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The 10 Best Teepee Tents for All-Weather Use

You are going to need a place to sleep as long as you are out camping. This is irrespective of your level of experience in the field.

In that regard, you may want to consider getting the best teepee tent available. So, what is a teepee tent? Well, it is a tent like any other; just that it has an unusual shape.

These tents offer a great option if you want to switch up your style. With their rounded bottoms and triangle tops, teepee tents can comfortably accommodate a number of people and still have ample headspace for them.

Best-Rated Tee Pee Tent Run-Down

Generally, an ideal tent should be:

  • Durable
  • Spacious
  • Weatherproof

If you are interested in trying out one, come with us as we take you through the reviews and buyer’s guide.

1. Winterial Teepee 6-7 Person Tent

Best Tee Pee Tent #1 Choicebutton

Top on our list is the Winterial Teepee 6-7 Person Tent. If you’re looking for a compact, space-saving tent, this 12×12 footer would be a great pick. Indeed, it’s one of the best tents under $200 also.

What We Like About It

The Winterial Tipi is light in weight meaning it’s easy to pack up, carry or store. Also, its roomy design offers you plenty of space to stay, stretch, and stand up comfortably. In fact, it can accommodate a maximum of seven people at once.

In addition, though it has a large size, it is quite easy to setup. Most large teepee tents tend to be challenging to set up, but that is not the case with this one. Setting it up is super easy and takes around five to six minutes to complete.

Moving on swiftly, this tent is made from the 210T polyester material. As such, it’s capable of withstanding any kind of weather.

Other Features and Benefits

Durability; tick. Spaciousness; tick. So far so good, this seems like a well-made structure.

And on top of all that, this tent is waterproof meaning you can enjoy warm nights even when it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Its bottom is equally made from a waterproof material which once again ensures that your camping mission goes on uninterrupted no matter the weather.

Another outstanding feature of the Winterial Tee Pee tent is that it has 4 windows and zippered doors. This ensures that there’s fresh air inside the tent and that one can enter or leave it with ease.

What Could Have Been Better

The internal storage for keeping gear and accessories could have been bigger. Though this tent has a large resting room, the internal storage is quite limited.


*Waterproof top and bottom
*Easy to set up
*Sufficient room
*Durable design


*Small storage space

2. Guide Gear Deluxe 14 by 14 Teepee Tent

Best Tee Pee Tent #2 Choicebutton

Another great option that has a spacious design is the Guide Gear Deluxe 14 by 14 Teepee Tent. One of the best things about the tent is that it is super easy to set up. Its large design makes it ideal for camping with family and friends.

What We Like About It

For starters, this tent has a vestibule that has adequate space for your muddy boots and gear (away from the sleeping area). Also, if you have your pet around, all you need to is house them in the vestibule so you can enjoy a quiet, uninterrupted night.

Needless to say, the vestibule comes in handy in keeping the tent free from dirt.

Other than that, this tent is quite well-made and stable. In fact, it’s stable to an extent that it can stand up to 30-40 mph of wind.

And for those swelteringly hot summer moments, this tent provides you with weatherproofed windows which help improve the flow of air within it.

If you’re worried about space, you’ll be glad to learn that the design of this Tipi is enough to accommodate 6 adults along with other outdoor gear. Of course, it’s slightly smaller than the Winterial Tipi reviewed earlier but not too small either.

Other Features and Benefits

The structure is made from a combination of polyester and polyurethane materials. Its exterior is further coated with 1200mm polyurethane providing a protective, waterproof layer.

To complement that is the fact that this pup boasts factory-sealed seams meant to completely block off water and insects. And since that would significantly reduce airflow, the manufacturer went ahead and introduced air vents which are made from no-see-um-mesh.

To top it all up, this tipi is relatively easy to set up. You only need like 10 minutes to get it up and running in a hurry (or 20 minutes max if you decide to take your time).

What Could Have Been Better

Some customers have reported that the teepee tent is not completely waterproof. This means you might need to get additional sealing, especially when camping in heavily raining areas.


