our favorite choice is the gun-metal frame variety which we think blends in quite well.

There’s a lot more about the Sungait sunglasses than just a nice looking frame. Its lenses are made entirely made from polarized glass.

That means they come with an invisible layer which filters the light that gets into your eyes.

This, therefore, makes them a perfect bet when comfort and visual clarity are of the essence.

What Could Have Been Better

Though the nose pad is soft and super comfortable, some users have reported that it is quite finicky. In fact, some have complained that the nose pad came off within a year or two of regular use.


*Multiple colors to choose from
*Great hinge and design
*Stylish and cool style


*Nose pad is a bit weak

3. SIPLION Polarized Men’s TR90 Sunglasses

Siplion Polarized Sunglasses


Looking for a pair of fishing glasses that can deliver UV400-protection? The Siplion might be a good choice to work with. Its lenses are polarized to reduce glare and restore true color. But is this pair worth spending your hard-earned money on?

What We Liked About It

In terms of build quality, we think that the Siplion sunglasses are quite well-made. The feature a TR90 frame which the manufacturer categorizes as “unbreakable” and “stress-resistant.”

Well, that might be a bit of hype on the manufacturer’s part but what we can confirm is that the TR90 material is a product of Swiss technology.

In fact, the fancy name aside, this is a frame that’s made from thermoplastic components. The beauty about thermoplastic is that it can bend slightly providing a comfortable fit. Plus, it’s durable and resistant to ground impacts.

Segue, this low-priced pair of sunglasses comes in 6 different colors to choose from. These include black, black & red, black & silver, blue & purple, gray & green, white & blue. So, as you can see, there’s always something you can choose to complement your outdoor wear.

What Could Have Been Better

If you need to return the sunglasses for whatever reason, the manufacturer requires that they must meet the company’s policy; otherwise, the repair or exchange will not be honored.


*Anti-haze and zero glare
*Offers eye protection
*Durable and lightweight


*A bit pricey

4. TOREGE TR90 Fishing Golf Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Torege Sunglasses


If you are looking for a flexible and durable pair of sunglasses for fishing the TOREGE TR90 Fishing Golf Polarized, Sports Sunglasses might be a great option since it features interchangeable lenses. It also comes with four different colors each one suited for different environments.

What We Liked About It

As you know, the main role of frames it to keep the lens in place and also protect your eyes. And for that, the Torege offers no compromise.

It comes with a high-quality TR90 frame which is a product of Swiss technology. As mentioned earlier, one of the things we love about these frames is that they are flexible and durable.

As such, they provide you with a nice fit and are “virtually unbreakable.”

Moving on swiftly, this pair of sunglasses comes with a soft rubber nose-pad. This provides them with a good grip along the nose bridge.

Of course, this ensures your sunglasses are optically aligned even when you’re fighting feisty bass.

What Could Have Been Better

We came across multiple complaints from reviewers who felt that the colored lenses of these shades distorted the view especially in dark or cloudy days.


*Multiple lenses


*Colored lenses may distort views in dimly lit conditions

5. Ray-Ban New Wayfarer RB2132 Polarized Sunglasses



The next item on this list is the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer RB2132 polarized Sunglasses. You will realize that they are not only available in multiple lens colors but also come in 42 different designs to choose from.

How cool is that?

What We Liked About It

The first notable feature is that this pair offers complete UV protection from harmful UV rays. It also offers good vision even during cloudy days or in dimly lit conditions.

Besides that, the 52 mm lenses are 100% polarized so you can go fishing even when it’s extremely sunny they’re perfectly suited for reducing the glare.

Another notable feature is that the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer RB2132 Polarized Sunglasses are made from strong and high-quality and scratch-proof glass. This makes them durable and strong enough for different environments.

The combination of crystal green glass and plastic frame further makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking for value, on the cheap.

What Could Have Been Better

Some customers have reported that the color on the picture is not like the actual sunglasses color. Also, the plastic frame could be stronger.


*Comes with accessories
*Multiple colors and designs


*The frame feels cheaply made

6. Ray-Ban Square RB4068 Sunglasses

Ray Ban 4068


The Ray-Ban Square RB4068 Sunglasses are another excellent fishing option for durability and maximum protection. These polarized sunglasses for fishing help in protecting your eyes and also enhances visibility.

