Baitcasting Rod Under $100

Best Baitcasting Rod Under $100 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

What does it take to have a successful fishing trip? To most people, skills are all that matter.

But…we beg to differ with this assumption since we believe that the fishing gear is equally as important as the angler’s skills.

An excellent example of an essential fishing tool for a fishing enthusiast is the fishing rod, but you could always go a notch higher and go for a baitcasting rod.

A baitcasting rod is more versatile and boosts your chances of catching more and bigger fish. With this information, especially as a beginner, you may be wondering how to get the best baitcasting rod under $100.

Luckily for you, that is the main reason why we have come up with this article.

The Baitcaster Rod Issue at Hand…

There are many brands of baitcasting rods available in the market, and disappointingly, some of them are simply not up to standard.

So your search may be more confusing than it should be. We are going to provide you with a smart way of narrowing down your search, and this involves paying attention to specific factors.

These aspects include:

  • The construction
  • Power and action
  • The length
  • Casting distance

Grip, and so on.

But first, let’s start by checking out some models of baitcasting rods that we have analyzed, and we believe that they are the best available.

High-Quality Baitcasting Rods Under $100

Do you lack time to do wholesome research on the best affordable baitcasting rods? If you are, today is your lucky day as we have done all the hard work for you.

Below are some of the best cheap baitcasting rods, and we have analyzed each item in detail.

1. Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Rod

Berkley Cherrywood

The Berkley Cherrywood is a baitcasting rod that appeals to both leisure and professional anglers. It is available in different lengths, all the way from 6′ to 7′, plus it comes in different weights as well.

All the different dimensions are meant to ensure that all your personal preferences are catered for.

Let’s check out other notable features of this rod.

Product Description

Let’s start with the construction where the body is made out of SS304 aluminum oxide. This material contributes to the overall sturdiness of the rod plus also makes it lightweight for more comfortable use.

The sturdy construction also makes this rod quite stiff, and this makes it ideal for dealing with heavier catches.

However, it possesses the agility to move bait around as required of it.

As for the handle, it offers an excellent grip that ensures the rod never slips out of your hands. This part is crucial for the overall balance and stability of the rod.

Besides the grip, the handle contributes to the excellent look of the item.

Other Features and Benefits

The hybrid design of the rod gives it incredible sensitivity, and you could feel the slightest touch of the bait by a fish.

We also liked the genius color combination that is likely to appeal to any angler who is sensitive about the appearance of his rod.

Being a medium action rod is also one of the reasons why this item is rated so highly since it is likely to deliver outstanding performance when needed.

And to top it all up, the price is great, and anyone can afford it.

  • Built to last
  • Attractive design
  • The handle offers a great grip.
  • The handle could have been longer

2. KastKing Royale Select Fishing Rod

KastKing Royale

If you want to have an unforgettable baitcasting experience, The KastKing Royale Select should be by your side. It is a medium-heavy power rod that ensures you do not need a lot of effort in pulling the fish out of the water.

The rod is packed with numerous features that contribute to the overall efficiency of the unit.

Product Description

First, the rod has a one-piece design and is constructed out of Toray 24-ton carbon matrix. This construction gives the rod incredible strength plus contributes to its longevity.

There is also the KastFlex technology that is vital in ensuring you attain accurate casts. We attribute this casting distance to the Fuji fishing line guides that minimize the friction and drag when you cast the line, and the result would be a greater distance cast.

Let’s also mention the handle which is made of EVA material to assure you of comfort without giving you blisters.

Further, the split-grip design is vital in ensuring that you have total control of the rod during your expedition.

The fishing reel seats on their part are made of sturdy nylon to offers a solid base that is crucial for the angler’s comfort all day long.

Other Features and Benefits

The graphite blanks are lightweight and super-sensitive, and so you would be aware of the slightest touch made by a fish swimming close-by.

We also liked the versatility that the rod offers since you can use it for various fishing techniques such as drop shot, flippin’ and jigging.

As for the Fuji O-ring guides, they are well-made to protect your fishing line even when subjected to extreme fishing conditions.

Lastly, the rods are covered by a limited lifetime warranty against material and workmanship defects for your peace of mind.

  • Has a comfortable EVA grip handle
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty against materials and workmanship
  • Highly sensitive graphite blanks
  • The one-piece design affects the ease of transportation

3. Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod

Abu Garcia Vengeance

Are you into bass fishing? If you are and you want to be in a situation where you will always be looking forward to the next fishing session, try getting the Abu Garcia Vengeance as we believe it is the best baitcasting rod for bass fishing.

Besides being affordable, the rod is packed with hosts of impressive features that any angler would appreciate having.

