Best Fishing Shoes Reviews valid 2020 and 2011

Best Fishing Shoes for Men, Women & Unisex Reviewed

Professional anglers can tell you that your success while fishing greatly depends on whether you have the appropriate fishing gear or not.

One essential item for a fishing trip is the appropriate pair of shoes.

If you are wondering why then you should know that they are crucial in keeping your feet safe all through the journey plus are also responsible for your overall stability during the expedition.

What should you focus on to get the best fishing shoes? There are several factors that you need to put into consideration to get the ideal shoes for your expedition, and they include:

-The material used in the construction
-Water drainage, among others

To help you avoid the mistake of hitting the bass fishing trip with the wrong pair of boots, we have come up with a simple guide which should guide you in the selection process.

We shall start by recommending some brand for you, noting that there are minor differences between shoes for both males and females.

Therefore, we have categorized them separately, plus we have an extra section for the unisex models.

Best Fishing Shoes for Men

In this section, we have presented some fishing shoes which we believe are the best for the male anglers for a successful fishing trip.

1. Aleader Quick-Drying Aqua Water Shoes for Men

Aleader Men's Fishing shoes


If you are looking for fishing shoes that have style but can still give a decent performance, the Aleader quick-drying shoes are here for you.

To start with, they are crafted from synthetic mesh not only at the top but in the sole as well. This makes them both lightweight and breathable.

As a result, your feet should dry faster, plus you should walk on or around water much easily.

Then, the shoes also have insoles with the aim of keeping your feet comfortable and to also ensure that you do not get blisters.

On top of that, the shoes are lace-tied, and this helps in keeping them firmly on your feet so that you can move around with them on comfortably.


Lightweight and breathable
Lace-tied to stay firmly on your feet
Have comfortable insoles


Rocks and sand fill the shoes easily

2. Dreamcity Athletic Sport Water Shoes


With a 90% fabric construction and rubber soles, these shoes are designed not only for fishing, but they are also appropriate for a good day of jogging at the beach.

The upper part is made out of mesh to give the shoe some breathability. This mesh design also means that the shoes would dry faster in the event of soaking wet after a day in the water.

The sole on its part comprises of a solyte midsole that makes it lightweight, durable and with excellent buoyancy.

There is also the water grip outsole that has excellent traction in slippery conditions. This enables you to move faster and comfortably in such situations.

Lastly, the shoes have the comfordry sockliner that provides the necessary cushioning to ensure that the user is comfortable at all times.


Breathable and comfortable
Available in different colors


Not a good fit

3. Zhuanglin Quick-drying Aqua Water Shoes for Men


If you fancy slip-on shoes, this is a brand that you ought to try. The main advantage of such shoes is the ease of putting on and taking off.

They have a mostly fabric construction with the upper part having a mesh design. As a result, the shoes are more breathable and also dry at a faster rate after soaking in water.

The solyte midsole contributes to its durability and bouncing ability. This midsole is also lightweight and would not add unnecessary weight to your feet.

Another feature that should add to your comfort in these shoes is the comfordry sockliner that provides a cushioning effect which is vital as you walk through the waters and their surroundings.

Lastly, the shoes are available in different colors, and you can choose the one that suits your style best.


Breathable and comfortable


They can be too lightweight

4. Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe for Men

Merell Fishing Shoes


If you are looking for versatile water shoes, the Merrell men’s water shoes are here for you. Not only can use them while fishing or in watersports, but you could also wear them as you go hiking.

Clearly, you don’t have to spend a pretty penny for Nike or Simms fishing shoes with such options around.

Let’s start with the construction whereby they have a waxy leather upper coupled with a sturdy rubber toe casing to secure your feet at all times.

The unify midsole is crucial in keeping your feet comfortable all-through while the outsole has excellent traction that allows for smooth and steady movement in all types of terrain.

What’s more is the antimicrobial treatment that helps in controlling the odor in the shoes, and as a result, your feet should feel fresh always.

Lastly, they are lightweight, and this helps in contributing to their comfort and efficiency.