*Easy to set up
*Covered entryway
*Offers great ventilation
*Offers value for money


*Not fully waterproof

3. SAFACUS Teepee 6-7 Person Family Teepee Tent

Best Tipi Tent #3 Choicebutton

The next option to earn a spot on this list is the SAFACUS Teepee 6-7 Person Family Teepee Tent. This is an ideal teepee tent for camping with friends and family since it can accommodate a maximum of six adults.

What We Like About It

The first notable feature is that it is made from an excellent 2000mm PU-rated material that can withstand almost any kind of abuse.

Besides that, the durable teepee tent is anchored on a high-quality steel pole so it can effectively withstand extremely windy conditions. Also, the sturdy construction prevents the tent from falling apart even when kids play inside the tent.

And did we mention that its exterior is fully waterproof? This means you and your loved ones can stay dry and comfortable inside the tent, no matter how heavy the rain outside is.

Other Features and Benefits

Let’s talk about the airflow of the SAFACUS Tipi Tent. Indeed, the structure boasts two zippered doors which besides providing efficient access to the tent can also enhance ventilation in hot weather.

Of course, an extra doorway can increase your safety inside the tent because you can always use one of the doors to escape to safety in case the main one is blocked. It’s always important to be prepared for the worst, you know.

Other than the two doors, this cute tent boasts 4 meshed windows. Besides providing you with great views of the outside, these windows also improve ventilation while keeping the bugs outside.

Weighing in at 15 pounds, the Safacus is easy to pack up and transport. So, we think it can prove quite handy for the busy traveler.

What Could Have Been Better

Although generally well-made, this tent’s zippers seem cheaply made. Indeed, we’ve come across several reviews pointing to this as the main weakness of the Safacus Tipi tent.


*Attractive blue color
*Dry and roomy
*Offers excellent ventilation
*Lightweight design
*Tight and sturdy


*The zippers could be better made

4. Tahoe Gear 12 Person Bighorn Cone Shape Teepee Camping Tent

Tahoe Bighorn Tentbutton

In some cases, all you need is an extra-large tent that can accommodate as many of your buddies as possible. If that’s the case for you, this 12-person gear from Tahoe might be what you’re after.

What We Like About It

To start with, this corn-shaped teepee tent has a strong center pole that makes it strong enough to withstand harsh weather elements. It is also able to withstand the pressure inside the tent, such as kids playing inside it.

What’s more, the tent features multiple windows that allow air to flow inside during hot conditions. The windows also give you a clear view of what is happening on the outside. Both the top and bottom are made from a water-resistant material that enables you to stay dry and comfortable.

Moreover, the windows are mesh-protected and durable to prevent insects and bugs from getting inside. This ensures you get proper and sound sleep without any disturbance.

Other Features and Benefits

The Tahoe Gear 12’s unique corn style helps prevent and debris from sticking to the tent. This feature makes it better than other rectangular-shaped tents out there.

What’s more, the Tahoe Gear 12 Person Bighorn Corn Shape Teepee Camping Tent has multiple floor vents to ensure you stay comfortable in all weather conditions.

What Could Have Been Better

Since this tent is designed to accommodate a large group of people it is quite heavy and bulky for one person to carry around (it weighs in at 25 pounds).

Another downside is that it can be quite frustrating to set up alone. We’d recommend getting a helping hand if you want to set it up fast.


*Has a unique and stylish design
*Holds a large group
*A great ventilation system
*Sturdy and durable construction


*Difficult to set up alone

5. Guide Gear 10 by 10 Teepee Tent

Guide Gear Tipibutton

Another Guide Gear option on this list is the Guide Gear 10 by 10 Teepee Tent. It is equipped with numerous features and components that make sure you have a fun, safe, and comfortable camping adventure.

What We Like About It

Let’s start with its construction. This durable teepee tent is made from a sturdy polyurethane fabric that makes it strong enough to stand up to strong winds and other weather elements. It can also withstand regular pressure inside the tent all thanks to its reliable center steel pole.

It is also made of a combination of 190 denier polyester and polyurethane for extra sturdiness and durability. With a complete top and bottom waterproof coating, this tent ensures you stay dry and comfortable.

