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Best Depth Finder Weights for Ice Fishing: Top 3 Weights Review

Winter is here, and most of us are thinking of sitting with hot coffee mugs in front of the fireplace. However, if you are an outdoor person, ice fishing should be on your cards and help you enjoy the otherwise gloomy weather.

To be successful here, you will need the best depth finder weights for ice fishing. These tools will ensure your lure gets to the depth with the highest chances of catching some fish.

Let’s look at some of the top ice-fishing sinkers available and some of the principles that should guide you in making your selection.

Top 3 High-Quality Depth Finder Weights for Ice Fishing: Comparison Guide

We understand that not everyone enjoys reading through a lot. So, we have provided you with a list containing some of the leading samples of depth finder weights in the market.

Thill Depth Finder WeightView Latest Price
Celsius Depth Finder WeightView Latest Price
Celsius Tackle Box Panfish KitView Latest Price

1. Thill Depth Finder Weight

Thill Depth Finder

Are you looking for the perfect clip-on depth finder? Thill is here for you with a unit that you will find to be of great help in marking and setting the depth for slip floats.

You will like how easy it is to use it, whereby you only have to attach it to your bait and then allow it to find its way to the bottom.

Lastly, the product has a 30-day return policy to give you peace of mind.


Fast shipping

The paint job holds up nicely

Strong jaws


Rusts fast

2. Celsius Depth Finder Weight

Celsius Depth Finder

Next, we have another set of depth finders with convenient clip-on design for easy attachment to the fishing line. This allows you to set it to the perfect height to come into contact with some fish.

Then, the depth finders have a flashy appearance to make them visible and attractive for the fish.

The clippers have a stainless-steel construction to make them sturdy and resistant to corrosion, a dominant problem in saltwater fishing.


Easy to install

Well built

Brightly colored


Slow shipment

3. Celsius Tackle Box Panfish Kit with Weights

Celsisu Tackle Box

Do you enjoy ice fishing for panfish? If you do, you will like this tackle box that has everything you need to get the job done. This includes depth finders, hooks, jigs, and shots.

The depth finders have a bright orange color which you may find quite attractive. This makes them visible for you plus will help lure the fish to the bait.

Next, the lures, which are well built and won’t fall apart when they catch a panfish. However, they could have been better had they been sharper.

As if that’s not enough, the sounders are of top quality and round up a package that will leave you with a memorable ice fishing experience.


A complete ice fishing package

Attractive set

Sturdy lures



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Buying Guide to the Perfect Ice Fishing Weights

Now that you know the top units in weights available in the market, how do you choose the perfect set to ensure you have an unforgettable ice fishing expedition? Here are the factors that should guide you in your search:

I) Size

First, newcomers tend to use more weight than necessary to maximize their catch. However, it may have the opposite effect by sinking too fast to attract fish.

In addition to that, a heavy sinker will destabilize the water, thereby scaring off the fish.

II) Type of Sinker

There are different types of sinkers at your disposal, and each of them has the perfect time to give the best results. The different weights available include bullet weight, pyramid sinker, split shot sinker, torpedo sinker, and bomb shape sinker.

Each type of sinker is different from the other, and it is up to you to know which one works for you.

III) Build

Another thing you should look at is the construction quality of the weights, and they should be sturdy enough not to fall apart with ease. Further, the unit should be corrosive-resistant if you go fishing in a salty water body.

Then, a brightly colored unit is more visible by the angler plus may help attract fish to the bait.

IV) Price

Lastly, always have a budget in mind before shopping for the ideal sinker for ice fishing. This will ensure that you won’t mess up your finances whichever unit you go for.

FAQs on Depth Finder Weights for Ice Fishing

Even after the most in-depth research in ice fishing weights, there is always something that you’ll leave out. We hope to cover the forgotten topics in this section.

Q: What is a sinker?

A: This is a device designed to provide the perfect casting weight so that you can propel the rig further. The device also enables your rig maintain the perfect fishing position in the water body.

Q: How does a depth finder work?

A: It comprises two parts, the transducer, and display. The former transmits sound waves through the water towards the bottom. Once the waves hit an object, they are reflected back onto the transducer and the display for processing.

The data is processed into a sonar image so that you know how the it looks like below your vessel.

Our Top Pick

The best unit overall is the Thill Depth Finder weight which is well-built to withstand all that is thrown at it. The shipping is done in good time and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee to protect your investment from getting lost.

Final Thoughts

With all the information we have provided, the topic of depth finder weights should no longer be a mystery. And when you get the right set of units, you will notice your ice fishing being more successful than before.

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