Sturdy leather construction
Perfect fit


Not that durable

5. Sperry Sea Kite Sport Moc Fishing Shoes

Sperry Sea Kite


There is a reason why the Sperry Sea kite sport moc shoes are very highly rated. To start with, they have an all-leather construction that gives them waterproof property.

Then, they also have mesh panels which are very handy as they help in getting rid of water which may breach the upper part of the shoes. Further, the panels also make the shoes breathable, and this makes them comfortable for all-day wearing.

You should also appreciate the Eva midsole that plays a crucial role in making these shoes comfortable.

As slip-on shoes, putting them on and taking off should be a breeze.

The outsole on its part utilizes wave-siping rubber to give them the ideal traction over various types of terrain.


Stylish and gorgeous design
Easy to put on/take off


They are too broad and need tight lacing

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6. Salomon Quest GTX Hiking/Backpacking Shoes

Quest GTX Hiking


The Salomon Quest GTX should appeal to you if you are a backpacker due to several reasons.

First, it has an ortholite insole and contagrip rubber sole which combine to give the shoes excellent traction. This is necessary for movement in different terrains and with different loads on your back.

Secondly, they are waterproof, and so your feet should remain dry all the time that you have these shoes on.

Then, the all-round padding and the rubber toe caps combine to give your ankles and toes all the protection that they need.

Further, they are breathable to assure you of the much-needed comfort as you go backpacking.

Lastly, they are an excellent fit plus have a reliable lacing system to keep the shoes firmly in your feet.


Provide reliable traction
Durable construction



7. DLGJPA Quick-Drying Aqua Athletic Water Shoes

Athletic Water Shoes


If you are on a budget, you can still get decent water shoes with the DLGJPA being a good example. They have a synthetic fiber construction with an open upper mesh to make them breathable and comfortable.

Further, the sole has a hole that helps in draining out excess water, making these shoes very quick-drying.

The rubber sole features a water grip outer sole that provides excellent traction for comfortable wading through wet and slippery surroundings.

We should also mention the solyte midsole that is lightweight and contributes to giving the shoes bouncability and durability as well.

You should find the shoes to be very comfortable due to the comfordry sockliner that provides the cushioning effect for protecting your feet from external impacts.


Made in the USA
Breathable and comfortable


They tend to be too narrow

8. Columbia Bahama Vent PFG Fishing Shoes

Boat shoe


If you value simplicity, these fishing shoes are just for you. The upper part has a construction comprising of canvas and leather, and this combination gives it a very ordinary look.

However, there is always more than meets the eye.

To start with, these shoes are very lightweight, so they should not drag you down too much. Then, they feature air vents that help in draining out the water, and this helps in keeping your feet dry.

What’s more, is the Techlite midsole that offers the cushioning, which helps in keeping your feet comfortable all through.

On the outsole is the Omni-grip razor traction that gives the shoes anti-slip property.

Lastly, you have the option of adding laces for a more secure fit.


Excellent outsole traction
Easy to slip on/off


Too narrow

9. Hodgman Neoprene Wade Shoe

Wade Shoe


This shoe is specially designed to provide maximum protection to your lower leg, foot, and ankle. It is crafted from thick neoprene material which is sturdy enough to withstand any impact that may be coming to your leg.

Then, there are the ankle cuffs which allow you to tighten or loosen the shoe depending on the surrounding. You can either loosen them to encourage breathability or tighten them to keep out debris.

Another feature is the sturdy YKK zipper that is essential in the removal and the zipping up of the shoe. This zipper is designed to withstand rusting that is bound to come about due to the constant exposure to water.

You should also appreciate the non-slip soles that offer the necessary traction to keep you stable even in slippery conditions.

This shoe is gorgeous and would be an appropriate gift to give to your angling pal.


Non-slip and stable
Attractive design
The zippers are durable


Sand causes the zipper to jam easily

10. Adidas Outdoor Climacool Boat Lace-M

Boat lace water shoe


When you hear the name Adidas, you would ordinarily associate it strictly with sportswear. Well, this time, we present you a more versatile shoe that is well-suited for various outdoor activities, whether wet or dry.

