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10 Best Fishing Nets [Latest Edition & Buyer’s Guide]

What is the common factor in the stories that fishermen tell after arriving from the lake? There is always someone expressing regret at having lost a catch that would have landed him at the front page of the local dailies.

As an aspiring angler, how do you avoid ending up in a similar scenario? Well, you could start by investing in the best fishing net.

Having such would not only help you avoid losing your catch, but it also boosts your capacity on the number of fish you can handle.

If you are wondering how you are going to get the ideal fishing net for the job, you are at the right place, as this article aims to guide you into making the right decision.

Let’s start by checking out the factors that you ought to pay attention to during your search for the appropriate item.

How To Choose A Good Fishing Net

Buying guide for fishing netsWe understand that there are countless models of fishing nets available in the market, and this may make your search to be very confusing. A smart way of narrowing down your search is by looking out for a number of features, as discussed below.

  • The Mesh

This factor is crucial for several reasons. First, the mesh should be waterproof so that it does not become waterlogged too quickly. In this case, a nylon or rubber mesh would be appropriate.

Then, the mesh should also be designed to be friendly to the delicate fish species and not to be destructive to them.

Here, we recommend rubber material as the most fish-friendly.

  • Quality of the handle

When it comes to the handle, you have to pay attention to the length and the material used in its construction.

Let’s start with the length where a shorter handle is ideal for fishing closer to the vessel, such as river fishing.

On the other hand, a longer handle is more suited for fishing in a larger water body such as a lake.

Also worth noting is that you have more control over your catch with a shorter handle.

As for the material, it should be one that enhances the unit’s durability without adding too much weight. Therefore, we recommend fibreglass, aluminum and composite material as the best for the fishing net handle.

  • Size of the net

This factor depends on the type of fish you are after. There are certain types of nets such as rubber nets that come in many different sizes, and so it is easy for you to find the most appropriate size for the fish you are targeting.

  • The Net Shape

There are two types of shapes to consider, i.e. Flat-bottomed and Teardrop shaped nets. The former is ideal for large fish species and also for catch and release.

As for the latter, it is most suited for shallow waters where you are likely to encounter the smaller fish.

Best Fishing Nets? Our Reviews

In this section, we have discussed some of the high-quality fishing nets in the market, and you should find this information useful, especially if you lack time to do another wholesome research on the topic.

1. SF Fly Fishing Soft Rubber Net

SF Fly Fishing Landing Net


If you are on a budget, you can still get a high-quality fishing net, with the SF soft rubber net being an excellent example of such.

This is a clear and soft fly fishing net that you would find particularly useful for fishing in the lakes and rivers.

The rubberized design is crucial in ensuring that your catch does not hurt itself as it struggles to free itself from the net.

Also worth mentioning is the laminated bamboo frame for your comfort all-through the fishing expedition. Further, this material gives the structure an incredible lifespan.

Another thing we liked is that the SF rubber net is waterproof and, therefore, free from rotting and tangling.


Comes with a copper swivel for safety
Comfortable bamboo frame


The handle could have been longer

2. Plusinno Fishing Net

Plussino Fishing Netbutton

The Plusinno fishing net is available in four different sizes, meaning that it is well-suited to handle any fish species no matter the size.

Another notable feature of this model is its carbon-fiber construction. This material is vital in making the gadget to be durable and lightweight at the same time.

As for the EVA grip handle, it is comfortable so that your hands do not develop blisters even after long fishing hours.

We also liked the nylon mesh, which is waterproof to ensure that it does not become waterlogged easily.

Lastly, the net is foldable and, therefore, easy to store and transport as well.


Foldable for easy storage
Comfortable EVA grip handle


The net breaks easily when dealing with the larger fish species

3. Fiblink Landing Fish Net

Fiblink Aluminum Landing Net


The main aspect of this fishing net that would stand out the first time you look at it is the attractive appearance.

It looks so good, and you would be proud of showing it off to your friends.

Other notable features include the waterproof nylon net that ensures it does not become waterlogged.

When we come to the handle, it is constructed to be durable and gentle to your hands to minimize hand-fatigue. It is also skid-resistant to ensure it does not slide out of your hands.

The retractable aluminum alloy construction gives the whole structure incredible corrosion-resistance, which translates to a longer lifespan. Further, this material also provides the net with the sturdiness to combat hard fighting fish.

Lastly, the foldable design makes the net easy to store and transport too.


Waterproof design
Has a skid-resistant handle


The net tangles a lot

4. Wakeman Thermal-Plastic Rubber Net

Wakeman Collapsible Net


The Wakeman fishing net is the best choice if you are going to be dealing with hard-fighting fish. It may have a shorter handle than many anglers would prefer, but this does not hinder the net from fulfilling its task.

It features a corrosion-resistant aluminum handle that enhances its longevity and sturdiness too.

Also worth mentioning is the wide opening that enables the net to accommodate different fish species without much difficulty.

You may also appreciate the flat bottom basket that ensures there is no tangling of the net at any time.

Besides catching, the net also does a splendid release job.


It has a retractable handle
Attractive to the eye
Sturdy and durable


The net is not that durable

5. Melktemn Collapsible Fishing Net

MelkTemn Fishing and Net


We can point out several features that make this fishing net to be rated so highly by anglers. For starters, the nylon mesh is waterproof, and so does not accumulate water easily.