Product Description

This rod is crafted from 24-ton high modulus graphite to make the entire unit lightweight and highly responsive to give you ample time to react to the bass’ movements.

And for reduced drag, the stainless steel guides are coated with zirconium, and this contributes to a greater casting distance. These guides also have titanium inserts to enhance their capability to withstand line pressure.

The other thing to talk about is the handle. First, it is made of rubberized EVA material to make it comfortable in whichever environment you use it in plus you can hold it for longer.

Then, the split-grip design gives you a better balance and puts you in total control of the situation.

Other Features and Benefits

Due to its color combination of black and silver, we have little to complain about the appearance of this rod.

Also, the rod is a versatile option that you could use for catching small and bigger fish as well.

To assure you of the durability and reliability of this product, it is covered by a three-year warranty.

Lastly, the rod weight and 7ft length give you a perfectly balanced baitcasting rod.

  • Covered by a 3-year warranty
  • Has a comfortable, rubberized EVA grip
  • Lightweight and responsive graphite blank
  • Poor packaging

4. Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod

Ugly Stik GX2

When you hear a rod brand has been around since time immemorial, this is testament enough that its high-quality and reliability for all the time that it has been in use. Well, Ugly Stik is one such brand, and all the models associated with the name rarely disappoint.

Today we shall focus on the GX2 model, which does not deviate from the high standards associated with the Ugly Stik brand.

Product Description

To kick us off, this rod is built to be indestructible courtesy of the graphite and fiberglass construction. Not only is it well-built, but GX2 is also lightweight so that it does not cause arm-fatigue that easily.

This rod is also quite powerful, and it can handle fish that weight up to 50lbs easily.

Let’s also touch on the clear tip design that contributes to the rod’s high sensitivity. As a result, you can react to the fish’s tugs in good time to make a kill.

The rod also features one-piece stainless steel Ugly Tuff guides to ensure that you do not have to worry about the ceramic insert constantly popping out.

As for the handle, it is lightweight and made of EVA material to give you a comfortable time holding the rod for extended hours.

Other Features and Benefits

This rod has a versatility aspect whereby you could use it in fresh and salty water as well. Further, it is a medium power rod implying that its mobility is intact while it is perfect for pulling the heavier fish species out of the water.

Its stiffness is another feature that would enable you to have an easy time dealing with the heavy and hard-fighting fish.

You may also find the rod to be visually appealing with the black color theme that is complemented by patches of red and white.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Touch and comfortable handle
  • Attractive to look at
  • Some users found it to be too stiff

5. Shimano FX Casting Fishing Rod

Shimano FX

Another budget-friendly baitcasting rod is the Shimano FX which is designed to be used by anglers of all ages as well as with different levels of experience.

The rod comes in different lengths, and this means that the degrees of power also differ from one rod to the other.

We have analyzed the main features of rod in detail below.

Product Description

We shall start with the construction whereby the aero glass material is what gives the rod the perfect combination of sturdiness and lightweight nature.

The rod would have great mobility while still capable of handling a big catch.

When it comes to the guides, they are made out of reinforced aluminum oxide, and this material enhances their durability by making them damage and corrosion-resistant.

We should also mention that this rod has a two-piece design, with the handle and ceramic ring portion being forming one part and the tip the other.

The tip section is fast action, and you may note that the rod is more sensitive towards the tip.

The other bit is the EVA grip handle which has a comfortable grip to feel nice in your hands and also to ensure that the rod never slips out of your hand.

Further, the EVA material makes the handle solid and is likely to stay intact for a long time to come.

Other Features and Benefits

The reel seat is made from graphite, and this material helps to attach it to the rest of the rod.

This rod is also a versatile option that you could use for river, lake and stream fishing as well as some saltwater applications.

The split-grip handle ensures that the rod is well-suited for different offshore conditions.

  • Well-made
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable and durable handle
  • The backbone of the rod interferes with its sensitivity

6. Lew’s Fishing TP1 Casting Rod

Lew's TPI

For over seven decades, Lew’s has developed a reputation for producing high-quality fishing gear that always deliver what is expected of them.

Some of their notable products are fishing rods, and in this case, we are going to focus on the Lew’s Tournament Performance Fishing Casting rod that is designed for pros and amateurs alike.

We have discussed other essential features in detail below.

Product Description

The TP-1 fishing rod is made out of premium IM8 graphite blanks to make the rod lightweight and strong plus with incredible sensitivity as well.

Another feature is the Winn Dri-Tac handle with a split design to give you full control of the rod. Further, this handle is suitable for use in all types of weather.