Let’s start with the climacool open mesh that serves to enhance the shoe’s breathability as well as its water drainage to help in maintaining your feet’s dryness even after an entire day wading through the waters.

Then, there is the non-marking sole that provides the traction which aims to give you stability as you walk through wet or slippery conditions.

Are you worried about the size? Well, you should be glad to know that the stretchable heel insert aims to ensure that this shoe should be perfect for any leg size or shape.

As for the comfort, the Eva tongue top serves to ensure that you are always at peace with these shoes on.


Sole offers excellent traction for stability
Versatile for use in dry and wet conditions
Breathable and comfortable


They take time to dry

10 Best Fishing Shoes for Women

In a rapidly changing world, the fishing activity should not be exclusively for the men. The women too should be included, and that is why we have listed some fishing shoes which we believe are well-suited for the females.

Let’s have a look.

1. Aleader Quick-Drying Water Shoes for Women

Aleader Women Fishing Shoe

buttonThese shoes have a mesh fabric construction to make them breathable and quick-drying as well, due to the thick mesh holes.

Then, each shoe has a ComforDry sockliner which boost the shoe’s cushioning and thereby contributing to its comfort. This means that you never have to wear socks which would only make your feet bulkier.

This sockliner is also removable should you feel that your feet need the extra space.

Let’s also mention the Solyte midsole that utilizes advanced technology to make it bounceable and durable as well.

The rubber sole is patterned to give them a fantastic grip that would keep you stable even in rocky waters.

One thing that should impress you about these shoes is their floatability which is a convenient feature in case you lose the shoes in the water.


Breathable and quick-drying
Have an excellent grip


The grommets on the eyelets rust easily

2. Zhuanglin Quick-Drying Aqua Water Shoes for Women

Quick drying water shoes

buttonOnce you set your eyes on the almost seamless build of these shoes, you can rest assured that they were designed with your comfort as the primary goal.

This is because the chances of your feet getting irritations and blisters when wet would be significantly reduced.

The mesh fabric construction makes the shoes lightweight and breathable as well as quick-drying due to the large mesh pockets that allow for smooth movement of water and air into and out of the shoes.

We shall not leave out the Solyte midsole that provides the shoes with the cushioning that would keep you comfortable as you wear these shoes during your escapades.

Still, on the comfort, there is the ComforDry sockliner that creates a healthy environment for your feet by offering the cushioning that they need.

Lastly, the rubber sole is durable and slip-resistant to provide the grip that would let you navigate through slippery areas comfortably.


Available in vibrant colors
Breathable and comfortable


Other debris that gets in does not move out easily

3. Ryka Hydro-Sport Cross-Training Water Shoe for Women

Water sports shoes 2020

buttonIf you know that your next hike is likely to be on extremely slippery areas, then these shoes are just for you.

We can attribute this to the sticky rubber sole that is specially designed to offer the ideal traction for comfortable wading through unstable environments such as a rocky or weedy water bed.

These shoes are also very comfortable as a result of the mid-foot cage that provides all the cushioning that your feet need to feel fresh all day with these shoes on.

Besides using them in marine areas, you can also use these shoes in your yoga classes or morning jogs, and their flexibility should ensure that they give you all the service that you need.

Let’s not forget the chlorine-resistant material used in its construction as well as the drainage ports in the sole that enhance the overall efficiency of these shoes.

Lastly, they come in colorful designs which should appeal to your feminine side.


Offer great traction
Flexible and lightweight


No toggles on the laces

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4. Suokeni Slip-On Quick-drying Water Shoes

Suokeni shoes

buttonThe Soukeni slip-on shoes may be pricey, but they are worth every cent that you spend on them. For starters, they have a 90% fabric construction with an open mesh upper and a hole in the sole.

This makes them breathable and quick-drying, and this helps in making them comfortable for all-day wearing.

The fabric material also makes them lightweight and is crucial for ease of movement with the shoes on.

When it comes to the outsole, it is anti-slip and with exceptional adhesion to the track. They should, therefore, provide you with the stability to wade through slippery areas without much complication.