What’s more, its lightweight weight and compact design make setting up super easy. The large surface in the unit allows you to stand and even move around with ease.

It is also a great option if you plan to have your pet accompany you for the camping mission.

Other Features and Benefits

A big plus with this structure is that it comes with weatherproofed windows complete with internal shades for enhanced privacy.

Other than that, the Guide Gear 10×10 Tipi boasts sealed seams that help keep water and insects away from the sleeping area.

And to make sure that the flow of air isn’t compromised, this gear comes complete with top vents designed for optimal flow of air.

Another great thing is that you don’t need to add an extra flooring since the Guide Gear 10 by 10 Teepee Tent has a polyurethane material at the bottom. If you need a cozy and breathable teepee tent, we highly recommend this option.

What Could Have Been Better

One thing we did not like about this tent is that you can only adjust the side vents from the outside. This can be quite inconvenient since it requires you to go outside even when it starts raining to shut the vents.


*Has multiple air vents
*Two large doors
*Sturdy center pole
*No need for a ground cloth


*Not ideal for kids

6. BaiYouDa Family 3-4 Person Camping Teepee Tent


If all you are searching for is a teepee tent that can hold a small group of up to 4 people, the BaiYouDa Family 3-4 Person Camping Teepee Tent might be an excellent option. It is fitted with incredible features for a fun and comfortable camping experience.

What We Like About It

First of all, the tent is built from 1500mm PU, F/R B4 mesh, and base material, which allow you to use it anywhere.

You can also use it in desert conditions without having to worry about it being ripped apart by tough terrain or cacti.

Besides that, it performs incredibly well even in extremely windy situations, all thanks to the high-quality and sturdy center pole. Both the top and the base have a waterproof design, so water does not easily get inside the tent even in heavy downpour.

What’s more, setting up a tent has never been easier. This one has a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry and set up.

Other Features and Benefits

When it comes to the tent’s ventilation, it features one door with strong zippers that ensure you and your family or friends are well protected inside it (we could have wished for 2, though).

For optimal comfort, this Tipi packs 3 clear windows and 3 lower vents.

Besides that, the BaiYouDa Family 3-4 Person Camping Teepee Tent comes with mosquito nets and rain hats that keep you dry and protect you from annoying insects and bugs. This ensures you get a comfortable resting time.

What Could Have Been Better

One of the things we didn’t like about this teepee tent is that it’s quite pricey. There are cheaper units with almost similar or even better features. Also, staking the center pole can be a bit challenging for some people.


*Smooth zippers
*Easy to assemble
*Great customer service
*Good ventilation system


*A bit pricey

7. Ozark Trail Generic Durable, spacious Unique 7 Person Teepee Tent

TiPi Tentbutton

Another adorable teepee tent is this one from the good ole Ozark Trail brand. It’s quite spacious, practical and functional. Plus we think that at its price, it provides good value for money.

What We Like About It

To start with, the unit is quite roomy and can accommodate a maximum of seven people. The large space allows you to move and stretch freely inside the tent. Then, its bright color makes it easy for you to identify the tent after an adventurous day.

The mesh doors and multiple ground vents work together to ensure there is excellent ventilation. This allows you to stay cool and comfortable during summer days. When temperatures drop, you can seal the doors to keep warm air trapped inside the inside.

What Could Have Been Better

Some users reported that the zippers are quite cheap. If excessive pressure is used, they can even come off. The zippers could be stronger.


*Convenient pockets
*Great ventilation
*Large space
*Has a bright color


*Cheap zippers

8. DANCHEL Tipi Family 13ft Light Weight Tent


Segue, we have the DANCHEL Tipi Family 13ft Light Weight Tent. This tent is an ideal family camping tent since it can accommodate five to eight people. Let’s do a brief review to give you a better understanding of it.

What We Like About It

This teepee tent is available in three bright colors, which allow you to choose the ideal color. In addition, the bright colors make it easy for you to identify the tent from far after having the day adventure.