Then, the flat bottom design makes the net the perfect choice for catching and releasing. Still, on the mesh, it is designed to be gentle on the fish as the catch wriggles in it.

The handle on its part has an excellent grip and extends up to 39-inches, and this enables you to reach further into the water.

Another thing we liked is how lightweight the unit is, at only 13.6oz. We could attribute this to the industrial-grade aluminum that also gives the net the necessary strength to combat the hard-fighting fish species.

This is a versatile fishing net that you could use in open waters such as lakes and is ideal for rivers as well.


Has a skid-resistant handle
Mesh is gentle on the fish
A very lightweight unit


The handle could always extend longer

6. South Bend LN-250

SouthBend LN-250


What makes the South Bend fishing net to be such a popular option in the market? Well, there are several reasons for this. First, it has a smooth mesh, which is ideal for dealing with the delicate fish species.

Then, it is very spacious, and this gives it more fishing capacity, which is what any angler would die for.

As for the handle, it is crafted out of aluminum, and this enhances its ability to deal with aggressive and hard-fighting fish.

Lastly, you are also likely to appreciate the easy catching and release design.


The mesh is fish-friendly
Perfect for hard-fighting fish
Spacious for a better fishing capacity


Only ideal for river fishing

7. South Bend Telescopic Landing Net

South Bend Telescopic


South Bend makes it to our list again, and this time it is the telescopic landing net. This model may not be that popular, but it still possesses various excellent features that would make it a worthwhile investment.

For instance, is teardrop shape gives the net an incredible capacity to accommodate a wider range of fish species.

There is also the handle that is constructed out of anodized orange aluminum to make it corrosion-resistant, sturdy and beautiful as well.

The telescopic handle feels nice in the hands, and you would be comfortable holding it for long durations.

Another thing with the telescopic handle is that it contributes to the overall ease of storage of the fishing net.


The net is tangle-resistant
Easy to store
Comfortable and durable handle


Complaints of poor packaging

8. Ego S2 Slider Fishing Net

Ego S2 Net for Fishing


If you are looking for a versatile fishing net, the EgoS2 has to be at the top of your list. The flexibility of this net allows you to use it in diverse conditions such as streams, rivers and ponds. Further, you could use it on any fishing vessel such as a boat, kayak or jet ski.

The handle is quite long at 48-inches and can extend up to 108-inches. Therefore, it would be your ideal choice for lake fishing.

Still, on the handle, it has a fantastic grip plus is sturdy enough to withstand the aggressive fish.

The net is straightforward to operate, and a simple push or pull allows you to alter the size of the net.


The handle has a fantastic grip
Lightweight and durable


The net does not float

9. Blisswill Large Fishing Net

Blisswill Large Collapsible Net


As the name suggests, this is a fishing net that is specially designed to handle large fish species. The large net hoop design gives the net incredible load capacity of up to 44lbs.

The nylon mesh net is non-absorbent and, therefore, does not become waterlogged easily, which would make it heavier than usual.

We liked the catch and release mechanism while the E-glass construction gives the unit incredible elasticity and impact-resistance.

Also, the reinforced aluminum pole is sturdy and would not bend easily. Further, the PVC handle is skid and corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for saltwater use.

Lastly, the collapsible head makes the unit easy to carry and store.


Comes with a one-month warranty
Non-absorbent net
Incredible load capacity


The net rips too easily

10. Isafish Fly Fishing Net

Isafish Fly Fishing Net


The last item on our list is not inferior but rivals the rest of the fishing nets on our list with its features.

First, the rubber landing net is meant to be gentle and friendly to the fish.

There is also the wooden handle, which is comfortable and has an amazing grip to ensure the net does not slip out of your hands. On top of that, the wooden frame is sturdy and has a decent lifespan.

As for portability, the compact and lightweight design, coupled with the safety cord, ensure that you can easily hang the unit onto your back.


Easy to clean
The rubber net does not destroy the fish


Not as sturdy as advertised


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have included some of the queries we faced during our research, accompanied by their responses. In the end, you should have learned more about fishing nets.

Q: What is a fishing net?

A: This is a structure that brings order on how the fisherman goes about bringing his catch onboard. Instead of throwing the fish onto the boat’s floor, he simply drops it onto the net, where he can remove the hook.

Thereafter, the angler decides whether to knife the fish or release back into the water.

Q: Which fishing net is most safe for handling fish?

A: The safest net is that of rubberized mesh as it would not tear at the gills and scales of the catch. This is one of the reasons why rubber nets are mostly preferred for ‘catch and release.’

Q: What factors should I consider in a fishing net?

A: There are several aspects that you should put into consideration if you want to land the perfect product. These include the durability, the handle, size, shape and materials of the mesh, your budget, and the types of fish you are after.

If you focus on these factors, you are likely to end up with the product that would suit your preferences.

The Winning Net for Fishing

SF Fly Fishing Landing NetAlthough all the items we have reviewed are high-quality, the one that we feel stood out from the rest is the SF Fly Fishing Soft Rubber Net. Besides being affordable and contributing to the smoothness of your entire fishing expedition, it features rubberized mesh to be gentle on the fish’s scales and gills.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our article has given you all the information you need to find the best fishing net. If you get the right fishing gear, then your entire fishing expedition is going to be memorable and a huge success which would leave you longing for the next trip.

Be sure to find the features that suit your needs lest you end up questioning your own judgment.

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