They also offer toe protection, and this would keep you safe in case you bump into hard surfaces.


Perfect fit
Quick-drying and breathable
Easy to slip on/off



5. DLGJPA Quick-Drying Water Shoes for Women

2020 best fishing shoes for women

buttonIf you enjoy taking a run at the beach every morning, these quick-drying water shoes are just for you. They have a fabric construction with an open upper mesh to make them lightweight and breathable.

The solyte midsole is also lightweight and contributes to the shoes having excellent bouncability and durability as well.

On top of that is the ComforDry sockliner that offers the cushioning that would keep your feet comfortable and healthy with the shoes on.

Let’s also mention the water grip outsole with the ideal traction to give you stability in wet and slippery conditions.

Lastly, the shoes are available in different vibrant colors so you can choose the one that suits your style.


Lightweight and comfortable
Breathable and quick-drying
Stretchy and flexible


Once sand and rocks get in, it is hard to get them out

6. Whitin Water Shoes for Women with Arch Support

Cute women fishing shoes

buttonIf you have any experience with fishing shoes, then you should know that the most comfortable ones are those that offer arch support.

Well, that is what the Whitin women’s water shoes offer you as they have built-in arch support for an entire day of comfort with these shoes on.

Then, the closure has a hook-and-loop strap design that is crucial in making the shoes a snug fit for comfort as well.

The upper mesh makes the shoes breathable and quick-drying while the Eva midsole is cushioned to provide your underfoot with all the comfort that it needs.

As for the rubber outsole, it has pods that provide the grip and traction that would ensure you navigate through slippery areas with maximum ease.

Still, on the outsole, it has handy ports that help in draining out the water and thereby contributes to keeping your feet dry.


Stylish and attractive design
Breathable and lightweight
Adjustable straps help in making them a tight fit


Get dirty easily and are hard to clean

7. Whitin Mary Jane Women’s Water Shoes

Mary Jane

buttonDo you like simple kayaking shoes? If you are, your search should stop at Mary Jane’s water shoes. They feature X-style band straps to secure them on your feet plus they also make the shoes easy to put on and slide off.

The rubber soles help in keeping your feet safe from prickly surfaces. Further, the outsole is anti-slip and offers outstanding grip to keep you stable even on slippery surfaces.

Lastly, the shoes utilize the Whitin Drainage System to aid in getting rid of the water that may have sipped into your shoes.


Easy to put on/off
The outer sole is well-gripped
Lightweight and breathable



They can be too narrow

8. RocSoc Water Shoes for Women

RocSoc Water Shoes for Women

buttonMade in the USA, these shoes have a neoprene construction on the upper part to make them lightweight and durable at the same time.

They have an open mesh design that provides the ventilation to make them breathable and quick-drying as well.

The rubber sole, on the other hand, is thick and should, therefore, withstand wearing out, making it durable in the process.

You should also be pleased by the toe guard that serves to enhance the protection that these shoes provide for your feet.

They are easy to slip on and off plus are flexible to make them more comfortable.

To ensure that you never slip and hurt yourself, the outsole is non-slip with an excellent grip to keep you stable in all types of surroundings.

Lastly, these are multi-purpose shoes that you can use for a range of activities, including sailing, beach volleyball, jogging, kayaking, boat riding, surfing, trail running, among others.


Lightweight and durable
Ample toe protection


Some women don’t find them attractive

9. Xtratuf Slip-On Ankle Deck Fishing Boot for Women

Ankle boot for fishing

buttonAs the name suggests, these boots are very sturdy and are specially designed for the offshore anglers.

They are crafted from hand-laid rubber, and they cover up to the ankle to offer your feet the ultimate protection in different terrain.

They are waterproof to keep your feet dry plus they are lightweight and utilize the Xpresscool liner to enhance their comfort.

Further, they are breathable, which should also guarantee your comfort with the boots on.

The non-marking Chevron outsole is slip-resistant and should provide you with the traction to keep you stable even in slippery conditions.

Lastly, they are easy to slip on and off.