When it comes to the guides, they are of the American Tackle MicroWave Guide system which enhances line efficiency by ensuring there are no wind knots besides improving the casting accuracy and distance.

Other Features and Benefits

In general, many anglers find it easier to handle split-grip handles since they create the balance required for a proper fishing experience.

We also liked the black and white color combination that makes this rod a very attractive piece.

Another bit with this rod is that, just like all other Lew’s fishing gear, it is covered by a limited one-year warranty to give you peace of mind and to assure you of the durability of this product.

  • Lightweight and sensitive
  • Attractive color combination
  • Has a one-year limited warranty
  • Not as strong as we would have liked

7. Ugly Stik Striper Casting Rods

Ugly Stik Striper

When a brand makes it to our list more than once, that should be an indication of the high-quality and rating of the said brand. In our case, we are talking about the Ugly Stik brand whose products rarely disappoint.

This time, we are going to look at the Striper casting rods which, as you shall see, maintain the same standards associated with the brand.

Product Description

Let’s start with the ugly tech construction, which gives us a durable and sturdy item that would serve you for a long time to come. Also, the strength gained from this construction is crucial in ensuring that even aggressive fish do not slip back into the water.

Another notable feature is the Ugly Stik clear tip design for the necessary sensitivity which would help you detect the slightest tug by a fish in the water.

This rod is rated as medium-heavy. What this implies is that on top of being effective in pulling out the heavy fish from the water, the rod still gives you an easy time moving it about.

Let’s not leave out the EVA handle, which is very comfortable plus has a secure grip to ensure the rod never slips out of your hand.

Other Features and Benefits

This rod features seven stainless steel guides which are more durable and have better corrosion resistance.

We also liked that the rod is available in different lengths and therefore suits different preferences.

Another point to note is that this rod has a one-piece design and therefore you may have a hard time fitting it into the trunk of your car.

  • Well-made
  • Available in different lengths
  • Sturdy enough to deal with the aggressive fish
  • Made in China

8. Falcon Rods HD Casting Rod

Falcon HD Baitcasting Rod under 100

To close down our list is the Flacon rod which, just like the rest of the items on our list, offers good value for your money. Besides being packed with useful features, this rod dons a classic old-fashioned look with various color contrasts to enhance its beauty.

Is it worth the investment? Let’s see.

Product Description

A big part of the rod is made of graphite. The significance of this material is that you end up with a lightweight rod with impressive resistance against wear and tear to serve you for the longest time possible.

As for the blank reel seat, it is Fuji-exposed to add to its reliability and strength. The Fuji guides as well do not disappoint in terms of their longevity.

This rod’s power varies between medium to heavy, and this gives it relative stiffness but still allows you to move the bait and fish with relative ease.

Let’s also touch on the handle which is quite large and therefore offers you a secure grip on the rod. On top of that, it is comfortable, and your hands would not tire out even when you hold the rod continuously for long durations.

Other Features and Benefits

A significant benefit of this rod is that it comes with a 5-year warranty and this is meant to give you peace of mind as it serves as an assurance that you are dealing with a high-quality and durable product.

There is also the versatility it offers in that it is ideal for fresh and salty water. Further, both beginners and experts alike would have an easy time using the rod.

And for those who value locally assembled products, you should be pleased to know that a huge chunk of this rod is made in the USA, with the remaining smaller parts coming from a few other countries.

  • Has a 5-year warranty
  • Has an attractive classic look
  • Ideal for both beginners and pros
  • The handle is too short for some users

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The Buying Guide for Baitcasting Rods

As stated earlier, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind if you want to boost your chances of landing the baitcasting rod with all the desirable qualities.

We have discussed each factor in detail.

  • The Construction

When we talk about the construction, we have to think about the material used in making the rod. This is because the material determines how long the unit would last plus will also have an impact on the amount of effort you would be using to pull out your catch from the water.

On top of that, check out for materials that would not add to much weight on the rod lest it wears you down anytime you hold the rod for long periods.

Try to find a rod with the perfect blend of materials to ensure you do not compromise on some of the essential qualities. For instance, graphite feels good in the hands but does not stretch that well.

Fiberglass, on the other hand, may last longer and is sturdier, but you would not enjoy holding it in your hands.

  • Power

Rod power, in this case, refers to the bend that the fishing rod offers.

You may notice that heavy power rods do not bend easily, and they also have limited movement. The light power rods are quite the opposite.

What this implies is that if you are going for the slower moving targets such as frogs, a heavy power rod would be the ideal choice and vice versa for the lighter rod.

If you want a versatile option, a moderate power rod would be perfect since it can handle all kinds of baits.

