Kayaking must-have accessories for fall season

Kayak Fishing Must-Have Accessories for Fall

Fishing in the fall season can be challenging. This is because the weather changes so much making fish harder to find. Before you settle on kayak fishing during this time of the year, you have to consider some factors. These include:

  • Your comfort in the kayak
  • The kayak type
  • Where you will paddle

And to maximize your chances of bringing a good catch home, there are a few must-have accessories to get. We’ll discuss them but first, just a bit of education on the kayaking options available for you.

Types of Kayaks Suitable for Autumn Fishing

There are two kayak types that can be used for fishing are the sit-inside type and the sit-on-top type.

The sit-inside model holds water and has to be emptied if water finds its way into the cockpit. Other than that, it is quite comfortable and provides some cargo space.

The sit-on-top yak variety on the other hand is best preferred for professional kayaking. It comes with drainage scupper holes on the base which make removing any water that’s absorbed into it quite easy. Plus, it provides lots of carrying space for cargo.

Think Stability

Stability is required when fishing as you may need to stand up. You need to check the kayak’s width and hull to be sure it can withstand strong winds. Otherwise, you can topple into the water and lose your catch. Some reviews say, flat-bottomed hulls are more stable (but that’s a story for another day).

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Must-Have Accessories for Kayak Fishing During Fall

For your fishing to be possible and rewarding, there are some must-have accessories. These are a fish finder, a rope and a topographical map.

A Fish Finder

The varying temperatures make the fish move deeper into the water during fall. They are likely to hide under bridge pilings, submerged brush piles and inside the creek, channel bends in large schools. A fish finder assists you not to end up in dead water hoping to get fish yet they are far off.

During fall, many anglers without a fish finder get fooled and go to the wrong spot. You can get a fish finder with a large screen and down imaging. It could be GPS enabled, although this is not really compulsory. You can use your smartphone for GPS whenever necessary.


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A Rope

It is important to have a strong rope that is unlikely to break or snap when in use. This is because you will need to tie it on to a stump to help maintain your position. An anchor would do well to keep you in one location.

Unfortunately, the chances of an anchor getting stuck are higher.

The rope can be 15 to 20 feet long. In addition, you may attach a brush gripper to your rope to speed up your getting on and off a particular spot. Brush grippers are made from metallic clamps for easy latching on to tree stumps or limbs.

A Topographical Map

It is often referred to as a topo map and it comes in handy to enable you to identify the roadbed, submerged bridges, contours and creek channels. Intersections with brush piles are a good spot to check out for fish schools.

Then use the electronic devices for guidance. Your smartphone can be used with navigation apps in case your fish finder has no GPS. Applications like Navionics are available for use with your smartphone as they have topo maps. You can easily locate the exact spot to fish.

The must-have accessories enable you to have a successful fishing experience. Kayak fishing in autumn can be rewarding when well planned for and the necessary accessories made available. All the best.

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