Available in vibrant colors
Sturdy construction
Comfortable and waterproof


Too pricey

10. Hiitave Quick-Dry Barefoot Water Shoes for Women

Hiitave top-rated female water shoes reviews

buttonThese shoes have breathable polyester fabric upper designed to keep your feet comfortable at all times. Further, each shoe has a wide toe box to give your feet sufficient space to relax.

The rubber sole is non-slip and sturdy plus has drainage holes at the bottom to get rid of excess water and keep your feet dry and healthy.

On top of that, they have an elastic band as well as removable shoelaces which help in securing the shoes tightly around your feet.

You should be pleased with the pink touch on the sole that aims to appeal to your feminine side.


Breathable and comfortable
Adjustable width to get the ideal fit


The sand and rocks are impossible to remove once they get inside the shoe

5 Best Unisex Fishing Shoes

There are fishing shoes which are not gender-specific. And in the following paragraphs we’d like to talk about the most popular ones of them all in 2019.

Who knows? They might still retain their edge in 2020 onward! Check them out.

1. WateLves Unisex Barefoot Water Shoes

Waterlves Barefoot Fishing Shoes

buttonIf you are looking for multi-functional water shoes, then this is where your search should stop as these shoes are specially designed to work in a range of conditions.

You can use them for kayaking, surfing, jogging, walking, river trekking, among other activities.

These shoes are quite comfortable, and we could attribute this to the thick foam arch-support that is found in each shoe.

They are flexible and at the same time thick to give your feet ample protection from sharp rocks or objects that you may come across.

Although they have a non-mesh design, these shoes are still breathable and won’t let sand get into them.

You should also appreciate the toe caps that provide the necessary cushioning as you go about your hiking expedition.

The rubber outsole is anti-slip and should provide the traction that would give you stability as you walk with these shoes on.

Lastly, the shoes have a fashionable and stylish look so you should enjoy showing them off to your friends.


Offers ample toe protection
Flexible with great elasticity


Start falling apart after a few uses

2. Yalox Quick-Dry Outdoor Water Shoes

Green unisex boating shoes

buttonFor those with small feet, the Yalox outdoor water shoes are here for you. They have a smooth fabric construction and have a sock design such that they are easy to put on and take off plus you can fold them easily after use.

The upper part is smooth and breathable for the ultimate comfort. On the other hand, the base has a sturdy rubber construction that aims to protect your feet from sharp rocks and other objects.

Additionally, this rubber base also gives the shoe stability to enable you to walk through slippery surfaces without falling over.

Then, the shoes are ultra-light to keep you comfortable and also to make them easy to squeeze into your bag after use.



Ideal for kids as well
Lightweight and compact for traveling
Anti-slip rubber sole for stability


The insole is not stable

3. WateLves Aqua Socks Unisex Water Shoes

Good Fishing Shoes


buttonThe WateLeves water shoes make it to our list again, and this time we shall focus on the lightweight model that is specially designed for use in wet areas.

To start with, these shoes have an anti-slip rubber sole that has superior molding to offer the cushioning that you need to keep your feet protected.

The construction is also done expertly to ensure that the seams around the toes stay together for longer.

Another thing that we ought to mention is the thick foam arch-support inside each shoe that also cushions your feet from sharp rocks and other similar objects.

To make them quick-drying shoes, each sole has seven holes at the bottom to get rid of water that may have crept into the shoes. As a result, your feet should be dryer and more comfortable as you wade through the water.

Lastly, these shoes are flexible and breathable to keep your feet comfortable all day with the shoes on.


Have great elasticity
Breathable and comfortable


The gap between the different sizes is too large

4. Ikenip Barefoot Outdoor Water Shoes

Black and blue kayaking shoes

buttonThis is another multi-purpose water shoe that you should consider, and you can use it for cycling, water sports, yoga, jogging, climbing, beach sports, among other uses.

To start with, the toe part is crafted out of high-quality rubber material to make durable and to provide your toes with ample protection in case of bumps and other external impacts.

Then, the upper part is constructed out of smooth and stretchable fabrics to give the shoe flexibility, breathability and comfort.