What We Liked About It

With a wrap-around design, these unit fits well and does not slip when moving or when you sweat. However, the fit is not too tight to ensure you remain comfortable.

They are quite effective when fishing, but you can also use them for cycling, running, swimming, baseball, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

What Could Have Been Better

They are great for the price, but they can smudge slightly, but you can wipe it off. But you also need to be careful when wiping to prevent scratches.


*Stylish design
*Flexible and versatile


*May scratch

7. Oakley 009191 Women’s Rectangular Unstoppable Sunglasses

Oakley Unstoppable Polarized Sunglassesbutton

If you a looking for a classy and durable pair of polarized sunglasses, we recommend the Oakley 009191 Women’s Rectangular Unstoppable Sunglasses. This option has a unique style and is ideal for those who don’t want the sporty wrap around.

What We Liked About It

This option has a three-point fit that you can use to minimize pressure points. They also help in holding the lenses in the right alignment. On top of that, they are super flexible since they allow interchangeable lenses.

The frame is built of polycarbonate material, which makes the sunglasses lightweight for a comfortable fit. This also prevents them from falling off.

This means you can choose the best lens for your environment and activity. The comfortable sunglasses also have 100% UV protection that helps to protect your eyes from sunlight and offer great vision during fishing and other outdoor adventures.

This high definition optics offer excellent clarity and also improves eyesight even on the sunniest conditions. They are built from polycarbonate, which helps them block harmful blue light and also makes them super durable.

What Could Have Been Better

One downside about these polarized sunglasses is that though they are strong are not strong enough for teens and children as they may break them.


*Great eye protection
*Cool and stylish design
*Excellent fit


*Not wrap around

8. Maui Jim Kawika 257 Sunglasses

Maui Kawikabutton

If you are worried about your eye’s safety when fishing in critical environments and extremely sunny days, the Maui Jim Kawika 257 Sunglasses might be an excellent option. They are designed for fishing and other outdoor pursuits like hiking, cycling, running, hiking and golf.

What We liked About It

To begin with, this USA made polarized fishing sunglasses have a great lens technology that not only protects your eyes from harmful UV rays and glare but also enhances color and visibility. This means if you are going fishing, this pair can make it easy for you to identify fish.

Also worth noting is that this option is made from waterproof and scratch-resistant nylon, which makes them durable and strong enough to be used in different environments. They also block harmful UV rays for long-term eyes health.

The Maui Jim Kawika 257 Sunglasses helps to minimize visual radiation without eliminating visible blue colors.

What’s more, the lenses are built from MauiPure material for great shatter resistance and crisp optics.

What Could Have Been Better

The only downside about this pair is that they are not pure glass, so they tend to get scratches and marks on the external coating after a while as a result of falling of being hit.


*Durable construction
*Multiple colors


*A bit pricy

9. MERRY’S Aluminum Unisex S8286 Polarized Sunglasses

Merry's Unisex Polarized Sunglassesbutton

Just because you want a pair of fishing polarized sunglasses does not mean you should only get one for only that purpose. At this point, we introduce to you the MERRY’S Aluminum Unisex S8286 Polarized Sunglasses.

They are highly versatile and can be used during fishing, and other activities such as running, cycling, trekking, and many more.

What We Liked About It

For starters, this pair is super comfortable and is ideal for a long hour and everyday use. Apart from that, you can count on these polarized sunglasses to offer the comfort you require since you will not have to worry about glare.

Since the color is restored, you will have a distorted, clear, and crisp view of your target. When it comes to construction, they feature rubber inserts in metal slides that make them extremely comfortable. Also, the lenses and frames are made from a strong material, making them a durable option.

What Could Have Been Better

Unlike some options on this list, these glasses lack a wrap-around head design, so if you want that design, you might have to consider going with another option. They also might be too small for individuals with small heads and children.


*Flexible frame
*Sturdy material


*No wrap-around design

10. KastKing Men and Women Polarized Skidaway Sport Sunglasses

Kastking Skidaway Sunglassesbutton

The last but not least item on this list of Best Polarized Sunglasses is the KastKing Men and Women Polarized Skidaway Sport Sunglasses. They are a great option for those looking for flexible and stylish fishing sunglasses.

What We Liked About It

They are also flexible but still very durable. In addition, they have an ergonomic design that comfortably wraps and fits your head without being too tight to cause discomfort.