  • Action

This refers to how close to the tip of the rod that the bend occurs. A slow action rod bends further from the tip and closer to the butt while a fast action rod bends closer to the tip.

We can closely relate this factor to the power, and you find that slower action rods are more powerful and therefore suited for the heavier bait.

  • Length of the rod

The length of the rod is an important factor for several reasons. First, you are likely to use more effort in maneuvering a longer rod than a shorter one.

Then, you are going to fish more effectively with a shorter rod due to less stretching. As for the longer rods, you are likely to cover more ground, and this makes it an excellent choice for casting bait.

Another thing is that in general, the bigger individual will be more comfortable using longer rods while a smaller guy with a short rod is the perfect match.

  • Casting Distance

This feature determines how much ground you are going to cover. Therefore, a longer rod would be more suitable if you want to cast your bait further.

Note that how far your rod casts depends on the materials which the line is made of, the weight, and the thickness as well.

  • The Grip

It is easy to overlook this feature, but if you get this wrong, then your fishing experience will be turn out to be a nightmare. A weak grip would give you a hard time pulling your catch from the water as it may easily jump back.

Also, a comfortable grip is essential, especially if you will be fishing for long periods so that your hands do not tire out or develop blisters.

Common materials for a rod grip include wood, cork, foam and Hypalon. For comfort, EVA material would be the best choice.

Other Factors to Consider

Beside the features we have discussed above, there are additional factors to consider when purchasing a baitcasting rod. These include:

One-Piece Vs. Two-Piece

Baitcasting rods are available in two different styles, including one-piece and two-piece. While some people argue that the two styles are equally the same, this is not entirely true.

Ideally, a two-piece rod is best if you plan to carry your rods in the trunk of your car always. This is because they come apart.

However, if you won’t be taking the rod with you every time you are done fishing, then a one-piece model is the ideal choice.

Type of Fishing Environment

Depending on where you plan to fish, you will need a rod that is designed for that. For instance, if you will be fishing in freshwater, then you will need a lighter and more flexible unit.

On the other hand, a saltwater baitcasting rod should be more sturdy and a little heavy-duty. This is because the size of fish in the ocean may range from small to big.

More so, a saltwater rod should be constructed from rust and corrosion-resistance materials. This will ensure they can withstand the corrosive properties of salt.

Baitcasting Rods Vs. Other Types of Fishing Rods

Are you new to fishing? If yes, then you probably are wondering what are the different types of rods. Generally, the type of rod you choose will depend on your lures and the type of fish you want to catch.

But overall, there are two main types of rods available to choose from, including baitcasting and spinning. Of course, there is some significant difference between the two.

For instance, a baitcasting rod is used when you want to cast bait out into the water to catch fish. Ideally, the benefits of a baitcasting setup all come from the reel. The reel is usually placed above the rod.

Compared to other rods, casting rods are best suited for catching bigger fish thanks to their small guides. Not to mention, they allow for greater casting distance. However, they are relatively expensive than spinning rods.

A spinning rod, on the other hand, is a light and flexible fishing rod that is used with a spinning reel. However, unlike with a casting rod, the reel of spinning rod is placed below the rod.

Generally, spinning rods use large guides. As such, they are ideal for catching small fish like trout. Also, they are best suited for casting in short, quick bursts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We thought it wise to include some of the questions we faced during our research on the best baitcasting rod under $100. This inclusion aims to boost your understanding of the topic.

Q: Would a longer rod cast further than a shorter one?

A: Yes, it would, and we attribute this to the increased length. This length enables you to throw the bait further due to the increased velocity used in the casting.

Q: What is rod power?

A: This simply refers to how much the fishing rod bends, and it determines how effective the rod is in dealing with fish of different mobility. A light power rod is more suited to coping with fast-moving targets while the heavy power rods are meant for the less mobile fish.

Q: How significant is the weight of the line?

A: In general, the weight determines how powerful the line will be and the effort you would be using in pulling your catch from the water.

Also, the weight determines how long the line is going to serve you.

Our Top Pick

Berkley Cherrywood

Despite all the items on our list being high-quality, then one that stood out from the rest is the Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Rod.

It is packed with a host of impressive features that contribute to the overall effectiveness of the rod and to top it all up; it has an attractive design to make you stand out from the crowd.

Final Word

As you can see, you do not have to break the bank to acquire a world-class baitcasting rod. There are affordable options out there that rival the higher-end products.

We hope our article has given you all the tips you need to find the best baitcasting rod below $100. If you follow the simple guide we have provided you, there is nothing that would stop you from finding the ideal item for the job.

Editor’s Note: Article Last Updated 26 June 2021

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