When it comes to its construction, it is made from strong and durable oxford fabric. This means the tent can withstand the strongest winds and harsh weather conditions. As if that is not enough, it is coated with silver that further makes it long-lasting.

What’s more, the unit has a unique UV protection, so no need to worry about the tent overheating in hot weather conditions. The bottom sheet material is completely waterproof, which prevents water from getting in the tent. This means you and your personal items will stay dry and comfortable.

Other Features and Benefits

Also worth noting is that the DANCHEL Tipi Family 13ft Light Weight Tent has a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry and set up. Then there are there three ventilation holes that allow proper airflow inside the tent for maximum comfort.

Still, on ventilation, it features two transparent windows that allow gives you a proper view of what is happening on the outside. The windows also have a mesh, so no need to worry about bugs and insects getting inside the tent.

Setting up this tent is super easy and takes around ten minutes.

What Could Have Been Better

One downside about this tent is that you need to zip the windows from the outside. This is quite inconveniencing, especially when it starts raining and you have to shut the windows.


*Durable construction
*Multiple color options
*Easy to set up
*Waterproof design


*Limited storage space
*Inconveniencing zipper design

9. OneTigris No Pole TIPINOVA Camping Teepee Tent

Tipi Tentbutton

Next up is the OneTigris No Pole TIPINOVA Camping Teepee Tent. Though this unit lies on the pricier side, it is equipped with multiple features that make it worth spending a few extra coins on as we shall see in the review below.

What We Like About It

The first notable feature is that this item has a compact and lightweight design. This makes the single piece teepee tent easy and quick to set up. It also folds up small and quick, so it is quite convenient to carry.

On top of that, it is constructed from a nylon material that not only makes it long-lasting but also strong enough to withstand harsh weather elements such as strong winds. You can even use this unit in deserts.

Its well-thought-out entrance flaps act as efficient wind-breakers. Plus, its nylon material is completely waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about water getting inside the tent.

Other Features and Benefits

It is worth mentioning that the OneTigris No Pole TIPINOVA Camping Teepee Tent features flap mesh vents that allow efficient ventilation. As a result, you can stay cool and comfortable even during the hottest days of the year.

Then, you can easily adjust the height, and it is quite spacious as it allows people to stand and move around with ease.

What Could Have Been Better

Some customers have reported that the teepee tent has loose threads that tend to poke out easily. Also, the vents do not open completely, which can limit the amount of air flowing inside the tent.


*Lightweight and compact design
*Height can be adjusted
*Ideal for harsh weather conditions
*Durable fabric


*A bit pricey
*Vents don’t open completely

10. Omnicore Designs Camping 12 Person Teepee Tent

OmniCore Tee Pee Camping Tentbutton

The last item on this list is the Omnicore Designs Camping 12 Person Teepee Tent. Just like the name implies, this tent is large enough to accommodate a large group of up to 12 persons. To get a better understanding of the tent, check out the review below.

What We Like About It

This tent has a great combination of space, protection, and portability. Its huge center offers you and all you of your family and friends enough room to stand and even move around.

Note that this is one of the tallest Tipis on this list so far (standing tall at 9 feet tall).

There is also the polyethylene tub floor that protects the tent from harsh elements and also keeps creepy crawlers and water out.

Other Features and Benefits

Our favorite feature of this tent has to be its 3000mm PU waterproofed material. This is the kind of stuff you can bank on when faced with unpredictable weather patterns.

What’s more, the material boasts a ripstop design. That means it’s nearly impossible to rip it apart accidentally all thanks to the special stitching of the material.

Another thing, this Tipi boasts a huge mesh door which besides providing you with unlimited views of the outside also puts you in full control of the airflow. Plus when you need privacy, all you need to do is seal the tent and conveniently keep warm inside.

What Could Have Been Better

The tent is quite large but is not large enough to hold 12 people comfortably. Also, though the fabric used isn’t quite tough, it is super thin, it’s not entirely punctured proof.


*Waterproof design
*Easy to set up
*Ideal for all weather conditions
*Well ventilated


*A thicker material could have made it better

How to Choose Top Rated Teepee Tents

You want to consider several factors before purchasing a teepee tent just to ensure you pick the right one.
Here are some of those factors.