Carrying and cleaning them around is super easy since they come with a storage pouch and cleaning cloth.

What Could Have Been Better

Though the sunglasses are strong, they are not strong enough to handle extreme sports. They are also not ideal for saltwater exposure.


*Protects the eyes
*Easy to clean up


*Not ideal for saltwater


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Polarized vs. Non-polarized Sunglasses

There has always been a debate on which sunglasses are suitable under different circumstances. Although both sunglasses safeguard against UV light, there are key differences between them such as:

Note that…

Although both sunglasses protect against glare, the ability to do so between the two is drastically different.

Polarized sunglasses are specifically designed to reduce glare while ensuring that you can see clearly even in direct sunlight.

When wearing polarized sunglasses, you will have better vision even in the face of direct sunlight. These glasses reduce the glare from the sun significantly and help you see better.

Non-polarized sunglasses can reduce glare but they have no ability to stop the sun from interfering with your vision.

How to tell if a pair of Sunglasses is Polarized (or not)

Of course, you cannot tell whether a pair of sunglasses is polarized or not just by looking at them. There is a simple test you can do on your own.

Put on the sunglasses and look at your phone screen. If you realize that there is a rainbow obstructing your line of vision, then chances are high that the glasses are polarized.

Just by doing this, you can tell whether your glasses are polarized. You want to get a pair f polarized glasses that are designed to work with contemporary devices.

This way, you will be able to look at your TV or phone screens with minimal interference and still enjoy the benefits of these sunglasses.

Why should you use polarized instead of non-polarized sunglasses?

Sunglasses should be a part of your daily life whether polarized or not. Polarized sunglasses come with a host of benefits that make them worthy of investing in.

While most sunglasses are designed to reduce glare, non-polarized ones tend to impede your vision.

Polarized sunglasses reduce glare while still allowing you to have clear view even in direct sunlight.

When to Wear Non-polarized Sunglasses

It is important to wear polarized sunglasses under particular circumstances such as:

  • Skiing

Glare plays a key role in helping to differentiate ice from snow when skiing. Wearing non-polarized sunglasses can help you decide where to continue skiing and avoid danger.

  • Flying

Polarized glasses can sometimes hinder vision and that is why pilots are encouraged to wear non-polarized sunglasses while in the air.

They have to be able to read the GPS and controls in the cockpit.

  • Operating Heavy Equipment

Certain polarized lenses make it difficult to see the GPS screens and controls when operating heavy machinery.

Since it is still important to reduce glare, you are advised to wear non-polarized sunglasses under such circumstances.

When to Wear Polarized Sunglasses

Driving – Always wear polarized vs. non-sunglasses when driving because the lenses help cut out any glare that may be dangerous to the driver.

Fishing – Glare reflects very easily off of the water’s surface so polarized (vs. non-polarized) glasses are the best option when out on the water.

Biking – Polarized sunglasses can prevent any harmful glare from distracting the biker and potentially endangering them or others.

Walking around – Basically, any activity that takes place outside in the sunlight can benefit from polarized sunglasses vs. non-polarized because of the added glare protection. Many people find that polarized are the best for most outdoor activities in general.

Additionally, another advantage of polarized vs. non-polarized is that polarized lenses have several benefits for your eyesight.

These advantages include enhanced comfort, reduced eye strain, and even improved visual clarity. All of these factors are important to note when buying sunglasses polarized vs. non-polarized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still got some questions on polarized shades? Here are our responses to two of the burning ones.

Which is best polarized or UV protection sunglasses?

UV protection protects your eyes from the dangerous rays of the sun while polarized sunglasses eliminate glare. Having ultraviolet protection is crucial while polarization is more of a preference. … Polarized glasses do offer better image clarity but do not come with full UV protection.

Why are polarized sunglasses bad?

Polarized glasses can block some of the reflected light, reducing dangerous glare and making driving safer. However, polarized sunglasses will have little effect when the sun is in certain positions in the sky. Motorcycle riders should avoid polarized glasses.

Our Verdict

Our best choice is the Duduma Polarized Sunglasses for Sports, Fishing and Golf. This option has a durable, comfortable, sturdy construction. More importantly, we like the fact that it’s reasonably priced and yet quite well-made with outdoor living in mind.

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