Another thing we should mention is the durable rubber sole which has seven holes at the bottom to facilitate the drainage of water out of the shoe.

As a result, the environment in which your feet are in should be drier, healthier and more comfortable.

The pull tap at the heel allows for easy on/off while the elastic straps are handy for adjusting the width for a tight fit.

Lastly, the outsole is foldable for easy packing and carrying.


Has an anti-collision design
Breathable and comfortable
Multi-purpose shoe


The straps are cheaply made

5. Mishansha Unisex Barefoot Water Shoes

Unisex surfing and fly fishing shoe

buttonThe last item on our list is another multi-functional shoe that is well-suited for several activities including kayaking, yoga, sailing, beach volleyball, among other activities.

First, is the upper fabric construction to make them well-ventilated, flexible and comfortable.

What’s more, is the anti-slip camo rubber sole that has several holes at the bottom to drain out the water and also to make the inside of the shoe to be cooler and comfortable.

We should also touch on the pull tap at the heel that makes the shoes easy to put on and take off as well.

Then, the shoes also have elastic straps with the aim of making the width adjustable so that the shoes may be a perfect fit.

Lastly, the shoes are available in various bright and dull colors, so you can choose the one that suits your style best.


Breathable and quick-drying
Easy to put on/take off


The outsole has a poor grip

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Buying Guide for Fishing Shoes

As we stated earlier, several factors should guide you in the search for the best fishing shoes. However, these factors tend to vary with the type of fishing that you intend to partake.

For instance, the best kayak fishing shoes should be lightweight, comfortable, waterproof, plus you should also consider the height which it covers your legs.

When it comes to the best fly fishing shoes, they should also be lightweight, as well as comfortable, stable, and with sufficient traction to navigate through slippery surfaces with ease.

Let us not leave out the best surf fishing shoes which ought to be which should be lightweight and breathable so that you can have an unforgettable experience.

With that in mind, let us briefly mention the factors which you should consider in your search for the best fishing shoes.


The comfort of any fishing shoe largely depends on its breathability, water drainage, whether it fits, as well as the insole.

The surface traction

This determines how stable you should be with these shoes on in different types of terrain, including the slippery and rocky surfaces.


The ideal material for fishing shoes should be water-resistant, quick-drying plus should also allow for flexibility of the shoes, which is crucial for smooth movement.

The material which satisfies most of this criterion is the Neoprene material.

Gender Sensitivity

Although the unisex shoes are the most functional, the gender-sensitive specific shoes tend to satisfy the needs and preferences of each gender.

For instance, men tend to have wider feet than women, and therefore, it would be wise to find fishing shoes that cater to this difference.


You should also go for shoes which you can use for other activities besides fishing, such as cycling, beach volleyball, jogging, yoga, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out the following commonly posed questions by anglers looking for the appropriate fishing shoes.

What determines the durability of my fishing shoes?

Well, durability is affected by the material used in the construction. Ideally, leather material tends to last longer than other materials

Additionally, if you have several pairs to interchange regularly, they should serve you for longer.

Can I use my sports sneakers as fishing shoes?

Yes, you can, but we advise you to stick to those designed for fishing. This is because there are some vital factors which may lack in sport’s shoes but are needed in angling shoes.

Is price a factor to consider in buying fishing shoes?

In most instances, pricier shoes are of better quality due to the premium materials used in their construction.
However, at times, the line between the two classes of products is quite thin.

Which One is the Best Choice Overall?

After that lengthy review, we have settled on the Zhuanglin Quick-drying Aqua Water Shoes as the best fishing shoes for Men.

The Aleader Quick-Drying Water Shoes for Women takes the day if you’re a woman. Also, the Yalox Quick-Dry Outdoor Water Shoes is our favorite choice for anyone looking for a unisex pair of angling shoes.

This is because we believe these kicks have the ideal combination of factors to make them the best of them all. It’s no wonder they continue to attract overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon.

In Conclusion

In the end, we hope this article will be of great help in your search for the best fishing shoes.

Check out the brands we have recommended plus follow you can also rely on our simple buying guide to get the perfect balance of features to land you the best product.

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