Weight of Tent

The weight of you tent may not be as important if you will be carrying it in your car. However, if you have to carry the tent as a backpack for a long distance, you definitely want to consider its weight.

Perhaps you do not know this, but when you are carrying that tent on your back, its weight has a lot to do with keeping up your stamina.

The lighter your tent is, the easier your experience and camping trip will be.

Tent Weatherproof Ability

Most people love to go camping when the weather is hot and rightfully so. Summer is the perfect time to relax in your tent as you enjoy your camping trip.

Nevertheless, you do not want to be all sweaty and uncomfortable in your teepee. You want your tent to have windows or flaps that allow air to circulate.

In the same breadth, your tent needs to be waterproof in case it rains when you are camping. This will guarantee that you stay dry and comfortable during such times.

Tent Size

How many people are you planning to have in your tent? This is a question you need to ask yourself prior to purchasing your teepee.

Although these tents are usually spacious, they do come in different sizes that will determine how many people you can have in them.

The size of your preferred tent will also dictate what you can do in it. For instance, you cannot workout in a smaller tent because it has limited space that will not allow you to stretch as much as you would want to.

Tent manufacturers usually specify the capacity limit of their products and list their dimensions as well. Make sure you look at such kind of information before buying a tent.

Teepee vs. Ordinary Tents

Several factors set teepee tents apart from ordinary tents. Among those are the following crucial ones.

  • The Shape

Teepee tents are funnel shaped which makes them poor at absorbing heat. This is great for when the weather is hot and humid but what about when it is freeing cold out there?

Ordinary tents have a decent level of insulation to keep you warm when the weather is cold and they can also keep you cool when it is hot as long as they have adequate ventilation.

You can always light up a stove in your teepee tent to keep you warm when the weather is cold.

  • The Cost

Teepee tents cost less compared to ordinary tents. Of course, this would be the case considering that it does not take much to fabricate these tents.

In that same line of thought, the setting up process for these tents is easier. Therefore, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option when it comes to tents, you should seriously consider going for a teepee tent.

  • Ease of Setting Up

As we have already mentioned, teepees are cheaper compared to ordinary tents. This is mainly because their structures are simpler.

Typically, all you have to do to set up a tipi tent is position the poles and wrap a canvas around them. Teepee’s have simpler doors as well.

While ordinary tents have traditional doors, tipi’s come with roll-up canvas doors. This works well under extreme weather conditions although wind will still find its way in through the canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teepee tents are originally from native America and it is very possible that you do not know much about them.

In that regard, we welcome any questions you may have on the same. Meanwhile, we have answered a few commonly asked ones below.

Does rain get in a teepee?

Although the sound of rain hitting on your tent canvas can be relaxing and soothing, these tents have a hole at the top.

This hole allows rain to pass through.

What is the right size teepee to go camping?

This will depend on the number of people you intend to have in the tent and the activities you plan to do while in the tent.

Of course, you want a bigger and spacious tent if you will be accommodating many people and carrying out various activities in the tent.

Tent manufacturers always specify how much a tent can accommodate and this should be of help.

What does a teepee represent?

The base of the teepee signifies the earth we live in, the walls embody the skies, and the poles symbolize the tracks that extend to the spiritual realm from the earth.

Teepees provide warmth and shelter as well as community and family connections.

Best Tipi Tent: Final Verdict

Best Tee Pee Tent #1 ChoiceIn our view, the best option is the Winterial Teepee 6-7 Person Tent. This option is quite spacious and can accommodate a large group of people comfortably. More importantly, it is easy to set up and boasts good build quality.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your style or why you need a tent, it is important to pick the best teepee tent for the money. However, with various designs and sizes available, making the right choice can be difficult.

An ideal tent should be durable, spacious, and keep you safe and protected from harsh weather at all times. Of course, you can save your money and time by investing in a top-rated teepee tent.

We have done our research and put together this buying guide to help you make the right choice. It is now up to you to decide whether you want to have an adventure or not.

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